Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bernard Kerik: Compel the Presidential Candidates to HAVE YOU PAY YOUR FULL DEBT TO SOCIETY as their Criminal Justice Reform

Bernard Kerik: Compel the Presidential Candidates to HAVE YOU PAY YOUR FULL DEBT TO SOCIETY as their Criminal Justice Reform 

Eight-time convicted felon, corrupt cop on supervised Federal probation, Bernard Kerik, has a directive for the field of 2016 Presidential Candidates. Bernie Kerik expressed this directive in an OPINION piece in the as only "Captain Obvious" in his eighth-grade highschool dropout writing style can compose! 

Simply put, Criminal Justice Reform is low on the list of the country's issues. Well, here's some breaking news for Felon Kerik: Issues important to the populous are: Economic Recovery, Health Care, Illegal Immigration, Gun Control, Iran....You see, despite all the Koch money, bleeding-heart liberal whining or dark money/big money contributions, criminal justice reform is not one of the hot topics about which the average American is concerned. Convicted felon Bernard Kerik wont see this obvious point because Kerik is working and advocating solely for convicted felon Bernard Kerik.

But let’s take a look at Kerik's "opinion":

1) Please name me one case where a first time non-violent offender was sentenced to a life sentence? Abusrd assertion to say the least...

2) Does Kerik have hard data, reports, documentation, government study to support his baseless assertion that "criminally prosecuting American citizens for ethical, regulatory, and civil violations, we are creating a permanent underclass of American citizens, depleting our workforce by millions”? Sorry, Bernie, this time saying it doesn't make it so...You no longer have the mic, podium or respect as a trusted leader. Bring data, felon.

3) Kerik writes, "At what point after nonviolent felons pay their debt to society are their civil and constitutional rights restored and made whole again?" Bernard Kerik, over two years released from federal confinement, continues to owe over $180,000 in criminal restitution and about one more year of his sentence punished with "supervised release". When those SENTENCES are successfully completed, you may speak with validity. Other convicted felons are working hard every day seeking or toiling at a j-o-b every day trying to keep their family and finances together earning their way back into society. Bernard Kerik reportedly parties, appears on various media remotes, travels in luxury, dines with Congressmen, lives in and owns a $2million estate, his children attend private school and his trophy wife doesn't need to work outside the home. Bernie Kerik doesn't have it so bad for all the lies, cheating and deception he reportedly continues to perpetrate behind the scenes!

4) Finally, noticed Kerik's plug for Charles and David Koch. So might they support Kerik's "dark money" funneling organization The website begs for money but doesn't document proper government registration credentials, declare how much money they've collected or a full accounting disclosure of donors... A convicted felon on supervised release with self-asserted "money issues" certainly raises a red flag here...Hello, is anyone home at FEDERAL PROBATION?

Yup, every 2016 Presidential candidate, is holding their breath waiting for the "opinion" of an eight-time convicted felon, disgraced, corrupt cop who has YET TO PAY HIS FULL DEBT TO SOCIETY who, in my OPINION, continues to deceive, lie and abuse the trust of anyone and everyone in his path.

Bernard Kerik making good on his full debt to society and serving his full sentence including federal supervised release until October, 2016, will be all the directive the world needs regarding criminal justice reform. Be it convicted felon on probation or 2016 Presidential candidate, actions and deeds speak louder than words...

Here's my "opinion"....Although it is certainly interesting to note the didn't appear interested in publishing it on their site....