Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Why do felon Bernard Kerik’s best friends keep “intentionally creating space” with him?

Why do felon Bernard Kerik’s best friends keep “intentionally creating space” with him? Rudy Giuliani, Joe Tacopina, a slew of mistresses, a few ex-wives, former co-workers and I, have all, as felon liar Bernard Kerik describes, felt it necessary to “intentionally create space” between ourselves and Bernie Kerik. It’s a sad, recurring theme in Bernard Kerik’s life.

During another unchallenged public relations lie-fest (aka Interview) with Steve Adubato “1 on 1” WNET NJTV, Kerik continues the fantasy of his evil life hoping if he proclaims them enough, his lies become the truth. Take a look if your stomach can handle it:

 Let’s clear the air, shall we, by busting all the lies in this fifteen minutes of pure, stale BULLSHIT:
Rudy Giuliani no longer speaks with Bernard Kerik because Bernie Kerik lost his trust. Kerik is a liar and a dirty guy. Bernie has a strange sense of “loyalty”.  I offer this dirty deal by John Picciano while in the employ of Bernard Kerik with Giuliani Partners. As detailed in, Giuliani showed the door to Picciano and Kerik soon followed…'intentionally creating space
Bernard Kerik relied on his good friend/attorney/business partner, Joe Tacopina back in the day. But when Joe Tacopina was pressured not to lie to the FEDS, Bernie “intentionally created space” by defaming and suing this once “loyal” friend and attorney.
Mr. Adubato should have known there is controversy and reasonable doubt regarding Bernard Kerik’s authoring, “From Jailer to Jailed” but fell short of asking his lying felon subject, “But did you write it?” Yup...“intentionally created space”...

Mr. Adubato created a nice commercial for lying felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, who continues lying by omission to the public. Bernard Kerik is a bad man who does bad things. Let’s all intentionally create space with Bernard Kerik….He leaves us no choice…