Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bernard Kerik to Vice News: Like the government treats a felon, Kerik gives his kids "smacks" then "three whacks"?! OMG!

Bernard Kerik to Vice News: Like the government treats a felon, I give my kids "three whacks"!

Felon on Probation, Bernard Kerik, recently sat down with VICE News Editor-in-Chief Jason Mojica to offer more of the same old blah blah blah criminal justice reform whining tour that continues in this FELON's head....Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik helps no one but himself. Believe it.

If you need a sleep aid, here's it is ( :

In amongst the same old blah blah blah criminal justice reform whining script, were some gems that perhaps the Southern District of New York and the U.S. Federal Probation authorities may wish to document:

Bernard Kerik admits, as results of his imprisonment and prosecution, he "hates society" and "hates the government". Wow. Such a 'tude for a guy who is suppose to be the model for all that "Criminal Justice Reform", crap! The United States Probation Office may need to work harder on your "rehabilitation".

At about 14:00 minutes in, Felon Bernard Kerik confesses the government treats felons like he DISCIPLINES his children: Bernie Kerik "smacks 'em" and if they repeat the offense, felon Kerik gives his children "3 cracks". What? Kerik should not be smackin' or crackin' anyone given he is allegedly on "supervised release"!

When Mr. Mojica asks felon Kerik to describe his own prison experience, former inmate Kerik refuses with a protective retort, "Forget me..."! Well it appears Kerik wants to be a public figure but doesn't want to talk about all the perks he got in prison. That may spoil the fantasy!

Kerik boasts, "I'm a Republican!"... No you're not,'re a felon, remember? You can't register to vote! You can't vote! You threw away that great privilege for some fucks and bucks, remember?

Then Bernard starts to ramble about his "dark money" non-profit for which this felon had always claims to be a mere "spokesman", Kerik seems to want to "come clean" here as if the IRS, Probation or the FEDS may be watching. He now claims he "started" the nonprofit..." Then Kerik carefully goes on to include he "gets no money from it......"I haven't made a dime off"...Then he proceeds to say the did buy him two train tickets to Washington, DC! Uhhhm. We think train tickets are more than a dime, Bern! If you're gonna lie, you have to be a good liar! Bernie Kerik is not a good liar. He went to prison for lying. However, it appears he keeps honing his lying skills. Bernie Kerik also said he wrote that "From Jailer to Jailed" book all by his-self! Oopsie!

Felon on probation, Bernard Kerik counsels America, "Prison should be for people we're afraid of..." Well, needs to caution all society that we are afraid of this psychopath. He should be back in prison. Bernard Kerik just hasn't changed. He's just found something new about which to lie, cheat and steal!