Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Study in True Character, Respect and Honesty: Where's Felon Bernard Kerik?

This week great, respected and trusted New York City crime and corruption leaders came together for a Reuters Live event on criminal justice, terrorism and other important matters in keeping peace: US Attorney Preet Bharara, Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and current NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Source Instagram Twitter "Where's Kerik?"
So, where was that NYPD Commissioner turned felon, criminal justice reformer and self-proclaimed "International Counter-Terrorism Expert", Bernard Kerik? Kerik chose to take another paid vacation by renowned charity, Central Texas Wolfpack Public Safety Football, to speak at their little barbeque in Austin. Of course, that would have been a bit awkward.... So how much did they pay you, Bernie Kerik? And how much will be going to your CRIMINAL RESTITUTION that is reportedly still UNPAID? Oh that's right...Does the "non-profit" money continue to allegedly funnel through your "non-profit" dark money or that alleged shell company

Yes, Felon Bernard Kerik's assertion that having a building fall on you, saving only yourself, then making millions off the tragedy, makes one an "International Counter-Terrorism Expert" is laughable!

It all depends on the choices one makes. It takes discipline and sacrifice to do the right thing all the time. We hoped you and your daughter enjoyed the reported all-expense paid vacation, Bernie. Have you paid your "full debt to society" in the arrears $1/2 million criminal restitution yet? We didn't think so...Bernie, maybe less shopping and more paying down your full DEBT TO SOCIETY!....A true felon....