Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why America is rejecting Felon Bernard Kerik

Why America is rejecting Felon Bernard Kerik

The general public has a great BS meter.  In the last two years since felon phony fraudster liar on probation Bernard Kerik has been released from Federal Prison, Bernie Kerik has intentionally and carefully crafted his “new and reformed” public image for the same old reasons Bernie Kerik is motivated to do anything; Money, Sex, feeding his “self-minded arrogance”… He’s playing with an old deck of cards and Bernard Kerik hasn't changed so it’s not going to work. The public is calling BS on Kerik. 

What has deflated Bernie Kerik’s “Comeback Bigger than Martha Stewart”?

No Post Prison Apology:  Bernard Kerik has never ever ever said he was sorry and ashamed for the crimes to which he plead and swore to in open court of  his own free will. Bad. Real bad. No one likes a smug thug, BB.

Friends in Low Places: It appears Bernie has taken public relations advice from all the wrong people: has-been selfie king media hacks, old white guy retired racist public relations NYPD guys, old white guys inside the beltway who pretend not to know Bernie, old white guy local New Jersey police chiefs, crooked lawyers who work for headlines, the NYC gay contingent of the “non-profit” shakedown sect, perhaps very phony New Jersey housewives and their scheming husbands as well as perhaps the usual many dumb old hood goomahs  whose specialty are licking holsters and anything remaining below Bernie Kerik’s  belt. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Names were omitted to protect the innocent from the thugs. The Southern District of New York Judge Preska recently denied Bernard Kerik early release from his probation. That says a great deal about Bernard Kerik's redemption and willingness to pay his debt to society. 

Joe Tacopina Defamation Cases: Bernie Kerik came out of jail angry at many of us who helped along the way and he has screwed over. Bernie reportedly colludes with the New York Daily News and some of its sports reporters to print lies and deceptions about his former attorney/friend, Joe Tacopina.  Attorney, Judd Burstein has been making great strides in bringing these two major defamation cases in front of a jury later this year. BB, when are you going to learn that threats, lies and intimidation don’t always bring people around to your side? Those jury trials and the monetary damages attachment may be overwhelming and well-deserved for felon liar Bernard Kerik. 

New book Whiplash and constant Loyalty Flip Flop: Felon on probation, Bernie Kerik, is allegedly permitted to profit off his crime by selling a book on criminal justice reform and his experiencein Federal prison. Bernard Kerik is suffering whiplash between his old allegiance and loyalty to the Right, Conservative, God, Country, the Police demographic VERSUS  his new, more lucrative felon, thug, poor Bernie, “Criminal Justice  Avenger”, non-profit  status.  The real problems with Bernie Kerik are ones that has existed for years :  Bernard Kerik is “libel proof”  (as defined by Judd Burstein, attorney to Joe Tacopina) and suffers from  “self-minded arrogance” (defined by his Federal Court Judge Stephen Robinson during USA v Bernard Kerik)

Social Media Backlash: Public lies and deceptions so obvious even Bernie’s former peer cops and Twitter can’t contain themselves:  Bernie Kerik went on his “volunteer” televised criminal justice reform appearances and social media erupted in the most dismissive fashion! Take a peek from @Twitter and NYPD peers from the popularcop message board, Thee Rant 

Credit: Bernard Kerik opinion
Credit: Bernard Kerik opinion
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Credit: Bernard Kerik opinion
Karma: I spent three years devoted to working with and supporting inmate 84888-054 Bernard Kerik as he served his sentence in Federal BOP Cumberland, MD. Bernard Kerik took my completed archived documents, work product, talking points for his new book and then picked a fight, abruptly terminating our intimate personal and working relationship. Bernie Kerik manipulated $93000 from me during that time. He broke my heart, unsettled my soul and leaving me in financial distress. Now this felon on probation is allowed to profit off his crime selling a book reportedly using all my work without permission, credit, permission or compensation. It’s a win-win for me though. If the book is a success, my lawyers have some assets to seize in a possible civil suit. If the book doesn’t sell, I can be assured evil doesn’t win….

Yup. Stay Tuned.