Saturday, March 28, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik ACCJR From Jailer to Jailed Covert Dark Money Grab is Insult to Injury

Felon Bernard Kerik ACCJR From Jailer to Jailed Covert Dark Money Grab is Insult to Injury

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik has added dark money to his dark and tortured soul. At a recent speaking event (which, if Judge Preska is reading, does NOT account for full time employment), felon on probation Bernard Kerik, pitching his new non-fiction fantasy "From Jailer to Jailed" wowed the crowd by preaching to the choir he is establishing a new 501c4 venture (the "American Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform"). This sounds sweet as Today Show or Nightline sound bite but with Bernie Kerik there's always an angle based on my painful personal experience. 

Felon on probation Bernard Kerik was recently denied early probation release despite Timmy Payne Parlatore's assertion to the judge Bernie Kerik couldn't not find full-time employment and was needed in the Middle East to fight ISIS. (No, I'm not kidding. Timmy actually wrote that to a sitting Federal Judge!) Actually, Bernie Kerik was partying at Monkey Bar and clogging our cable news airwaves writing a book, "From Jailer to Jailed". Apparently, Bernie can't find employment but the money is rolling in. What's the issue? Bernie Kerik currently owes over $187,000 in criminal fines and restitution to the USA. He pays $250.00 a month. Do those facts bump into each other? Hell yeah, they do! 

Another headbutt is a 501c4 organization which known as "dark money" . According to internet definition, Dark Money is "a term for funds given to politically active nonprofits that can receive unlimited donation from corporations, individuals, and union bur at not required to disclose their donors. Funds can be spent on behalf of a candidate running in an election, or to influence voting on a ballot question. " Well, follow the money. It's certainly not illegal but think of all the restitution Bernard Kerik could be making if the proceeds for this new book was turned over to the government instead of the dark money inside-the-beltway coffers. 

More interesting to me is the real Bernie Kerik I know. Between threatening phone calls to me, my family and friends attempting to intimidate me into silence, Bernie Kerik parties with his cop buddies on the eve of the Bipartisan Summit. Again, there's nothing illegal about it. But think how much more restitution felon on probation Bernard Kerik could make to pay his literal debt to society if he wasn't "spending" it on food, drink, hotel and filling the pockets of Chad Proudlock who is the "President" of You see, felon on probation, Bernard Kerik can't own anything while on probation, so Bernie is "founder". Are the puzzle pieces fitting together yet? 
Credit: Facebook Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed
Credit: LinkedIn Chad Proudlock ACCJR
 Finally, lets not forget the insult Bernard Kerik gave to all persons of color a few months ago, calling black protesters in Ferguson and NYC , "animals" and "savages". Bernie wants to party with his cop buddies on Wednesday night. Then Bernie Kerik wants to whine what a poor empathetic felon his is begging for money and book sales on Thursday! This hypocrisy and whiplash of allegiance  is highlighted best in a recent article by Zoe Carpenter in . 

Credit: Bernard Kerik

Credit: Bernard Kerik
So when you see Bernie Kerik this week pitching that book, remember where that money is going and perhaps where it should go. Remember Bernie Kerik knows the games. How many felons flagrantly thumb their nose at Federal Probation or the Justice Department? How many felons can sit before a Federal judge and whine about having trouble finding employment, all the time writing a book and setting up dark money rabbit holes? However sometimes he plays too much, too fast and with the wrong people. It's a cautionary tale and a risky desperate circumstance for Bernard Kerik. Some people just have to learn the hard way. Worse than this is the injustice inflicted and mockery made of the legitimate cause of re-entry and criminal justice reform.