Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bernard Kerik : Bernie Kerik can't stay out of court...

Looks like a busy summer for Bernard Kerik! Instead of spending summer poolside at his $2 million estate, the 8-time convicted felon will be doing what felons do best-go to court! 

Bernie may have to curtail his "volunteer prison reform" free lunch, tv gum-flapping and make-up-the-facts-to-suit-your-talking-points "Poor Bernie Whining Tour" to attend the first pre-trial conference in his malpractice suit against former friend, attorney and business partner, Joe Tacopina. 

Bernard Kerik v Joe Tacopina SDNY
I can't believe he's really going through with this ludicrous and desperate litigation! Then again, for a narcissist like Bernie Kerik, even negative attention is still attention....Let the games begin...For felon Bernard Kerik, "public appearances" albeit in court beat getting a real job and working for a living, I suppose.