Sunday, October 11, 2015

WPIX Monica Morales crotch tease memories kept Bernard Kerik happy in prison!

WPIX Monica Morales crotch tease memories kept Bernard Kerik happy in prison!

Recently, WPIX’s Monica Morales tweeted a “flasbackfriday Instagram reminder of her “exclusive sit down with felon corrupt cop Bernard Kerik shot way back in 2010 before he left for prison. 

This reminded me of many times, during visits in Cumberland FPC, Bernie would regale me with the sexy story of that interview. Bernie said it was difficult for him to concentrate on the interview and her “hot” pose “for him” in the chair in front of him reminded him of Sharon Stone pussy moment in the movie, “Basic Instinct”. Bernie insisted Monica Morales was intentionally and boldly flirting and teasing him right in front of his wife, Hala Kerik, in full view of the cameramen (which he said made it even hotter for him). Bernie spoke of this memory many times proving Monica Morales was "hard" for nymphomaniac Inmate 84888-054 Bernard Kerik to forget.

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Monica Morales must be savoring this memory as well based upon her random flashback friday tweet from 2010 as well as her own sexy banter on Twitter with another admirer in response to the original tweet. Monica Morales may not deny her seduction in the "exclusive" with Kerik. She sounds darn proud of her prowess...after all she knew how to get that “exclusive” and keep the attention of idiot felon Bernard Kerik. 

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to keep the gig, right? Ah, memories.... Hey, get a room, you crazy kids!!
Credit Twitter Monica Morales tweets proud of her hot legs in exclusive sit down with felon Bernard Kerik
Credit Twitter Monica Morales with memories of felon Bernard Kerik exclusive sit down