Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik in another Newsmax racist rant calls black people Savages, Animals and now… Panthers?

Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik in another Newsmax racist rant calls black people Savages, Animals and now… Panthers?

Without any direct correlating evidence, convicted felon Bernard Kerik (masquerading as a trusted law enforcement authority) on Newsmax “Hard Line” (the conservative play land masquerading as a legitimate news outlet) asserted #BlackLivesMatter protesters were somehow an outgrowth of the Black Panthers. This is not only dumb but absurd on its face! This assertion is baseless, demeaning to victims and loving survivors of police brutality, and disparaging to every great cop or DA struggling for true blind justice in this country! 

Credit: Newsmax Hard Line Felon Bernard Kerik Black Lives Matter are Black Panthers 
Take a listen to this seemingly racist ridiculousness here

Well, by now you know dumb statements pouring out of Kerik’s talking head is nothing new. However the motivations behind this ridiculous grandstanding hate speech is the real story.

In 2013, eight-time convicted felon on probation, Bernie Kerik, on his prison Whining Tour, just obsessively and pathetically loved-up black people, ‘poor black boys’ and non-violent felons. They were his primary demographic in selling “Criminal Justice Reform, dark money ” and OUR book , “From Jailer to Jailed”. Then Ferguson happened and, Kerik flip-flopped back to his real racist colors! I posted it here! Crook and soulless Con Man Bernard Kerik knows nothing of struggle with justice. Bernie Kerik,fresh out of prison, is permitted to continue his con life, living in his lilly-white Franklin Lakes, NJ mansion next door to reality star, Caroline Manzo. Kerik doesn't have 9-5 but makes money going on TV talking unchallenged nonsense like this! (Ask me. I'm a victim of Bernard Kerik's con!)

Bernard Kerik appears to have no firm conviction but follows the money and asserts whatever theory or mantra pays him at the moment. Bernie Kerik appears to be taking a page out of the yellow journalism guide of bestie and decrepit media whore has-been Tequila selfie king, Geraldo Rivera, babbling any random shit as long as the public is still talking about you or making SEO hits!

You think Bernie’s SUNY Professor Dr Kymn Rutigliano and Bernie’s BS degree alma mater, Empire State College, may have taught him better but….mindlessly smacking his gums is all Bernie has left to earn a living. No legitimate entity will employ an established liar and corrupt soul! Sad. Very Sad, really when I think how Bernie squandered that precious opportunity to go legit, tell the truth and work hard to live an authentic life, if not for him, but to save his legacy for his children. Maybe it’s worse than we think; perhaps convicted felon Bernard Kerik is irrelevant to our times so nobody cares what he thinks! 

There are bad cops who kill innocents. Black Lives Matter. There are radical criminals who protest among decent hurting law-abiding citizens who happen to be black! Good cops deserve our respect and unconditional support. A libel-proof eight-time convicted felon and corrupt cop  like Bernard Kerik should be made to sit down and shut up until he repents and pays his entire debt to society!