Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Felon on Federal Supervised Release Bernard Kerik shows his enemies he knows how to secrete an AR-15

If Felon Bernard Kerik considers you an enemy, perhaps you should take cover. Felon Bernard Kerik, who is allegedly on Federal Supervised Release and may not own, possess, or be near weapons, posts on his Facebook a video showing how to secrete an AR-15!

In the facebook post, Felon Kerik writes, "Over the past several days a number of people have asked me how the Orlando shooter could go undetected through the door of the club, or get inside. For those that don't believe it, watch this and watch closely."
Source: Bernard Kerik Facebook "Felon on Federal Supervised Release Bernard Kerik shows his enemies he can secrete an AR-15"
Well, it appears, perhaps this felon is researching ways of concealing automatic weapons! This would not be good news if you are an enemy of felon Bernard Kerik.

Felon Kerik has made many enemies out of old friends and they are making Kerik accountable. There is Joe Tacopina, ex-friend who is suing Felon Kerik is a $5Million defamation suit schedule for a jury trial early fall ((1:2014-cv-00749, S.D.N.Y.). Then there's Felon Kerik buddy, Frank DiTommaso who recently allegedly pummeled Kerik informant and ex-friend, Larry Ray into brain damage (New York City Criminal Court Case #2016NY023787 Part F). Finally, there is ex-friend and co-author, Dara D'Addio, who is suing Felon Kerik, alleging he stole her writing in his most recent book "From Jailer to Jailed" (1:2015-cv-05497, S.D.N.Y.).

Exactly who is minding this Felon on Probation? Our calls to the US Department of Probation were not answered. Hopefully they were busy tracking down Felon Bernard Kerik and searching him for secreted AR-15's and other weapons.