Saturday, May 28, 2016

Three Years out of Prison: When Bernard Kerik Shows Us Who He Is, We Should Believe Him....

Three Years out of Prison: When Bernard Kerik Shows Us Who He Is, We Should Believe Him....

On May 28, 2013, Inmate #84888-054, Felon Bernard Kerik, was released from his three years and ten days confinement in the Cumberland (Maryland) Federal Prison Camp to serve the remainder of a three years supervised release. Since that day, have we heard even an utterance of "I'm sorry..", a regret for the public trust he squandered or even the full payment of his LITERAL DEBT TO SOCIETY of over $500,000 in criminal restitution and IRS liens resulting (USA v Bernard B. Kerik 7:2007-cr-01027 S.D.N.Y.)? NO, NO and NO! ....And we probably never will....

Felon Kerik arrived home from prison to the very staged family greeting at the estate home front stoop setting in motion a three-year masquerade to revamp his tainted "fall from grace", regain the spotlight that motivates such psychopaths and make some quick cash on this whining tour of "criminal justice reform". 

From there, a felon does what a felon does best: Exaggerate, Manipulate and Exploit for personal gain. Felon Kerik vowed to be a "criminal justice reform" advocate. You know, for the guys who allegedly wound up in prison for "buying a whales tooth on ebay" or the "guy who caught too many fish or the wrong kind of fish". Of course all these stories are fish tales just like Felon Kerik's "good deeds". 

Has any one person, besides Kerik, had direct benefit from his alleged "volunteer work". Lets see what Felon Kerik did accomplish:

Felon Kerik created a 501(c)(3) "dark money" fund known as allegedly to advance the cause of "criminal justice reform". After three years of expenses for fancy dinners, talilored suits, travel, glad-handing, posing on TMZ and offering same lame speech over and over again to other "dark money" organizations, what positive effect been accomplished? We don't know because a 501(c)(3) does not have to disclose donations or public statements. Has any felon had a direct benefit from felon Kerik's whine, dining and pocket-lining in Washington DC? Nope. 

Felon Kerik is also a "founding member" of the ridiculously lame, "Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration". This amounts to more whining, dining and pocket-lining speeches for felon Kerik to other 501(c)(3) law enforcement types claiming they love black people. 

In true thug fashion, Felon Kerik interrupted his whining, dining and pocket-lining long enough to allegedly get some revenge on former friends who helped him when others would not: 

Felon Kerik claims he wrote a book, "From Jailer to Jailed" which he describes as his "argument for criminal justice reform". The ironic twist is his co-author is suing him for copyright infringement (DAddio v Kerik 1:2015-cv-05497 S.D.N.Y.) claiming felon Kerik took her three year's writing, published and profited from the book without her permission, credit or compensation.  Within the complaint shows inmate Kerik's correspondence from prison as they wrote the book, some of the evidence in his own hand writing! Of course the day the action was filed, felon Kerik's unscrupulous attorney, Timothy Payne Parlatore, was quoted in the New York Daily News calling her a "stalker" and labeled felon Kerik a "victim". Felon Kerik has gone on to filing numerous false complaints against the co-author in a failed attempt to get her to drop the suit. This is how a felon thanks those who supported him when his life was low. A felon is a felon is a felon. 

Felon Kerik decided to attack his former business partner, famed attorney, Joe Tacopina, with some very nasty defamation in print media. Felon Kerik earned himself another law suit for $5million law suit (Tacopina v Kerik et al 1:2014-cv-00749 S.D.N.Y.) from Joe Tacopina which is scheduled for a jury trial this fall!  

And none of us can forget the coincidental arrest of felon Kerik's good buddy, Frank DiTommaso, for a pummeling of felon Kerik informant and former best man, Larry Ray. Revenge is messy and risky. If felon Kerik gets tied to this one, he'll violate his federal supervised release and land up back in prison where he belongs!

And what about that sweet family that gave that very choreographed "welcome home" on the stoop of the Kerik Estate three years ago. We don't see them together anymore. Sad. Very Sad. Apparently felon Kerik's lies beat the truth to that finish line. That fresh start never got started. 

However, we've seen a lot of felon Kerik's grandson, "Mav". 
A video posted by Bernard B. Kerik (@bernardkerik) on

Nice life for a felon who owes $500,000 to the USA he claims to honor. No job. Time to babysit. However, are we getting nice Grandpa or the one who said he disciplines his kids with "whacks" and "smacks"? 
By the way, what idiot would trust felon Kerik with anything let alone the care of an innocent baby? That may be a mistake based upon recent happenings in felon Kerik's private life. Don't let little Mav get a hold of this!

That's the problem with felon Kerik. He masquerades as a hero, trustworthy and altruistic. However, history and experience prove all we'll ever get is a thug punk with his hand in your pocket. Don't say you weren't warned. 

In the last three years the only person who has gained from felon Kerik's "good deeds" is Kerik! What's next for felon Kerik? Who knows?  Maybe a spot running security for another all-time masquerader, Donald Trump? Perhaps another book but what unsuspecting author will become a "volunteer" at felon Kerik's expense? A September 11th Fifteenth Anniversary paid photo-op appearance? 

Stay Tuned. There may be justice lurking after all. This story is not over yet....