Sunday, January 24, 2016

Exclusive: Bernard Kerik is obsessed with destroying my life. I am Bernard Kerik's favorite victim.

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Exclusive: Bernard Kerik is obsessed with destroying my life. I'm his favorite victim. 

While he was in prison, I made a mistake of believing Bernard Kerik could change from the lying, manipulating, criminal into a decent human being. I was foolishly manipulated by Kerik as many have been over the years. I continue to pay the price for that foolish mistake every day.

I collaborated in writing as co-author of "From Jailer to Jailed" with then inmate Bernard Kerik while he was in prison. Bernie Kerik - with the full cooperation and assistance of (his wife) Hala Kerik, (best friend and former FBI agent) Gary Uher, (book agent) Victoria Sanders and (publisher), Simon and Schuster - took my writing then boldly and secretly published my work as his own, without my consent, credit or compensation. I filed a civil suit in the United Stated Federal Court, Southern District of New York against him to gain the rights to my hard work I contributed to this book over three years of my life (DAddio v Kerik 1:2015-cv-05497). In fact, I'm neither thanked nor mentioned in the book after financially supporting Bernard Kerik throughout his prison. My contributions total $93,000. Yes, it is a hard lesson to continue to learn.

In July, 2013, while still on home confinement wearing the ankle bracelet monitor, felon on U.S. Federal Supervised Release, Bernard Kerik, sent me a text threatening to destroy my life. Felon Bernard Kerik has made good on that promise to this day.

The one agency entrusted in keeping society safe from Bernard Kerik is the U.S. Department of Probation. The U.S. Department of Probation is charged with monitoring Kerik for the duration of his imposed "supervised release" through October, 2016. In my opinion, the US Department of Probation is impotent and useless in stopping a criminal like Bernard Kerik. I was told by one frustrated law enforcement officer recently, 'unless there's blood on the floor', we're too busy to watch white collar criminals’. The scary part is that Bernie Kerik may want my blood on the floor. Is this how I will finally get justice?

Felon Bernard Kerik's unscrupulous attorney, Timothy Parlatore of FisherBroyles, LLP, has maliciously and intentionally defamed me in the New York Daily News (an past co-defendant in the existing defamation case of Tacopina v. Kerik 1:2014-cv-00749) as a "stalker" and in court documents as "mentally ill".

The most dangerous criminal is one who knows the law and has evil "associates" including lawyers, cops, wanna-be investigators, a few has-been reality show stars and Washington D.C. politicians turn in some dirty favors for him by using their positions and influence to hurt innocents. These evil-doers are all strangers to me. The one thing they all have in common is they are old friends of felon on probation, Bernard Kerik. This past October, one of Bernard Kerik's evil-doer friends so bent on harassing me drove eight hours round trip from his home to incessantly, loudly banging on my front door for thirty minutes yelling he had "a letter from Bernie" to give to me. He fled before police arrived. Two days later, he returned, defiantly, leaving only after I advised I was calling the police. These are not the crimes of the century but they are crimes!

I have made countless incident reports about felon Bernard Kerik & associates’ continued criminal and/or defamatory behavior to police, U.S. Department of Justice, US Probation, DA's, Attorneys, courts, judges and domestic violence agencies. Most have been ignored except the most important. In late December, 2015, US Chief Justice, Hon. Loretta Preska, swiftly, for the second time, denied Bernard Kerik's early release from his probation. Thank God one person in "the system" "gets it"! It was a small victory for this victim.

I'm not a stalker. I'm not mentally-ill (although I know those living with mental illness are some of the most courageous and wonderful people walking the earth). This is why, when Bernard Kerik uses the phrase "mentally ill" meant as a derogatory insult toward me, then tells a print reporter or appears on television pretending to care about mentally ill inmates, we all can trust and believe Bernard Kerik is a hypocrite, fake, phony and fraud. Got that,

I am an average responsible, tax paying citizen supporting my family like most Americans. I am all things felon on probation Bernard Kerik is not. Where’s my justice?

Bernard Kerik now makes a lucrative living giving speeches, traveling, dressing in fine suits, eating at the best restaurants, acting as a lobbyist, touting “Criminal Justice Reform” through his lucrative dark money funneling Bernard Kerik claims to be destitute, looking for work, yet drives a new car and continues to reside in a $2million estates in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, with a wife, Hala Kerik, who refuses to work outside the home. Is this punishment?

Bernard Kerik being allowed to retain his liberty, only to continue his lying, cheating and criminal behavior is the best proof continued "reforms" are indeed necessary. If the U.S. Department of Probation were doing their best, they would require felon on alleged supervised release to maintain a steady 9-5 J-O-B, where he wouldn't have unlimited time to conspire more evil against his victims!

Kerik and Parlatore's latest conspiracy is filing baseless defamatory claims in various courts against me so I must appear to defend myself, giving Bernie his obsessive maniacal wish to see me again. It is pathetic as it is frightening. Imagine any court accepting the "oath under penalty of perjury" by Kerik, a libel-proof eight-time convicted felon on probation whose crimes include lying and making false statements?!

Most tell me, "That's unacceptable! Call the police or take Kerik to court!" Neither average citizen nor decent, legitimate attorney can match Bernie Kerik's full-service, unscrupulous, pro-bono attorney, Timothy Parlatore, seems to harass and defame for headline and sport. It's disgusting any bar association would want Parlatore as a member.

This lethal combination of Parlatore and Kerik is a pair of evil hooligans that should be separated IMMEDIATELY. If Kerik had to pay for all these baseless claims, he may think twice about using the courts to harass me and feed his obsessive desire to see me again!

Bernard Kerik is angry at me for declaring my truth and pursuing justice. Felon Bernie Kerik chooses to make his living as a public figure. I'm am a private person. That's a stark distinction in the law.

Bernard Kerik is obsessed. Bernard Kerik apparently can't or won't let go. Bernie Kerik seems obsessed with me. He continues to find reasons to remain "attached" to me. Bernard Kerik's pattern of harassment is becoming increasingly aggressive and frequent. I'm afraid. It's scary. It's creepy.

I have, unfortunately, personal knowledge of the uncontrollable violent rage of Bernard Kerik (fueled by alcohol and/or medication) few have seen, including law enforcement. Despite Bernard Kerik's friends at the Franklin Lakes Police Department claiming they have taken his weapons upon the felony conviction, his son, Joseph Kerik, an officer with the Newark Police Department and many of his law enforcement friends, own many weapons. Here’s a photo of Bernie Kerik (once posted in open social media) with close access to a weapon taken during his probation!

Original Source Bernard Kerik Flickr Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik and son Joe Kerik Newark Police Department access to guns. Exclusive: Bernard Kerik is obsessed with destroying my life. I'm his favorite victim

Source Instagram Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik and son Joe Kerik Newark Police Department access to guns. Exclusive: Bernard Kerik is obsessed with destroying my life. I'm his favorite victim
If anything ever happens to me or my family, please investigate Bernard Kerik first and thoroughly. 

I’m not physically well at this time so I am unable to fully defend myself and those I love from harm. I’m afraid to leave the house for medical appointments and treatment. The stress brought on by Bernard Kerik’s and “associate’s” harassment and threats impedes my healing and recovery. Defending baseless defamatory claims or trying to legitimately defend myself have drained the modest hard-earned financial resources. Bernie Kerik is the only one here who apparently has “free” legal services. I have been denied an order of protection because felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, often sends third parties to do his dirty work of harassment and threats.

It’s time for a new approach. Declaring these truths may keep my family and me safe from further harm. It’s time for good people to do the right thing and put an end to Bernard Kerik’s secret madness and obsession with me. Thank You, all, for hearing me.

“…. Abusers will do whatever they can to intimidate and weaken their victims to force them to stop fighting….”  – Beverly Johnson

“Bernard Kerik is obsessed with destroying my life. I am Bernard Kerik's favorite victim.”  – Dara DAddio