Monday, July 18, 2016

Donald Trump, GOP Convention, Rudy Giuliani on Felon Bernard Kerik: The Shade is Real

Remember when Felon Bernard Kerik was a big deal at the 2004 Republican National Convention stumping for George W. Bush?
"Donald Trump, GOP Convention, Rudy Giuliani on Felon Bernard Kerik: The Shade is Real"
History showed Felon Bernard Kerik's true colors and they were anything but red, white and blue. It's more like that orange is the new black thang...

Rudy Giuliani will be speaking at tonight's 2016 RNC convention in support of Donald Trump but Felon Kerik will be wherever true felons on federal supervised release go in Jersey...NOT CLEVELAND RNC CONVENTION!

Felon Kerik has unsuccessfully attempted to revitalize his image over the last three years. Blocking that image rehabilitation may be that lingering past-due half-million dollar federal criminal restitution and resulting IRS tax lien. Perhaps it may be all the trashing of Rudy Giuliani that Felon Bernard Kerik did on his recent media appearances. Felon Kerik told the world Giuliani never visits his Godchildren, Kerik's kids, Celine Kerik and Angelina Kerik. Or it may be Felon Bernard Kerik's recent racist utterance appearing on Don Lemon's 07/17/2016 CNN show, when referring to black people, "Your people do that!"
Source Twitter @JennBelle "Felon Bernard Kerik's recent racist utterance "Your people do that"
Rudy Giuliani hasn't spoken to Felon Bernard Kerik in years. Giuliani never even sent a support letter to sitting Federal Judge Robinson when Kerik was on his way to Cumberland Federal Prison Camp! Rudy trusted Felon Kerik and Felon Kerik betrayed his trust in exchange for fucks and bucks. This is a damaging, life-long pattern for Felon Bernard Kerik. Just Ask Felon Kerik's many ex-mistresses like Judith Regan, several ex-wives like Hala Kerik, Joe Tacopina or Felon Kerik's co-author of their last book, Dara D'Addio.

And under the category, Felon Kerik hasn't changed, Felon Kerik turned alleged mistress and former subordinate Retired New York City Department of Corrections Captain Maritza Rosado proclaimed on her facebook account that Felon Kerik "USED ME.. AND THOUGHT HE HAD HIM SELF A SLAVE..... FUCK YOU AND FUCK TRUMP.." 
Source Facebook Maritza Rosado claims Bernard Kerik "used her like a slave" "Donald Trump, GOP Convention, Rudy Giuliani on Felon Bernard Kerik: The Shade is Real"