Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik is not compelled to pay his literaldebt to society

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik is apparently not compelled to pay his literal debt to society. On 02/23/2010, in the case of USA v Bernard Kerik, Bernard Kerik was sentenced to federal prison followed by three years supervised probation by Judge Stephen C. Robinson and ordered to pay $187,931.00 in restitution. Based upon public court records, since his release from Federal Prison Camp Cumberland MD, on 05/28/13, felon on probation Bernard Kerik has paid only $250.00/month toward this six figure debt. For most average Americans, that will not satisfy a used car note payment! Most felons on probation are compelled to pay their restitution to the maximum!

Felon Bernard Kerik Probation restitution literal debt to society

Felon Bernard Kerik Probation restitution literal debt to society
We’ve all seen Bernard Kerik getting paid for these lucrative national appearances:, Mediaite, NBC News ,  Today Show, Al Jazeera USA, Fox Business News, WABC NY radio, Geraldo Rivera Radio, Megan Kelly, Fox News, Fox and Friends, NewsMaxTV, Kilmeade, CNN, CNN Tonight among other informal national promotion of products such as Taser International (with both tasers and body cameras (manufactured by Taser International).

We’ve all experienced the whiplash of fake phony fraudster Bernard Kerik about face from poor felon in solitary confinement, "cease mandatory minimum champion" to racist disgraced slurring Mayor of NYC, Bill DeBlasio and calling Eric Garner black protesters “animals” and “savages”. Bernard Kerik must be raking in lots of income as I stated in a blog post here a few months ago: Bernard Kerik on Prison Reform: Wrong, Dumb, Liar or all three? ;Bernie Kerik Unchallenged by Drive-By Media. Not bad for a poor felon on probation with those infamous pesky “Collateral Consequences” Bernie squeals about in paid speeches!

So I must challenge the Southern District NY Court and Federal Probation authorities, why isn’t Bernard Kerik compelled to pay his literal debt to society?! Bernard Kerik claims to have millions of dollars in attorney liens from old legal bills on his vast estate in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey but I can find no proof of these liens. It certainly isn’t preventing him from traveling, tailored suits, keeping the deed to his home or doing lunch in NYC.

Bernard Kerik is writing a book for Threshold Editions division of Simon and Schuster. Does Federal Probation not know Bernard Kerik has this vast source of income?

Credit: From Jailer to Jailed Simon and Schuster Felon Bernard Kerik Probation restitution literal debt to society

Perhaps Bernie’s boys in blue at Federal probation or the Southern District of New York are doing him a solid (excuse the Weiner-ism) and looking the other way? It just seems to me that felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, should not be able to critique a system until he has paid his FULL debt to society.