Saturday, September 10, 2016

Felon Bernard Kerik continues to party and profit on September 11th and 9/11 dead

Last we saw Felon Conman Bernard Kerik on September 11th, he was reportedly fornicating with then mistress publisher, Judith Regan, in an apartment overlooking the still simmering steeping ashes of the 23 NYPD dead and others.

Now, still owing over one-half million dollars to the USA in arrears criminal restitution, Felon Bernard Kerik, is still partying while others mourn this solemn weekend by hosting a party for his former NYPD 9/11 staff...Yes, we said "party" and we said "hosting".

Source: Twitter Jessie Jane Duff and Felon Bernard Kerik pary on September 11th while other mourn "Felon Bernard Kerik continues to party and profit on September 11th and 9/11 dead"

Yes, the Conman Felon Bernard Kerik has re-emerged with the help of his friends in low places, namely, U.S. Representative Peter King.

Source: Twitter Felon Bernard Kerik and Rep Pete King Party while others mourn on the Fifteen Anniversary of September 11th
The real joke is on the taxpayers who continue to wait for their money in the form of arrears criminal restitution and resulting IRS tax liens to a total of one-half million dollars! Felon Kerik's buddies in the US Department of Probation say he can only afford to pay $1000.00 per month!

However, Felon Bernard Kerik can always afford a party especially when it's over the dead sacrificial bodies of heroes. Never Forget.

The real question is what former NYPD official or people's representative of any credibility, trust and honor would ever want to celebrate a criminal who disgraced their badges and trust of the people?