Friday, August 21, 2015

When will Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik cease making false statements?

When will Eight-Time Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik cease making false statements? 

Google assaulted me with this video recently. It is a clip from an Internet show known as "Crime Time" hosted by this left-coast la-la (who looks like Mommy, inside joke!) Allison Hope Weiner on channel know as Ms. Weiner, seemingly very "captivated" with Bernie, asks him, " What is it that you did that landed you in Cumberland Correctional Prison in Maryland?"...then hilarity ensues! 

Of course, in a delusional, unsupported rant, Bernard Kerik lies by omission, as he frequently has done to me, blaming it on his 9/11 notoriety/celebrity as if a "target" of the government, the short-lived Nomination as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and nanny-gate! Listen at about 1:35 available on

Well, here is the U.S. Southern District Federal court record on the TRUTH of Bernard Kerik's Charges in USA v Bernard B. Kerik:
  • Making false statements on a loan application 9/1999
  • Making false statements 12/19/2002, 12/19/2002, 11/24/2003
  • Making false statements  12/03/2004, 12/05/2004
  • Obstructing the Administration of the Internal Revenue Service 11/08/2007
  • Aiding in the preparation of a False Income Tax Return 04/15/2001
Nowhere is the word, "nanny", mentioned....not once! Did going to prison cure or "rehabilitate" Bernie Kerik from his "making false statements" or living the "false" narrative in his life? Hell to the NO! Bernard Kerik "made false statements" to me while in prison and continued to "make false statements" to me upon his release. There are two phrases which accurately summarize Bernard Kerik's character, "making false statements" and "false".