Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Is Felon Bernard Kerik sending friends like Investigator John Curley to threaten and harassment Bernie's co-author during "From Jailer to Jailed" litigation?

Is Felon Bernard Kerik sending friends like Investigator John Curley to threaten and harassment Bernie's co-author during "From Jailer to Jailed" book litigation with Simon and Schuster? has reported felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, and his publisher, Simon and Schuster, are being sued for trademark infringement by his Co-Author of book "From Jailer to Jailed".

Credit:Facebook Friends Attorney Robert Feldman, John Curley, Bernard Kerik and Elizabeth Guzman allegedly conspire to threaten and harass co-author in "From Jailer to Jailed' litigation 
It appears Kerik manipulated an innocent writer (from insider his prison walls) into supporting and writing for him while he was incarcerated in Cumberland Federal Prison Camp. When he was released, to avoid admitting many lies to his wife about his true relationship to the co-author, Hala Kerik, Bernie Kerik cut off all ties, took her manuscript, published the book using her work without permission, credit or compensation! Reuters published the first and most accurate details on the lawsuit when it was filed back this past July, 2015.

This lawsuit threatens to reveal many secrets in the felon Kerik's life, some that may violate his U.S. Federal probation through October, 2016, so there's no doubt Bernie Kerik may be desperate to have it disappear and quickly! 

Details of the money trail for the book proceeds may be diverted into Kerik's well-funded "dark money non-profit" to avoid the United States Government from attaching it for Kerik's still unpaid $180,000.00.

We wonder why Hala Kerik and her two spoiled girls with Kerik are allowed to stay in the $2million estate despite the reported thousands owed to the government in past due criminal restitution and millions owed in past tax debt liens. We imagine Kerik turned in significant favors to all the politicians and powerful money guys from his seedy past to make that happen! It does appear felon Bernard Kerik is not compelled to pay it although book advances, sales and regular media appearance, among the partying and fancy dinners posted on his social media may imply otherwise. has also reported the past pattern of harassment, threats and intimidation directed at the co-author/Plaintiff despite Kerik allegedly being "supervised" by the Paterson, New Jersey office of the United States Federal Probation Office - District of New Jersey. We imagine the office has some friends of Bernie who look the other way because, after all, Kerik, an active felon on probation who owes criminal restitution to this country, is allowed to roam the cellar of Congress and the White House with a little help from his evil friends there!  Yet, this is the same administration who is inviting terrorists in this country to kill innocent citizens so it does follow a dangerous pattern.

We have discovered the latest of the threats and intimidation come in the form of a frivolous baseless lawsuit by John A. Curley of J Curley and Associates who actually went to his friends there in the Staten Island office of the New York City Civil Court to pay for a Civil Court index number he later used as a rouse to intentionally, with malicious intent, visit the home of the co-author several times on pretense of this "lawsuit".
Credit: Google J Curley and Associates John A. Curley "Is Felon Bernard Kerik sending friends like Investigator John Curley to threaten and harassment Bernie's co-author during "From Jailer to Jailed" litigation?" 
Good one, right? What does John Curley and J Curley and Associates have to do with "From Jailer to Jailed"? Nothing. What does the trademark infringement of Bernie Kerik stealing an author's work have to do with J Curley and Associates? We are not sure. However, all six alleged harassers (allegedly including felon Bernard Kerik's attorney, Timothy Parlatore Payne) to the co-author over the last two years are strangers to the co-author. The one thing they do have in common is the FELON ON PROBATION BERNARD KERIK! When is the US Federal Probation going to get over their fear, adulation and/or indifference to Bernie Kerik and violated him for his alleged conspiracy? Soon, we hope....

Reportedly, John Curley and his staff at J Curley and Associates apparently do Bernie Kerik's dirty work. These four crimes and potential violation of Bernie Kerik's US Federal Probation are being investigated by the local authorities to bring to the Southern District of New York. Stay tuned.

All accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law...except for Kerik. already knows he's already a guilty liar, cheater and a thug...