Friday, October 30, 2015

During Domestic Violence Month, Felon Bernard Kerik and friends in low places “make crazy” …ALLEGEDLY…

During Domestic Violence Month, Felon Bernard Kerik and friends in low places “make crazy” …ALLEGEDLY… however the US Federal Probation authorities cannot or won't stop felon on probation Bernie Kerik …WHY?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

Who do all these alleged abusers and strangers to victims have in common? One man…Eight-time convicted felon, corrupt cop, adulterer, liar, manipulator, FELON ON PROBATION, Bernard Kerik. 

Credit: personal photo of Bernard Kerik taken with his permission Photo All Rights Reserved to be used by permission only has chronicled each alleged domestic violent events for safety sake. This hopefully keeps some victims safe because the authorities seemingly responsible to keep FELON ON “SUPERVISED RELEASE” can’t seem to make a case after more than 10 proven incidents of aggravated harassment, threatening, stalking, trespassing and social media defamation.

All alleged incidents of harassment, aggravated harassment, social media bullying, trespassing, creepy anonymous letters postmarked in the area of a certain radio station very near Madison Square Garden, terroristic threats have been reported and blogged here with NO reported enforcement action! 
Credit: Felon Bernard Kerik and friends in low places “make crazy” …ALLEGEDLY… 
Credit: Felon Bernard Kerik and friends in low places “make crazy” …ALLEGEDLY…
In recognition of Domestic Violence Month and in the interest of safety, let’s put some of these alleged thugs, alleged enablers, alleged JUSTICE AVENGERS, Lawyers, law enforcement types and alleged domestic violence cohorts on blast, shall we?
Credit: John Curley Facebook Attorney Pamela S Roth, Esq alleged social media harassment with Bernard Kerik 
Credit Twitter Elizabeth Guzman alleged aggravated harassment, harassment, serial social media stalker 
Credit Facebook Maritza Rosado alleged harassment of many by reposting an alleged Hala Kerik Facebook message but Bernard Kerik Attorney Timothy Parlatore allegedly twists the truth and defames innocent parties by asserting a judge it was the doing of innocent party. Can you say defamation suit?
Credit: Google JCurley & Associates John Curley alleged harassment, tresspassing, disturbing the peace, filing false reports, violations in process service
Credit: Facebook John Picciano alleged social media harassment, bullying, threat of physical harm, terroristic threats
Credit: Facebook Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado alleged jump-off of felon Bernard Kerik alleged serial social media harasser, alleged video stripper
Credit: John Curley Facebook Attorney Robert J Feldman, Bernard Kerik John Curley picture alleged aggravated harassment, social media harassment, defamation, Rico-like tactics by the most educated evil connected gang in NYC
Credit: Attorney Timothy Parlatore alleged intentional and malicious defamation of innocents in court proceedings as a method of passive harassment, NYS BAR violations in conduct
This is a known pattern for Bernard Kerik. In 2001, after a pregnant Hala Kerik discovered her husband, NYPD Commissioner, Bernard Kerik, having TWO SIMULTANEOUS AFFAIRS with subordinate NYC DOC, C.O. Jeanette Pinero and publisher, Judith Regan, reportedly in an apartment overlooking the burning bodies of 9/11 NYPD, FDNY and others, the shit hit the fan. As the story goes, Judith Regan broke up with Bernie Kerik at the site of the New York City Marathon. Bernie Kerik reportedly cried manufactured tears and pleaded for Judith Regan to continue the affair. She refused. Bernie Kerik then taunted and harassed Judith Regan with horrific reports Bernie was following her son on the return to college! 

In the opinion of, Bernard Kerik is a bad guy who does bad things. Perhaps Law enforcement is afraid to go after him and Bernie knows it. It emboldens his evil, manipulation like a crazy maniacal psychopathic, keeping tabs, control freak tendancies we know by personal experience.

Why now? Read the truth about felon liar manipulator Bernard Kerik in this very blog! Bernie Kerik hasn't changed. Bernie Kerik has just changed his suit from jumpsuit orange to a better tailor! Read the papers. What’s going down in felon Bernard Kerik’s legal life? 

The US Federal Probation authorities, the New York State Police as well as New Jersey local law enforcement, in effect, say each of the individual alleged crimes reported as single events by individuals don’t warrant arrest or even a warning. However, if some responsible law enforcement authority, EDUCATED IN THE PATTERN OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE WILL TELL YOU THIS IS CLASSIC MODUS OPERANDI OF A PREDATOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ABUSER! Zoom out in the universal view of all incidents, the bullying, harassing, aggravated harassment, anonymous letters, social media taunting all together in a scheme of the last two-and-a-half years, it tells a story of domestic violence at its ugliest and extreme insidiousness!

Threatening certain individuals, even through third parties, is allegedly a violation of felon Bernard Kerik’s probation.  If the US Probation was serious about enforcing this, felon ON PROBATION Bernard Kerik should have been violated in 2013! US FEDERAL PROBATION enforcing the crimes of USA v BERNARD KERIK is falling down on the job…and hard! It’s easier for them to not mess with the “big fish” for fear someone label them as “targeting” the mighty Bernard Kerik. The US FEDERAL PROBATION appears to have gone soft. After all, it is the year of the criminal according to Bernie Kerik's dark money Yes, let’s pass that Criminal Justice Reform, right?

Again, who do all these alleged abusers and strangers to victims have in common? One man…Eight-time convicted felon, corrupt cop, adulterer, liar, manipulator, FELON ON PROBATION, Bernard Kerik. In July, 2013, Bernard Kerik did text me he would “Destroy my Life”. 

Eight-time, liar, manipulator Bernard Kerik laughed it off with his US FEDERAL PROBATION OFFICIAL AND TWISTED THE WORDS AS ANY PSYCHOPATH WOULD DO. The threat has been ignored but felon Bernard Kerik’s alleged threat has allegedly been passed to third parties. Now, sadly, the law enforcement community is also apparently an enabler in Bernard Kerik’s threat by ignoring the Domestic Violence warning signs….

Domestic Violence experts say, standing up the Domestic Violence Abuser, a victim taking back her life and moving on free of the “psychopathic control” of her abuser are the most dangerous times. is committed to honoring the process of putting the offender(s) on blast. We honor victims of Domestic Violence and their survivors to stand for change. We keep each other safe because white males in law enforcement who may or may not keep a blue brother protected will not, cannot or won’t violated that long blue line of loyalty. 

All accused are innocent until proven guilty, of course...and they will be proven guilty in the near future. This blog is prayer for all Domestic Violence victims are free of anxiety, void of harm, remaining vigilant, preserving the freedom to speak out. Amen and Shalom.

Credit: NRCDV.ORG Domestic Violence Awareness Project Know the signs. Tell everyone until you are safe. Be brave. Keep it pristine.