Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dear President Obama, Felon Bernard Kerik fakes it until he makes it on Criminal Justice Reform

Dear President Obama, Felon Bernard Kerik fakes it until he makes it on Criminal Justice Reform

Do the psychopathic tendencies of liar felon Bernard Kerik compel him to lie to the extent of insinuating he is taking a meeting with the President of the United States? As the contortions of the truth become more frequent, Bernie Kerik's desperation to be included at the “big boy table” increases. It’s pathetic. It’s sad. It’s getting embarrassing and a little scary.

Today in his little twitter account, @ACCJRorg, he or his current lackey tweets, ".@ACCJRorg Founder .@BernardKerik will join law enforcement leaders to discuss #CriminalJusticeReform with @POTUS."

Credit Twitter ACCJR Felon Bernard Kerik infers he is meeting Barack Obama
Well, there’s nothing on the President’s public schedule about this “discussion”. There are no press releases about a monumental meeting between President Obama and the disgraced corrupt cop liar felon “From Jailer to Jailed” co-author, Bernard Kerik. What’s up?

Let’s follow this little path o innuendo and see where it leads us, shall we?

Also Today in felon liar Bernard Kerik’s PERSONAL “verified” twitter account, he tweets, “Joining other law enforcement leaders from around the country in Washington, DC today to discuss #CriminalJusticeReform.” 

Credit Twitter Bernard Kerik fakes it until he makes it on Criminal Justice Reform
Well, that's a little different from meeting with law enforcement officials to sitting down with the PRESIDENT, isn't it? Liar, Liar, federal probation on fire, Bern?

Felon liar Bernard Kerik is a pretender, manipulator and inching close to being a fraud…again… Liar Felon Bernie Kerik gets big dark money and gets away from his “ball and chain” naggy desperate Housewife of New Jersey, to go “make up for all he missed in prison”. play, dine and be wined or "whine", sponsored by his insignificant dark money funneling “nonprofit” know as A felon has to do what a felon has to do.

As coincidence, today, in Washington, DC, there is a “luncheon” sponsored by the Brennan Center where this new bi-partisan group known as “Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration” are breaking bread and talking to each other just like others in Washington DC do all day long. I suspect liar felon Bernard Kerik will probably get an invite to this from one of his past law enforcement buds or his rumored sponsors, the Koch Brothers. It’s another free lunch for a poor felon so that’s a good start at Criminal Justice Reform, Right? 

So, you see, liar felon Bernie Kerik and his tidy little dark money gets to party, gab, take important photo-ops being seen at the "big boy table"with the illusion of having a meeting with “POTUS”. I’ll believe it when I see that all important photo op with President Obama shaking hands with felon liar Bernard Kerik. If the Koch Brothers, Van Jones, and FAMM have their way, it will happen.

So what liar felon Bernie Kerik tweeted isn’t really a “lie” or is it? You know, those little white lies can get out of hand and send you to prison, Bernie? Fake it til you make it, Bern! Pass the salt, please….