Friday, December 11, 2015

Why selfish Felon Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik has not actively and openly supported the Zadroga Act

We've all seen felon on probation Bernard Kerik randomly roam the cellar of congress (sans identification badge) allegedly stumping for "Criminal Justice Reform" to fill the coffers of his dark money fund

We all know this funding eventually goes into its "spokesman's" pocket bypassing attachment by the United States for his six figure criminal restitution in this thug's case of  USA V. Kerik.

Credit: Southern District of New York USA v Bernard Kerik owes over 180,000 in criminal restitution
As long as liar felon ON PROBATION Bernard Kerik is in DC, partying and living the very lucrative high life of a lobbyist, why hasn't he used his "infamy" to voice in favor of the "James Zadroga Act"? After all, then NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik lost 23 men and one woman on his watch on 9/11, not to mention all those still suffering ill effects from that tragic day.

Well, here's why:
  • Felon on probation Bernard Kerik is a selfish psychopath only thinking of his own needs, usually involving sex and money. Drop-Out "made" idiot Kerik is estimated to have made millions off 9/11. The millions may be stashed somewhere but Kerik is always whining about how millions went to pay for his defense of more crimes this dirty corrupt cop was committing at the time. Yes, there were probably more, but the dirtbag plead to EIGHT felonies. 
  • While selfless, fearless heroes were down digging in the smoldering pit of smoking remains after 9/11, Bernard Kerik was reportedly using an apartment above to shag TWO women while his pregnant wife was home spending millions on their estate in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. So why should liar FELON ON PROBATION take a moment out of his partying in DC to honor those who sacrificed most and all of their lives? Honoring anyone but himself is a thought that never enters the universe of a psychopath like Kerik. Besides, felon coward Bernard Kerik posed for pictures and collected money after 9/11. He never got dirty digging or saving anyone's life but his own. He did get dirty but only in the criminal sense.
    Credit: New York Daily News "Bernard Kerik Double Affair Laid Bare"
  • Despite dirty corrupt cop felon Kerik's efforts to extinguish all bad publicity aka TRUTH about him, more are catching on to his lingering selfish ways. Kerik has been desperately trying to clean up any negative but TRUTHFUL remarks about his on twitter. Has Kerik tweeted in support of Zadroga Act? Not much if any that can find... He's actually tweeted in support of King Abdullah II of Jordan more than in support of the Zadroga Act. 
  • No Bad News Whitewash with a little help from Bernie's friends in low places. Bernie Kerik made a tidy sum (from the advance of a book he didn't even write by himself) presumably again funneled to (again untouchable by the FEDs for his criminal restitution). The paperback of "From Jailer to Jailed" is due out 01/12/16. Kerik's likewise dirtbag underhanded attorney has been doing everything under the sun to delay the LITIGATION by Kerik's swindled co-author. Now what are the consequences to felon Bernard Kerik's comeback bigger than Martha Stewart if a judge in the Southern District of New York found Kerik stole this co-author's work and published it as his own without her permission, credit or compensation?  Oops...There goes criminal Kerik again! Violate your probation much, Kerik? Doing business from prison? Naughty Naughty....
Celebrity Jon Stewart, current NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and many others have stepped forward to offer their public support of the James Zadroga Act to pass the US Congress and the US Senate. Absent was felon on probation Bernard Kerik. I suppose there just wasn't enough fame of money in it for him. Sad. Very Sad. Talk about "dis-graced"....