Sunday, October 4, 2015

Convicted felon Bernard Kerik is prohibited from owning or shooting a gun but he wants them in your kids school

Convicted felon Bernard Kerik is prohibited from owning or shooting a gun but he wants them in your kids' school! Of course, we should all put our children's lives in the hands of an eight-time convicted felon, married three times with four kids, deserting two of them for his selfish needs; a felon who can't even own or shoot a gun, right? 

Corrupt cop and eight-time convicted felon Bernard Kerik, while on his current federal "supervised released" through October, 2016, is prohibited from owning, possessing, shooting or otherwise be in the vicinity of any weapon. However, Geraldo Rivera's neighbor and Fox Business News Anchor (the hub of breaking news in the country...NOT), Liz Claman, called out the "B Team" for any idiot to assist her numskull breaking news drone on the recent tragic Umpqua Community College shooting. 

The chosen know-nothing idiot for the day was felon Bernard Kerik who took the gig over the phone waiting to speak in his PAID APPEARANCE FOR BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL "I love black people" felon whining tour at University of Northern Iowa.  Felon Bernard Kerik no-doubt overheard the school's administrator describe an evacuation drill recently held at the school, calling for buses to pick up students transporting them to safe spots. It is a drill Umpqua put in place in response to recent school shootings. 

Bernie always copies off someone else's paper because he's too dumb and too much of a money-grubbing, "made", misinformed felon to actually gather facts and study an issue before he speaks!

Of course, when this came out of the idiot's mouth, felon Bernard Kerik quipped that "police had been planning for this attack". Really? Lets hope what the idiot meant is that police drill, tabletop and train for such events. Words make a difference in the media, Bern. Your alleged post-secondary BS degree at SUNY Empire State College, class of 2002, should have taught you better but...Of course, when you are talking out your ass as a felon, things get messy!

Of course Captain Obvious, true to his "hire me B Team" reporting skills, has to recycle this old news, putting his own fantasy spin on it with no-facts reporting. By the time CONSERVATIVE news recycler, NewsMax got ahold of the idiot, he had made the remark that he suggests armed guards in every school! 

Credit Newsmax Google Bernard Kerik Umpqua shooting Convicted felon Bernard Kerik is prohibited from owning or shooting a gun but he wants them in your kids school 
Convicted felon corrupt cop Bernard Kerik gave up his credibility, his honor, his respectability as NYPD Commissioner, the trust of his office in exchange for money, sex and satisfying his craving infamy. If he was truly repentant, it would make all the difference in the world. Bernard Kerik hasn't changed. He continues to allow his evil associates to do his dirty work all the time masquerading as a decent person. It's sad, really...

What really counts, in the evil dark crevice of Bernie's soul, is that felon on federal probation got his jollies by masquerading on the media as a legitimate police official, stayed relevant by getting his dirty name in the news, made some money on both sides of the aisles (probably none of which will go to paying down his criminal restitution debt of over $180,000) no doubt presumably funneled into that dark money fund, and got by, once again, getting "made" and getting "rich" with a little help from his greedy friends! 

There ought to be a law. I believe there is a law if any of his friends and buddies in blue of the United States Probation Office - Southern District New York want to enforce it!