Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Kerik was corrupt from top to bottom" and Newsmax's Never Ending Felonious Fairy tales

"Kerik was corrupt from top to bottom" concluded famed New York City Attorney and Co-host, Ron Kuby of  "Curtis and Kuby", 77WABC radio on May 16, 2016 show. Coming from an attorney who has successfully defended terrorists and bad guys galore, this was quite an attribute!

Source 77WABC radio and New York Post " "Kerik was corrupt from top to bottom" and Newsmax's Never Ending Felonious Fairy tales
All this, just as Newsmax has, once again, for the fifth time, attempted to remake the fledgling career of the felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, with no less than a 5 (yes, count 'em), a 5-part series on Kerik's life! Ugh! I guess Newsmax is going to keep remaking history until they get a version that works or until the FEDS come to take Kerik back to prison! The recent "special" was hosted by an unmitigated phony reminiscent of "Ron Burgundy" in "Anchorman" by the name of Dennis Michael Lynch for a nothing show entitled "UNFILTERED". We all need a filter on this nasty fume of gas through the air!

Tens of people have watched it! (Check out the big fake gold army-type ring on Kerik's left hand no doubt disguising the fact that even doormat 3rd wife, Hala Kerik, is kicking him to the curb!).

The "From Jailer to Jailed" charade, Washington D.C. dark money grab and all that Criminal Justice Reform crap must no longer be paying that well. We didn't believe it either, Bern!

Kerik is back to the masquerade of being the "Commish" for NYC Correction Officers accused of beating up inmates and begging Donald Trump for a job!

Hey Bern, your final fifteen minutes of infamy are soon expiring. They're not buying the masquerade. We all know you as a liar, manipulator and an ungrateful punk who continues the evil of being "made"....Tick, Tock, Pal! Stay Tuned...