Monday, November 16, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik calls US Citizens "morons"...

Today, the ignoramuses at "Inside Edition" couldn't find a real terrorism expert, so they asked paid publicity whore, Felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, to comment about keeping safe in the US after ISIS threat video and the gruesome Paris Attacks. "Inside Edition" found Idiot, Liar, Adulterer, Tax Cheat, Felon thug, DUMB HighSchool drop-out, Bernard Kerik in Times Square trolling for chicks to help him "make up for all he missed in prison". Felon Kerik answered the terrorism inquiry by calling United States citizens "morons"! Typical. You get what you pay for, slimy Entertainment news show, "Inside Edition"!! Yup, this really happened! Check it out:

What can we glean from this most ignorant, disparaging remark from corrupt cop, eight-time convicted felon on probation, Bernard Kerik? 

Why would we ever count on an eight-time convicted felon on probation for our Homeland Security advice? If we do, we deserve whatever ISIS has in store for us, God Forbid!

We can always count on an eight-time convicted felon to masquerade as a trusted law enforcement official when in actuality he's a disgraced corrupt cop felon ON SUPERVISED RELEASE who owes this country $180,000 in back CRIMINAL RESTITUTION. 

Felon Bernard Kerik makes money from commenting on terrorism. I wonder how much and from whom? His friends in Jordan? The Saudis he worked for years ago? Or maybe just the slimy media whores and book publishers who make money off this pathetic, has been, sideshow of a thug that is Bernard Kerik!

Where does a convicted criminal, with an admitted axe to grind with the US Dept of Justice, swear his allegiance? How many felons roam the halls of Congress and the White House? Bad things could result....

Someone may want to investigate if Kerik's loyalties are with the United States or the terrorist criminals with whom he was imprisoned and potentially line his pockets in the aftermath of a terrorism attack! 

Stranger things have happened. Think about it.....

By the way, felon Kerik's wife, Hala Kerik, and all his in-laws were Syrian nationals. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

"Forgiving can be overrated. Hate works just fine." - John A. Curley of J Curley & Associates (Facebook)