Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bill Cosby and Bernard Kerik: Why Defaming and Intimidating their victims just won't work

Bill Cosby and Bernard Kerik: Why Defaming and Intimidating their victims just won't work.....

A Vanity Fair article, published November 30, 2014, written by Beverly Johnson, supports other Bill Cosby victims by bravely publishing her story and truth about Bill Cosby's alleged abuse, drugging and rape of many women. The victims in fear and intimidation of Cosby's celebrity, power and wealth apparently kept them silent and suffering until now.

Bill Cosby in all his bravado echoed loudly through the press in retort with the warning that Cosby plans to sue Johnson for defamation essentially calling her a liar. In a recent  article entitled, "Bill Cosby doesn't scare Beverly Johnson" she proclaims "... abusers will do whatever they can to intimidate and weaken their victims to force them to stop fighting....”

This routine pattern of an evil accuser with no obvious reasonable defense defaming, threatening and abusing their victim in response, reminded us here at of a familiar troubling circumstance; that of the current case in the Southern District of New York by Plaintiff co-author Dara DAddio v. Defendant Bernard Kerik in the copyright infringement of book "From Jailer to Jailed" (1:2015-cv-05497, S.D.N.Y).

Credit: archives "Writer accuses former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik of Stealing Work" From Jailer to Jailed blog
In a July 16, 2015 article published in the entitled, "Writer accuses former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik of stealing work", Felon Bernie Kerik's criminal attorney (Yes, this is a civil intellectual property case being defended by a criminal attorney...yup), Timothy Payne Parlatore is quoted referring to the Plaintiff's lawsuit is just "another attempt by a stalker to torture her victim." Mr. Parlatore continues these UNSUPPORTED, false, wild, maniacal rants asserting Plaintiff's "stalking", "mental instability" through several periodic letters to the court speaking of subliminal messages to him through a pattern of pics, posts and tweets in various account of unsourced, undocumented social media! These letters read like a crazy, convoluted, outrageous crime drama! After reading these letters submitted on the record in the court docket, readers of such nonsense may question Mr. Parlatore's mental health...Ha! KIDDING, of course! This unwarranted, unsupported defamation as defense is a familiar disturbing pattern of Timothy Payne Parlatore almost identical in its strategic use in the Joe Tacopina v. Bernard Kerik et al defamation cases also active in the Southern District of New York (1:2014-cr-00749, S.D.N.Y)

We here at reached out to the Plaintiff Dara DAddio for her comments. She politely declined with respect to the court citing the ongoing litigation. Calls to Defendant Kerik and his counsel were not returned at time of writing.

The complaint filed in Dara DAddio v Bernard Kerik copyright infringement case appears very strong supported with over 20 exhibits from prison mailings, letters in federal inmate Kerik's own handwriting, etc. We suppose, just as in the Bill Cosby case, when Defendant Bernard Kerik appears not to have a case, defamation seems like good cover and distraction. Stay Tuned.