Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On Super Tuesday, Bernard Kerik Follows the Money: Why Bernie will never support Bernie...Feel the Bern?

The one thing knows about felon on Federal probation Bernard Kerik is that he always follows the money, sex or spotlight!

Bernie Sanders consistently and clearly makes the case for criminal justice reform in his Presidential campaign probably more so than any other candidate.

So why doesn't the former NYPD Commissioner (under "America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani"), turned corrupt cop, eight time convicted felon on federal supervised release, now self-professed criminal justice reformer, Bernie Kerik, support Bernie Sanders? That's easy... follow the money!

Bernie Sanders also stumps for "wealth inequality" and against "super PAC's" such as Koch Industries. Well, Bernie Kerik appears to want nothing more than that dark money in the formation of Kerik's

Source Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik now appears to make his living as a dark money funded lobbyist and media talking head despite just 142 likes on for his
With public support of only "142 likes" on for Kerik's, Kerik must be relying on some major funding from that "dark money" like a Koch or similar donor! Those $2million estates, $180,000 in arrears criminal restitution and $360,000 in IRS tax liens just don't pay themselves?

It appears, Bernie Kerik turned "lobbyist" and "media whore" just can't go without the dark money. Although has not officially endorsed a presidential candidate, Kerik's social media reveals his preference in Kerik's choice of ReTweets: