Saturday, October 10, 2015

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik harasses with a little help from hisevil-doer friends

Felon on Federal Probation Bernard Kerik harasses with a little help from his evil-doers friends. You may not believe who they are!

This blog has always been my safe place from Bernie Kerik’s constant harassment seemingly ignored by law enforcement. Bernard Kerik has many friends in low places including attorneys, law enforcement officers, licensed private investigators, sitting US Congressman and several women Bernie manipulates for their “loyal social media harassment” and well, other "favors" *cough*. When the evil-doers get out of hand harassing me and Bernie’s buddies in blue, assigned to watch him turn a winking blind eye, this blog has busted Bernie et al and suddenly shit and shenanigans stops! 

Bernard Kerik’s evil-doers are a powerful, influential clique of two-faced evil who smile for the camera while doing their dirty work in the shadows. Felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, is allegedly prohibited from contacting me on any medium. However, he’s recently sent this group of harassers to do his dirty work, then cover it up so Bernie isn’t violated on his probation…but Bernard Kerik should be violated… Read on…

On or about the date of September 30, 2015, when I decided to take back my life and power, Bernard Kerik and his evil-doers have been “making crazy”. Anyone who has been involved in domestic violence prevention will recognize this term. I submit, and now have the documentation to prove, these occurrences. Let’s bring the light, shall we?

I have written in this blog about perceived Bernard Kerik evil-doers assisting Bernie Kerik: John Picciano and his wife, E luiza Picciano (who once stated on twitter he would come to my house and “cuff” me himself), Rep Peter King (who reportedly set up Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik with the ability to freely roam the basement of Congress without monitor), and Fire Island Pines Attorney Robert J. Feldman, etc. (who openly on twitter boldly harassed me until exposed to the authorities and a little letter to his bar association!). Here is one more recently added to the list: 

Credit: Google Facebook Bernard Kerik evil-doer J Curley John Curley

John Curley of J Curley and Associates, Private Investigators. You may remember the blog I wrote about the anonymous mysterious threatening harassing voicemail from phone number (646)620-5378. Thanks to two great citizen tipsters and some investigation by volunteer private cyber-forensic investigators of my own, we have now almost confirmed this MAY have been a combined effort of felon Bernard Kerik, John Curley and/or the voice, “porno” attorney Robert J. Feldman. Well, they are "persons of interest" as they would say on Newsmax. And, lookie here; Open Facebook post confirms the happy trio in a gay old time during a book signing of the book I co-authored with Bernard Kerik, "From Jailer to Jailed"! What are the chances! What a coincidence! Is that damn duck a-quackin' yet?

Credit: Facebook Felon Bernard Kerik with his evil-doers Attorney Robert J Feldman and camera shy John Curley of J Curley and Associates
John Curley or one of his evil "associates", in a male voice identifying himself as having Bernard Kerik as his "client" in this past voice mail, reportedly and allegedly committed multiple charges of the crime of aggravated harassment in the name of felon Bernard Kerik in many threatening and harassing phone calls to me, my sick old relatives, friends, my employer and others! What an unprofessional jerk - but he is one of Bernie Kerik's "friends". Being an ass or showing your ass is apparently a Bernard Kerik associate requirement!

Dear Evil-Doers: Whatever you do to me and those I love, will someday in the very near future negatively reflect back upon that felon on probation, Bernard Kerik...only with greater consequences because libel-proof, corrupt cop, conman Bernie Kerik has lots to lose…. namely his liberty…