Sunday, August 28, 2016

Felon Bernard Kerik Honors 9/11 September 11th dead by hawking t-shirts, pins and chotskies

Felon Bernard Kerik always has an angle or personal motivation for everything. He landed in federal prison for his greed, inability to pay taxes and other creative cheats. Bernie Kerik was well known for using an apartment (overlooking the smoldering heap of toxins and flesh of his own 23 dead NYPD officers and others who perished) designated for recovery workers as a love nest for him and his alleged mistresses, publisher, Judith Regan and subordinate Corrections Officer Jeanette Pinero. In fact, Judge Stephen C. Robinson of Federal District Court in White Plains labeled Bernie Kerik as a “toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance”. Bernie hasn't changed...and his arrogance hasn't been depleted by three years in federal prison.

From all the 15th Anniversary September 11th, tributes, Felon Bernard Kerik has used both his twitter and facebook to hawk 9/11 t-shirts! Think about that. There's always an angle.

Source: Twitter "Felon Bernard Kerik Honors 9/11 dead by hawking t-shirts"
Source: Facebook "Felon Bernard Kerik Honors 9/11 dead by hawking t-shirts"

Nine Line Apparel is a profit making premiums company wrapped in the cloak of the United States military with connection to a non-profit entity known as For some unknown reason they have chosen a morally corrupt felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, who owes over one-half million dollars in arrears criminal restitution, Felon Bernard Kerik, to proudly rep their line of t-shirts. Here's the upside: Felon Kerik may then funnel his "rep" dollars and "reimbursements" into his own non-profits,, so the US Government can't attach it. This was also another old game that sent Kerik to prison.

So Felon Kerik wants to rep and honor the US military? The only thing Felon Kerik accomplished in his own military service was to make a baby with a Korean girl then desert her and her UNBORN baby only acknowledging the baby two decades later, when Kerik and his mistress/publisher, Judith Regan, needed to sell a book!

Well, if apparel is not your thing, maybe a lovely September 11th 15th Anniversary pin hawked by Kerik, Michael Smerconish and some cheezy jeweler in PA to "celebrate" the 2996 dead bodies!

Source: Twitter/BernardKerik "Felon Bernard Kerik Honors 9/11 September 11th dead by hawking t-shirts, pins and chotskies"
If you follow the money, you'll always find Felon on probation Bernard Kerik and his "associates" counting the benjamins under that american flag! So when you see Felon Bernard Kerik at all those September 11th memorial services getting rich making speeches and media appearances, ask him how much he profits to feign sympathy to all those who gave all.