Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Should felon on probation Bernard Kerik profit off his crime of corruption?

Should felon on probation Bernard Kerik profit off his crime of corruption? Society, at large, and the diminishing trust in the justice system are victims of Bernie Kerik's crime of corruption. The news media and liar felon Bernard Kerik would have you believe "white collar" crime has no victims. Let explore this theory. 

At this time of year all of us are concerned with filing taxes and paying our fair share to the government. Bernard Kerik admitted to cheating his own country and government. Bernard Kerik made millions profiting off of his book and 9/11 "infamy".  He then squandered it all by allegedly cheating on his wife and admittedly cheating his country, lying, stealing, defaming, taking "shortcuts" on home renovations and failure to pay taxes along the way. One would think the leader of the best and largest police department the world would have better integrity. 
NYPD Commissioner September 11th hat Bernard Kerik gave to me
Little published is Bernard Kerik is an eight-time convicted felon who is still serving probation. Bernie's supporters fall all over themselves pleading "he's done his time and paid his debt". Nothing could be further from the truth. Bernard Kerik has probation until May, 2016 and thousand more to pay on this low six figure fine/penalty to the government which is a large part of his punishment. I should add he pays a mere $250.00 per month while living in a $2 million estate collecting a $100,000 pension that can't be seized. I guess the government thinks this is punishment and a deterrent to corruption? 

Bernard Kerik felon criminal punishment
Bernard Kerik felon criminal monthly restitution on probation
Bernard Kerik murdered my soul by manipulating me out of $93,000 in personal financial support and service over three years of his incarceration! Yes, it's true. While Bernard Kerik suffered the shame, public humiliation and disgrace of incarceration, let alone, that of his family, friends, NYPD, City of New York and every 9/11 victim, he continued to deceive, lie and take from me during his incarceration! 
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik

Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
No one has ever heard Bernard Kerik apologize to anyone. He's only sorry he got caught. He defamed his former great friend and lawyer, Joe Tacopina, in a failed act of "self-impalement" to prove the world he was a target of the government and a victim of selective prosecution by Preet Bharara and the entire Southern District of New York! 
Credit: Threshold editions From Jailer to Jailed Bernard B. Kerik
Bernard Kerik has written a book "From Jailer to Jailed: My Journey from Correction and Police commissioner to Inmate #84888-054) ( to be published March 31, 2015. He boldly places the great shield of NYPD Commissioner and his Bureau Of Prison ID on the cover. I wonder how both those organizations will seize Bernard Kerik's profit off this book to pay his lingering fines to the USA Bernie claims to love so much? It's bad enough this selfish exploitation may be security risks, especially the printing of a seemingly true and exact copy of a federal inmate ID card!  In my opinion and based upon personal experience liar felon cheater deceiver fraudster Bernard Kerik should NOT be allowed to utilize and exploit the good shield of NYPD Commissioner or risk the security of BOP guards in use of replica of secured prison ID! 

Since it is only the truth that serves us, I must ask: Should felon on probation Bernard Kerik profit off his crime of corruption?