Sunday, November 15, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik Highlights an 'Intelligence Failure' That Is 'Extremely Concerning' and greater than Paris Attacks

Felon Bernard Kerik Highlights an 'Intelligence Failure' That Is 'Extremely Concerning' and greater than Paris Attacks

This past Friday, while the rest of us watched in horror and sympathy as another terrorist attack was brutally perpetrated upon Paris, cash-strapped felon on probation Bernard Kerik was celebrating "his Christmas". You see, in the world of felon Bernie Kerik, any breaking news that may remotely give his pitiful criminal life some relevance and cash is a windfall.

Chris Ruddy, Bernie Kerik's close personal rich friend, has been "supporting" felon Bernard Kerik BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER Bernard Kerik's incarceration. That's Right! United States Probation Office for the Southern District of New York apparently turns a blind eye pretending they don't see the "support" but has the inmate #84888-054 Bernard Kerik Cumberland MD Federal Prison Corrlinks emails to prove it!

Newsmax and Bernard Kerik get to capitalize on the felon's connection to the tragedy of September 11th 2001, by giving Bernard Kerik a seemingly "no show" then quoting him, tagging him, getting hits or ratings on their fledgling Newsmax media platform by publishing this dribble " Bernard Kerik: Paris Attacks Highlight 'Intelligence Failure" That is 'Extremely Concerning'. Without any facts or direct investigation knowledge, this idiot criminal FELON ON PROBATION is allowed an "opinion" in a scary, seemingly psychopathic imitation of Bill Bratton, the NYPD Commissioner role! It's really scary that CNN and Erin Burnett fail to mention Bernard Kerik, in addition to masquerading as a trusted, law enforcement source, is ALSO AN EIGHT-TIME CONVICTED FELON PRESENTLY ON SUPERVISED RELEASE! What's scarier is that CNN and the American Public continue to allow it to happen! #WTF

Idiot hipster chippy producers, staffing for the "B Team" (weekends, night shift) on, and other media struggle to find an "ex-spurt" to fill time during their ad nauseum, non-stop, repetitive 24-hour news cycle. That's how they end us with an idiot criminal, Bernard Kerik as their "guest".
It's all good because Bernard Kerik gets the attention he so desires, is allowed to babble about shit he doesn't know (because he was "made" his entire career), profits down the line selling the books he didn't write ("From Jailer to Jailed") and allegedly stole (from a writer struggling to get their rights), while at the same time funnelling money to some "non-profit" then to a "faux" shell company like, so Bernie Kerik can feed his money-grubbing, selfish child bride and spoiled children (the ones he hasn't abandoned or deserted, that is) living in their $2 million estate and NOT have TO PAY HIS $180,000 criminal restitution.

Credit: Southern District of New York court records USA v Bernard Kerik owes $180,000 criminal restitution and after a book and media appearances pays only $1000 per month
GOT ALL THAT! Everyone plays, everyone wins. By the way, the same Obama Administration felon Bernard Kerik is calling a "Failure" is the same administration he want to support his whining poor felon Criminal Justice Reforms! Hypocrite much?

Credit: Newsmax Google Felon on probation Bernard Kerik gets media attention and profits from Paris Attacks would argue that Mayor Rudy Giuliani trusting this criminal as well as President Bush nominating this criminal, adulterer, dumb, tax cheat, felon on probation Bernard Kerik to head Homeland Security highlights an intelligence failure that is extremely concerning and greater than Paris attacks.