Monday, August 24, 2015

Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon Alleged Adulterer Bernard Kerik has all kinds of criticism for NYCDOC Rikers Commissioner Joseph Ponte. Never Forget.

Corrupt Cop, Convicted Felon on Federal Probation, who still owes thousands of dollars in criminal restitution to the USA, Adulterer-on-Duty, Bernard Kerik, wants to show NYC Department of Corrections Rikers Commissioner Joseph Ponte how to overhaul a jail?

With less than two short years of NYC DOC Commissioner credits on his useless resume, eight-time convicted felon and corrupt cop, Bernard Kerik posted this arm-chair quarterback social media critique (from where all felons vacation down the Jersey shore!) of NYCDOC Rikers Commissioner Ponte:

Credit: Twitter Facebook Bernard Kerik Rikers
Credit: Twitter Bernard Kerik Rikers

Bernie is hoping we have short memories and believe his hype. Please join me for a stroll down memory lane so I can remind you how NYC DOC Commissioner Kerik got it done:

Rikers Commissioner Kerik, back in the day, was known for showing up unannounced on those midnight shifts to supposedly catch staff in action. Of course Bernie Kerik, reportedly had his own kind of action going on with his SUBORDINATE CORRECTIONS OFFICER, JEANETTE PINERO. Here's a New York Daily News report of a resulting LAW SUIT against the city. 

Then, of course, the New York Post reported the other "perks" Correction Officer, Jeanette Pinero, allegedly received in the form of "tax breaks" because she was the boss' girl. 

I suppose we never heard any sexual harassment claims from Officer Pinero. Rumor has it Kerik's "harassment" was quite welcome by her as she was "well compensated" to go away and be quiet. In addition, Pinero had enjoyed a cushy assignment in the NYC Mayor's office in Film/Theatre. How nice...

Credit: Google Jeanette Pinero Bernard Kerik's mistress
Of course, Bernie Kerik, to this day, still has his most ardent supporters from back at the tombs. One is retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado who claims to be a retired Corrections boss working "under" **cough** the former Commissioner Kerik. Her facebook is filled with "admiration" for the eight-time convicted felon. Yup, that crazy was allegedly creating the "international model of efficiency and accountability" holding down Rikers back in Bernie's day: 

Credit: Facebook Maritza Rosado Bernard Kerik Rikers 

Of course, this self-professed retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado has expressed her love for her former Boss on social media (Oh My...those Rikers nights overhauls must have been somethin'!):

Credit Facebook Maritza Rosado Rikers Bernard Kerik 

We shouldn't be blaming the current NYC DOC Commissioner Joseph Ponte. He inherited this mess at Rikers and change takes time. Commissioner Ponte, as best we can tell, has left corruption, adultery, cheating, eight federal convictions, Federal supervised release and a huge debt to the USA out of his resume. It's a shame Bernard Kerik couldn't keep it in his pants, on and off-duty, and control his stupidity and greed. Perhaps Rikers may have been a better place and Bernard Kerik wouldn't be a convicted felon, corrupt cop on federal probation still owing the government he cheated $180,000 in criminal restitution.  Yup. Never Forget.