Friday, March 25, 2016

FEDS Wield Probation Punishment at Felon Bernard Kerik: Dinner with Sylvester Stallone! Affluenza Criminal Justice Reform!

The FEDS wield some hard Probation Punishment at Felon Bernard Kerik! Yes, that's right... Eight-time convicted felon currently on U.S. Federal Probation, Bernard Kerik, was granted permission to fly to Hollywood to Dine with Sylvester Stallone! Yes, this must be that White Collar, Affluenza Criminal Justice Reform about which we've seen Senator Mike Lee and Valerie Jarrett championing in Washington DC! It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

Source Bergen County NJ public record and Instagram FEDS Wield Probation Punishment at Felon Bernard Kerik: Dinner with Sylvester Stallone! Affluenza Criminal Justice Reform! 
Yes, felon Bernie Kerik has danced around legitimate inquiries declaring steady, full-time employment, usually responding, he's "consulting" or "doing alright". In the real world that MAY mean unemployed and/or taking some good money under that table. Could that table be at "Il Pastaio" in Hollywood with Sylvester Stallone? Nice table, if you can get it....

According to last documents in the USA v Bernard Kerik criminal case, Bernard Kerik owed over $180,000 in arrears criminal restitution due paid in full by the end of his US Federal "supervised release" this coming October, 2016. This past October, the IRS slapped a huge $350,000 tax lien on the $2million estate Kerik "owns" with his "wife" Hala and two of his three daughters, Celine and Angelina. Let's hope Sly was in a generous mood. While on supervised release, Kerik needs permission to travel. Apparently someone at the Southern District of New York Probation Department was convinced there was some value to the travel. Dinner with Sly is such a punishment! That will teach Kerik never to break the law again! Our tax dollars and criminal justice system at work! Read more here at

Bernie Kerik appears to have been doing pretty well since he was released from prison. He is accused of selling a book, "From Jailer to Jailed" from which he allegedly made a profit without sharing the credit, compensation or permission of his co-author. He appears on numerous national media as an "ex-spurt" commentator and gets paid to speak on being a thug but is somehow remains judgment-proof and not compelled to pay his FULL DEBT TO SOCIETY! Nice life. We'd all like that punishment, right?

Kerik has spent his entire life getting "made" by his influential friends as well as manipulating then destroying the lives those who helped him in his time of need. However, this destructive pattern has also landed him in prison. They say the past behavior is indicative of future results. Stay tuned.