Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Desperate Donald Trump resorts to using eight-time convicted felon Bernard Kerik to bolster his Muslim 9/11 celebration "exaggerations"

With Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson carving into his Presidential poll leads, a desperate Donald Trump resorts to using eight-time convicted felon and corrupt cop, Bernard Kerik, to bolster his hate-filled 9/11 Muslim celebration exaggerations.

Of course, felon Bernard Kerik, desperate for money to pay his outstanding $180,000 criminal restitution, enjoys the attention and association. Perhaps Donald Trump can throw some "dark money" Bernie's way into that very secret "non-profit" the felon is allegedly trying to shield from the US Dept of Treasury and the SDNY to whom Kerik owes millions.

Of course corrupt cop, felon, liar, tax cheat, adulterer Bernard Kerik must copy off of someones paper every time as evidenced in a current federal law suit over "his" latest book, "From Jailer to Jailed". Yesterday, Bernie Kerik banked off of his ex-friend, Rudy Giuliani's  in a sound byte where Rudy proclaimed Donald Trump may be "exaggerating" his claims that "Some New York Muslims celebrated 9/11". However,liar felon on probation Bernard Kerik's bold claims did disintegrate as the day progressed...

Earlier in the day, blond chippie halter wearing host on One America News Network, hailed, tweeted and proclaimed "NYC Police Commissioner Confirms Trump's Claims of Domestic Celebrations after 9/11". Take a look:

Daniel Scavino, "Senior Advisor" for Donald J. Trump for President, proclaimed that as #BreakingNews and confirmation that Donny's original statement of personally viewing "1000's" of Muslims celebrating the fall of the towers on 9/11! However the TRUTH is that the "domestic stuff" felon liar Kerik speaks of was nothing like the 1000's Trump's original declaration.

Credit Twitter Daniel Scavino Jr. Donald Trump Advisor hailing and quoting felon liar Bernard Kerik for votes
However, by later that evening, felon liar on probation, Bernard Kerik walked back his original statement in appearance on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon using terms such as "pockets of celebrations"....liar liar, pants on fire, Bernie?! Ha Ha Ha! Bernie Kerik's "domestic stuff" has now turned into "intel reports"... (You miss her, don't you, Kerik. She used to clean up all your dumb Paterson Newark "retarded" talk! Inside Joke, y'all)
Is Donald Trump so desperate for votes he's willing to use a busted, libel-proof, liar, tax cheat, adulterer like Bernard Kerik? Is any "dark money" passing into felon Bernie Kerik's "non-profit" for this "solid"? I guess everything is on the table with Trump. Sad. Very Sad.