Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Great Pretender: Sad Delusional Felon Bernard Kerik still thinks he's the NYPD Commissioner!

Usually felons, especially those still serving their punishment on U. S. Federal Probation (supervised release) are not permitted to own guns, possess guns, carry guns, be around guns, swear an official oath, be a cop, serve as a cop or even masquerade as a cop. However, for most of his career, "dumb", "made", liar Bernard Kerik has never been expected to play by the rules and was quite the Great Pretender. That's how he became Federal inmate #84888-054.

On Friday, on his open personal Instagram account, felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, boldly posted this delusional portrayal of a corrupt cop without a police department, seemingly thumbing his nose at the U.S. Federal Probation, dressed in what appears to be a uniform jacket and pants (with no patches but for the pathetic American Flag belonging to our country to which Kerik lied, cheated and still owes restitution), within inches of an automatic weapon held by his son, Joey Kerik, (employed by the Newark Police Department). It was the Franklin Lakes Police department who recently assured a fearful inquiring complainant they seized all Kerik's guns and license from his home to satisfy Kerik's Probation. We guess Kerik doesn't need guns in Hala Kerik's house if his son, Joseph Kerik and the Newark Police Department may be inclined to supply them. How do they get that past the Federal Monitor?  It's all fun and games until someone gets their eyes poked out, boys. What are you all thinkin'?

Apparently, Kerik, a civilian with no known sworn or documented official association with any law enforcement agency including the Newark Police, Essex County Sheriff's Office, Jersey City police and in apparently flagrant violation of his probation, simply showed up to be around guns! It's frightening and creepy to some of those opposing Plaintiffs who have recently been threatened by this delusional felon Kerik and his no-good associates!

Poor Bernie thinks he's still the NYPD Commissioner but he only plays one on Instagram and in his fantasies. You see felon on probation Kerik gave all that up, along with the public trust, trading that for some fucks and bucks years ago. Apparently the agencies involved don't have a problem with a felon on probation hanging around their training site. You see, felon Kerik is "one of them". Like he would never lie, get involved with the wrong people, go corrupt on us, would he? Ha! Unbelievable!

Hey Bern, you and Newark Police Officer Joseph Kerik aren't trying to intimidate anyone, are you? Cuz that's against the law...Oh never mind. It's Jersey......

Credit Instagram The Great Pretender: Sad Delusional Felon Bernard Kerik still thinks he's the NYPD Commissioner!