Friday, November 20, 2015

Erin Burnett, CNN and Felon Bernard Kerik's forgotten Syrian wife, Hala Kerik

Erin Burnett, CNN and Felon Bernard Kerik's Forgotten Syrian wife, Hala Kerik

Again, felon on federal probation, Bernard Kerik was invited by Erin Burnett, Erin Burnett Out Front and CNN to masquerade as a trusted news source. This time eight-time convicted felon, currently on supervised release owing $180,000 to the country to which he lied and cheated, Bernie Kerik, was blabbing about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. #WTF
As usual, CNN and Erin Burnett were less than honest with their audience on three points:
  • They fail to mention Bernard Kerik is a felon on probation who has or should have NO DIRECT KNOWLEDGE OF ANY INTELLIGENCE BY EITHER THE NYPD OR THE US GOVERNMENT
  • Felon Bernard Kerik's wife, Hala Kerik and all her extended family are reportedly, Syrian Nationals. 
  • Felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, also makes a quick buck by selling armored limousines to Jordan's King Abdullah II and his wife Queen Rania.  
So no wonder, felon Bernard Kerik, gave a favorable opinion of allowing Syrian refugees into our country. There may be more of Bernard Kerik Syrian in-laws coming to stay to support his children and household when he cannot!
As usual, Captain Obvious, felon Bernard Kerik, says little more than his idiot opinion. What is CNN thinking? I guess Bernard Kerik is available, desperate for money, is a great puppet for Rep Peter King and works cheap?

Felon Bernard Kerik was once quoted in an article by saying he had 'little Syrians running around" his house!

With felon Bernie Kerik, there's always a kick-back and a return on his words and deeds. So you see it's quite disingenuous for Erin Burnett, CNN and Bernard Kerik to appear to have an unbiased opinion on anything, let alone, the Syrian Refugee Crisis.