Sunday, June 12, 2016

Felon Bernard Kerik: The only man in America who is overjoyed with the Orlando Pulse terrorist attack

They say tragedy brings out the true nature of each of us.

Felon on Probation is an emotional terrorist. The entire time felon on probation, Bernie Kerik, is giddy in the masquerading posing as a trusted hero cop, giving "kudos" to the Orlando police, posting pics of armored vehicles and pretending he knows anything about everything terrorism, we are reminded that the killer Omar Mateen posed as a trusted security guard and, as such, was presumed to be a good candidate to buy an assault rifle. Felon on probation was once presumed to be a trusted, learned NYPD Police Commissioner.

Both Orlando terrorist murder Omar Mateen and felon on probation Bernard Kerik have fooled us. Both are masqueraders.
Felon on probation Bernard Kerik comes alive during a terrorist event. His social media get the attention this criminal craves. For him, a terrorist attack presents an opportunity to remind people of what we thought he should have been. Its sad, really. It reminds some of us of what could have been but we now know could never have been....

Source TMZ New York Post "Felon Bernard Kerik: The only man in America who is overjoyed with the Orlando Pulse terrorist attack"
Yes, buried back in all those tweets is a single tweet of the "thoughts and prayers" going out to the victims.
The rest of his tweets of this day, and there are many more than usual, are for felon Bernard Kerik to serve himself. This awful day of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Terrorist attacks belong to the victims, the deceased, the loved ones and the survivors. There will be plenty of time for hero worship and grabbing the spotlight, Bern....Let one day NOT be about YOU and your desperate criminal urges!

We should look carefully at a emotional terrorist like felon on probation Bernard Kerik with the same close examination our government should have had with Omar Mateen. He hasn't paid his full debt to society as his criminal restitution and federal tax lien go unpaid. Bernard Kerik spends most of his days tormenting his former friends with law suits and court dates.

Bernard Kerik is one person in public and quite the opposite in his private life. It is as it always has been: See something, say something....