Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kerik, Keating and Legacies Earned

Felon on U.S. Probation, Bernard Kerik, exposed his true angry and bitter disposition veiled in a patronizing tweet allegedly in honor of fallen Navy Seal Charlie Keating IV.

Source Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik shames the @AP news service for mentioning fallen Navy Seal's Charlie Keating's Grandfather's scandal
In this tweet, felon Kerik, scolds the news service,, which, in publishing the sad news of the killing of Navy Seal Charlie Keating IV, also mentioned his Grandfather's (Charles Keating) savings and loan scandal. Although most of us found the association an interesting notation in the news, felon Kerik took umbrage with his tweet, "The @AP can't let this hero die with the integrity and honor he deserves! They should be ashamed..."

Well, emotionally-healthy human beings inquire, "Exactly where does that shame lie?". The answer is in felon Bernard Kerik's inability to accept responsibility for his own SHAMEFUL and CRIMINAL behavior for which he has never atoned.

You see the fallen Navy Seal's Grandfather, Charles H. Keating, back in the 80's, plead guilty of "...$150 billion savings-and-loan crisis...fleecing thousands of depositors with regulatory help from a group of United States senators known as the Keating Five...". That was a criminal, intentional act for which Charles H. Keating served prison time. Many innocents were hurt. A legendary American Savings and Loan industry was shaken into disruption. The elder Keating served four and one-half years in prison.

It appears felon Kerik's "shame" and blame are misplaced and should rightfully be pointing back at himself. It is the AP's job to give a mention that this fallen Navy Seal was related to a "public figure" of newsworthy note in history. Certainly the did not make this notation the center of their reporting of the unfortunate passing of the late Navy Seal hero, Charlie Keating IV. However, it remained a sore spot for felon Bernard Kerik. He followed up with yet another pathetically pandering tweet somehow relating it to a random @KeithUrban video:

Source Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik shames the @AP news service "Kerik, Keating and the legacies earned" RIP HERO Charlie Keating IV
The Keith Urban video is entitled, "For You", the song lyrics asks
"I would give my life
I would make that sacrifice
'Cause if it came down to it
Could I take a bullet
For you
Yes I would"

Bernard Kerik would NEVER and has NEVER "taken the bullet" of blame, shame, making amends to/for anyone else but, rather, always saves himself first. Kerik depends on others who allegedly take the bullet for him:
  • Joe Tacopina, Kerik's trusted friend, business partner and attorney whom Kerik "thanked" by spreading vicious, defamatory rumors
  • Larry Ray, Kerik's trusted friend and "best man" at Kerik's last wedding to Hala Matli Kerik, for whom Kerik both professed "love". Larry Ray, the FBI informant in USA v Bernard Kerik, was allegedly "thanked" recently by an alleged pummeling by mutual friend, Frank DiTommaso
  • Dara DAddio, Plaintiff and alleged Co-Author of "From Jailer to Jailed" who sacrificed three years of her life supporting Kerik, financially and emotionally, while he was in prison, making it possible for him to write, research, edit and archive their book. It is alleged in the current civil suit, Kerik published her work in "From Jailer to Jailed" without her consent, credit or compensation. 
Bernard Kerik, a pretender of the grandest schemes and high school dropout, rose to fame and much fortune, choosing to make his living as a "public figure". There is a certain responsibility to that infamy.

The public doesn't have to think twice when separating heroes from zeros, Bern. You see, Kerik, legacies are earned, not re-invented by Public Relations reps or the media. Recently, someone has scrubbed Bernard Kerik's Wikipedia page clean of most negative life events. Its newest version hardly mentions the fact that Bernard Kerik's half million dollar criminal restitution and accompanying IRS lien goes unpaid to this day! The Bernard Kerik Wikipedia page wipes away most of the DECADE of criminal activity. However, there is some hope as the new scrubbed Bernard Kerik Wikipedia doesn't blame a nanny for his troubles, as he often asserted in recent media appearances and speeches, but rather eight felony counts including lies, "false statements" and "tax fraud" to which Bernard Kerik plead. Scrubbing a Wikipedia page is easy. Scrubbing the soul...not so much.

Since his release, felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, has blamed everyone but himself for his felony status and utter lack of success in his "re-entry".

Yes, Bernie, your kids (even the one you deserted before birth) and your grandchildren (even the ones you don't acknowledge) will probably have to overcome your legacy of crimes, lies and dirty deeds. Perhaps you should have thought of them before committing those criminal acts? It's how our society deters crime, especially for those in power, authority and TRUST!

Bernie, you should be concerned with your legacy and that of your children's and their children's' too. But whose fault is that? Go to that mirror in your office, Bern. Staring back at you, you will find that ungrateful, unrepentant monster who squandered the good fortune, honor and trust in his life. Ask him if he will ever "take the bullet of blame, shame, and making amends" to everyone you've hurt along the way. Your legacy and that of your children and grandchildren depend on it. Time is of the essence...

Source:  Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik shames the @AP news service "Kerik, Keating and the legacies earned"