Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Felon Fraudster Liar Bernard Kerik's B.S. SUNY degree is apparently a lot of BS!

Could Bernard Kerik's "Redemption" expose his Brian Williams moments? Well, it appears to have begun. Bernard Kerik's B.S. SUNY degree is apparently a lot of BS!

It took several days and intervention by SUNY Empire State College officials but a proper certificate was eventually rendered and produced upon numerous demands verifying Bernard Kerik's "degree". In a simple degree verification maintained within the normal course of business for SUNY Empire State College, it is documented Bernard Kerik, GED-bearing, high school drop out,  "attended" college 01/31/2000 until 12/09/2001. It shows Bernard Kerik was "awarded" a Bachelor of Science degree in "Social Theory Structure and Change" with a concentration in Public Administration.

Bernard Kerik SUNY Empire State College degree verification
That means that just within two busy hectic years, Bernie Kerik accomplished the following:
  • Attended classes, wrote papers, studied, etc four years worth of education in less than 2 years. He's a f-in genius! I'd love to see the "life experience" SUNY ESC used to justify this farse!
Furthermore, Bernard Kerik is a high school drop out with a GED. He apparently was matriculated into a SUNY Empire State College without any other documents post-secondary education! At the same time:
  • Had time for two simultaneous adulterous affairs with not one, but two mistresses, cheating on his pregnant trophy bride reportedly in an apartment overlooking the ashes and heaping remains of his own cops. 
  • Worked full-time as Commissioner of NYPD, one of the most active and largest US police departments in America
  •  Wrote, published and promoted his first book, "Lost Son"
Wow. It's almost unbelievable but that's Bernie's story and he's sticking to it! Everyone in the NYPD remembers Bernie's appointment as NYPD Commissioner granted reportedly with NO background check or required degree. A few other qualified candidates were passed over and it was controversial in 2000. 

Bernard Kerik shows SUNY Empire State College as his "alma mater" in his official Wikipedia biography which uses a justification footnote linked to his company's website, website biography. It clearly portrays this achievement as a degree that was NOT honorary but "awarded" or "earned". Perhaps we could ask Bernie's very close friend, Dr, Nancy Kymn Harvin Rutigliano who is an assistant professor at SUNY Empire State College but whom Bernie claims he didn't meet until 2004! She wrote Bernie's white paper and "connected" Bernie with some very sweet, very young co-eds who "gave at least a helping hand" to Bernie through his almost abstinent incarceration! All in the name of education, of course! 

Credit: Bernard B. Kerik Wikipedia Education
Bernard Kerik is an eight-time convicted felon with crimes involving lying and cheating. I don't believe that degree was earned in any definition I know. Shame on SUNY for allowing this! Who paid the tuition? Where are the papers he wrote? Where is his transcript? How many courses did he take and what were his grades? Most of us worked long and hard to EARN and PAY for our degrees. It appears Bernie Kerik, once again, was "made" a college graduate.

I am not shocked by this. What shocks me are the number of seemingly legitimate persons in his life who "overlook" this continued lying, cheating, alleged plagiarism to promote felon on probation fraudster Bernie Kerik with not only money, a book and more lying, but crafting a fraud such as Bernard Kerik's "redemption". Perhaps US Rep. Peter King, book agent, the entire SUNY college system and a slew of national media who appear willing to aid and abet this criminal for their own monetary gain.

So how many others are willing to comb through the fantastic details of Bernie Kerik's life for other Brian Williams moments?