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This is an exclusive #blog telling my truth of an accidental intimate relationship with former NYPD Commissioner and 8-time convicted felon liar inmate #84888-054, now on supervised release, and public figure, Bernard Kerik. Bernie Kerik manipulated my heart, sould and $93000 from me while inside prison walls. Read more please...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Does Ben Carson want to have his name linked with the corrupt cop Bernard Kerik?

Does Dr. Ben Carson want to have his name linked with the corrupt cop Bernard Kerik? Well a rather deceiving headline posted by Felon liar Bernard Kerk's buds over at hope you don't look too closely!

The headline makes it appear conservative Presidential hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson, shares views and opinions with corrupt liar felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Perhaps Newsmax thinks we are all high school dropouts with GEDs and degrees "awarded" to us like thug, Bernard Kerik. Sorry, Newsmax. Busted!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CNBC Trusting White Collar Convict Bernard Kerik is like "Dying With Your Eyes Open"

CNBC Trusting White Collar Convict Bernard Kerik is like "Dying With Your Eyes Open"!

Credit: www.DoingTimeWithBernie and Bernard Kerik "Dying With Your Eyes Open"

Credit: www.DoingTimeWithBernie and Bernard Kerik "Dying With Your Eyes Open"
Felon Bernard Kerik and I wrote "Dying With your Eyes Open" while he was in prison. This is the original document on which this talking point is based. Unfortunately Bernie has been using my work, talking points and concepts for his own profit and/or media opportunities without proper credit, permission or compensation as co-author and editor in his book from "Jailer to Jailed" as well as in media promotional appearances as he did this morning on CNBC Squawk Box with Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Felon liar Bernard Kerik owes the United States government over $180,000.00 in criminal restitution. Shouldn't CNBC "White Collar Convicts" leave the tea and sympathy infomercials for those repentant felons who have stop being a liar fraudster and who have paid their debt to society - literally?! As someone once said, "Brass Ones"....

Bernard Kerik's alleged lies by omission on CNBC'S "WHITE COLLAR CONVICTS: LIFE ON THE INSIDE"

Bernard Kerik's alleged lies by omission on CNBC'S "WHITE COLLAR CONVICTS: LIFE ON THE INSIDE"

In full disclosure for the truth of the matter, based upon CNBC promotional video, felon liar on probation Bernard Kerik allegedly lies by omission, on CNBC's "WHITE COLLAR CONVICTS: LIFE ON THE INSIDE". I alleged, based upon my daily interaction and personal experience with convict, Bernard Kerik, Inmate 84888-054, he received "special treatment" while incarcerated, especially in solitary confinement. I've written openly about it here on this blog published on April 5, 2015, "Is Bernard Kerik exaggerating about Solitary Confinement From Jailer to Jailed experience rather than speak of special treatment he received from guards" 

In this blog post I relay Bernie's admissions to me of specially catered meals brought to him on Thanksgiving Day as well as a rather huge deli sandwich compliments of a transportation guard who also allowed Bernie to use his private phone to call me and others "off the record" while Bernard was being transported back to Cumberland MD. Personal archives Bernard Kerik inmate 84888-054 Personal archives Bernard Kerik NYPD Commissioner hat work 9/11 gifts from Bernie
 Bernie Kerik can spin his tales about feeding mice a la "Papillon" or some crazy crap but Bernie Kerik's entire incarceration as well as his probation aka "supervised release" has many examples of special treatment and second and third chances. Off the record, based on just a few intimate observations, it wouldn't surprise me if Bernie got a little s-e-x on the side "turned out" in the private confines of the SHU MCC!

I emailed Mr. Sorkin with an invitation to review my documentation to include in his program. I'm sure it was simply an oversight he never replied. Maybe someone should ask  Mr. Sorkin to be sure his Manhattan pedigree or some other prejudice may be lying about interfering with his ability to be journalist rather than showman. Perhaps CNBC Primetime is caught up in the rapture of the likes of  these "celebrity felons" like Kerik, Kozlowski and Nacchio but I am certainly not. Bernie Kerik lives in a $2million estate in Franklin Lakes NJ, doesn't have a full time job, receives a $100,000/yr tax-free pension from the City of New York for being "made", just profited off his crime with a book published nationally by Threshold Editions/Simon & Schuster. From me, there will be no telethons, tea or sympathy for Bernard Kerik. Felon liar on probation, Bernard Kerik, who still owes the US Federal Government over $180,000 in criminal restitution should have thought of the consequences when he was getting free apartment renovation, cheating on his taxes, allegedly cheating on his pregnant wife AND two mistresses in a free apartment overlooking the burning flesh of over 2977 persons including 23 of his own NYPD officers serving at his pleasure as NYPD Commissioner. Felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, lives better today than most of us who obey the law and work like hell to survive!
Credit: New York Daily News Bernard Kerik Judith Regan
Yes, Mr. Sorkin, there are some alleged omissions in your "investigative reporting" on CNBC. They still call it punishment, don't they? Punishment is a deterrent for those with a conscientious and repentant intentions. Bernard Kerik, in my humble opinion is a narcissist, psychopath who will fake it until he makes it. We are all living for that day...Stay Tuned....

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why Is Bernard Kerik desperate to silence me?

Why Is Bernard Kerik desperate to silence me?

Since felon liar on probation Bernard Kerik manipulated $93000.00 from me from inside his prison walls and then took my work product, talking points, writing, editing and published it as his own, I've been attempting to tell my story. I'm entitled to have the world know the real Bernie Kerik who CONTINUES to lack a moral compass despite the embarrassment and shame of being a corrupt cop who got sent to prison.
Well, I must be very effective in my communication because Bernard Kerik et al have been shutting down my twitter account faster than I can make them! Ha!

So perhaps the secret to true justice in criminal just reform may be to take the criminals out of it. That "criminal" would be you, Bernard Kerik! Bernie's book produced dismal sales because its contents suck. Its content sucks because you tried to use my work with bad editing creating a sub-standard product that reflects your soul. Bernie Kerik the next sound you hear will be the karma truck backing over your heap of continuing lies, deception and fraud. You can TRY to shut me down but there is a long line of decent, hard-working Americans who know you are an unrepentant fraudster who will never change! Stay tuned....

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed : You're Welcome, Bernie!

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed: You're Welcome, Bernie!

A family member of Bernard Kerik once warned me not to trust Bernie as he's been known to use people to his benefit, then eject and ban those same friends from his life when their purpose in his life exhausted. I regret not taking that advice.

On page 286, in Bernard Kerik's new fantasy novel, "From Jailer to Jailed,  felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, thanks his crony brother, Don, for "putting money in my commissary account every month for three years so Hala wouldn't have to send (me) any". 
That's sweet, Bernie, but, like a lot of "memories" in your "memoir", it's an omission, an exaggeration or an outright lie! 

Does Hala still believe that crap you told her about going without in prison so the girls could have more? Did Don forget the many months he was having money troubles and I picked up the slack? 
Well, Bernie, I suppose the $4556.00 I deposited in your commissary account over those years escaped your feeble mind as well as the twisted minds of your lawyer, book agent and publisher! I'm here. I exist, you bastard. You're welcome, Bernie. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik, his porno attorney and the voice mystery ALLEGEDLY

Felon Bernard Kerik, his porno attorney and the voicemail abuse mystery....ALLEGEDLY

Its scary to think Bernard Kerik was one background check away from being DHS Secretary! Bernard Kerik has hit the skids, if you consider the company he's been keeping and their ALLEGED antics OF HARASSMENT, SLANDER AND ABUSE.

The suspected harasser, and Bernie's alleged new bear buddy, goes by the twitter of .@robertjfeldman who is apparently a lawyer by day and a porno King by night! 

(Credit Twitter: .@robertjfeldman)

Bobby the bear recently wrote a love letter to his sweetie BFF, felon Bernard Kerik, in the Huffington Post entitled, "the Redemption of Bernard Kerik"

I blogged about the voice who left a threatening message on my voice mail in the name of felon Bernard Kerik. The call came from 646.620.5378 and you can hear a clip here

Then came the very nasty harassing tweets which he quickly deleted after a report was filed:

Well, a Good Samaritan tipped me off to a possible suspect which you hear here: 

Law enforcement agree (and had the biggest belly laughs with this tip) but I thought some crowd sourcing on this would help. 

Bernie Kerik has turned into such a disgusting and pitiful creature. Bernard Kerik had a chance to do some good in the world. Now, it appears, he's, once again allowing his "self-minded arrogance " and his good-for-nothing friends to contribute to his demise...allegedly and in my experience and opinion. 

Bernie, your children must be so proud! (Sad...very sad). As a very wise man once said, Stay Tuned....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik and his hypocritical Muslim-hating sweetie PamelaGeller

Felon Bernard Kerik and his hypocritical Muslim hating love for sweetie Pamela Geller.

Muslim-hater Pamela Geller recently won a federal case earning her the right to post her Muslim-hating rhetoric on public buses of all places. Last year, during a reported 9/11 remembrance dinner she was photographed hanging all over married felon on probation Bernard Kerik, on Instagram, professing her "love" for him. Bernie looked as if he didn't hate the smother! 
At the same time, in his book, "from Jailer to Jailed", felon Bernard Kerik also professes his admiration and frienship with King Abdullah II of Jordan. The last time I looked, King Abdullah was a Muslim! It has been speculated Bernie gets by with a little help from his friends (

So it begs the question: Is Bernard Kerik a hypocrite or an equal opportunity whore of the limelight? Or Both...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Daily Beast shares truth on 'Bernie Kerik's Criminally Boring Jail Memoir' From Jailer to Jailed

The Daily Beast shares truth on Bernard Kerik's Criminally Boring Jail Memoir From Jailer to Jailed

In June, 2012, Bernie Kerik wrote me a "venting" letter about the book we'd been writing with doubts about it selling as well as his first book, "The Lost Son". Bernie was insecure about many things in prison. This letter he wanted research on author, Thomas A. Reppetto. Bernie vented he wasn't sure anyone would buy his new book and was concerned how an unofficial NYPD historian like Tom Reppetto would treat it. (According to Len Levitt of, "Thomas Reppetto, the NYPD’s unofficial official historian, is perhaps the nation’s foremost police historian. A former detective commander in Chicago with a doctoral degree from Harvard University, his book, “The Blue Parade,” is perhaps the finest American police history ever written.) Bernie wanted to write on the standard and respect of Thomas Reppetto but without his literary muse, Judith Regan, (who was his mistress and publisher for "The Lost Son" contributing to its wild success), there was little hope. 

Bernie Kerik's book "From Jailer to Jailed" is not honest and not genuine. As I have said before, The America public has a great BS meter and sales of this disaster are telling. Here are the raw numbers right from its biggest distributor, with rankings in both Kindle and Hard Cover:

Credit: dismal rankings From Jailer to Jailed

Credit: dismal rankings From Jailer to Jailed

Credit: dismal rankings From Jailer to Jailed
The reviews are also echoing the sentiment of readers. Check out the review by Cj Ciaramella in "The Daily Beast" entitled, "Bernie Kerik's Criminally Boring Jail Memoir". Mr. Ciaramella seemed to enjoy my solitary confinement chapter but not too much more. My favorite excerpt, "Kerik’s book is full of cheap platitudes, pat conclusions and bad writing. As a criminal justice reform polemic, it is a retread. As a tell-all prison memoir, it is a snooze. And as a public image fluffer, it is a bit embarrassing and heavy-handed." 

I couldn't have said it better myself but I've tried!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Does Rep Peter King's close relationship with convicted felon Bernard Kerik jeopardize USA Homeland Security?

Does Rep Peter King's close relationship with convicted felon on probation Bernard Kerik jeopardize USA Homeland Security? 

Has anyone seen a sitting U.S. Congressman cuddle up to an eight-time convicted felon ON PROBATION like U.S. House Representative Peter T. King (R) and Bernard Kerik? Being close personal friends is one thing. We all need support now and then on a PERSONAL BASIS. However, professional mingling of a sitting congressman serving on the Homeland Security Committee fraternizing and allegedly sharing confidential secrets to an eight-time convicted felon currently on supervised release convicted of crimes involving trust and truth does shout appearance of impropriety to me! How many other convicted felons on probation do you see doing that?

Credit: Twitter Google Instagram Rep Pete King Felon Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed
The saddest part is that Rep King has Bernie Kerik shadowing him Washington almost every other week with full access to the building and no one seems to notice or care? We pretend to be shocked when "whistle blowers" and/or "criminals" in plain sight as alleged traitor, Edward Snowden, who also have an "ax to grind" or "vendetta" with our US government violate our public's trust and security! Wasn't it just last July 23, 2014 we saw this felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, caught randomly and freely roaming the basement of the congress without any identification badge on TMZ ? Who gave that privilege and why? 

On several occasions, I have seen on both social and news media, in the public domain, Bernard Kerik, who appears on Newsmax TV quite regularly, speak on a topic of National security only to have US Rep Pete King follow him with the same talking point. Risky? I think so. They also appear together in public domain with Rep King acting in his role as a public servant on the radio. 

Credit: Twitter and Rep Peter King twitter feed
Bernard Kerik, in his new book, is a first class thumb-sucker who is not shy about proclaiming he is a "target" of the government despite pleading guilty to crimes of corruption, false documents, lying and more. Bernard Kerik is a felon desperately in need of money due to criminal restitution of over $187,000 to the US government plus heavy liens on his mans in Franklin Lakes NJ for unpaid defense lawyer fees. Bernard Kerik recently has been denied early release from his supervised probation due to expire October, 2016. At least one judge knows Bernard Kerik very well to not risk his release. In recent court filings, Bernard Kerik has requested foreign travel to the Middle East to find "full time work". The Middle East is a great place to do business but also a great place to act revenge on your country or escape criminal and financial commitments to the USA. 

It seems this country is playing fast and loose with our Homeland Security. That includes constituents of US Rep Peter T. King and the entire country. If the US government thinks it's NOT ok for Bernie Kerik to be released from "Supervision", be around guns or travel abroad, why are we trusting him to keep our Homeland security secrets and security? Why take that chance? By the way, who is "supervising" felon on probation, Berard B. Kerik? See something. Say something. Stranger things have happened. Never Forget. 

Credit: Google see something say something

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bernie Kerik on BLAST; United States Federal Probation CANNOT control a thug like felon Bernard Kerik

Not even the entire United States Federal Probation Department can control a thug like felon Bernard Kerik!

Bernard Kerik, as inmate 84888-054, once told me no one could control him, especially the Southern District of New York or the United States Federal Probation Department. Bernie boasted to me, when released, he would "make up for everything he missed in prison". Well, that may account for the absence of his wedding ring and one daughter's name missing from the dedication in his new book, "From Jailer to Jailed". Given the abuse and harassment I, members of my family, friends and employer have received, especially since the release of his book (where he uses my work without permission, credit or compensation), I do agree no one on this earth can control Bernie Kerik outside of a federal prison. 

Bernard Kerik continues to believe I must be the one who must be silent and forgo my 1st Amendment rights. In addition to the $93,000 he swindled from me while he was in prison, Bernie Kerik truly believes he can intimidate, threaten, harass and manipulate me out of telling my truth. That's never going to happen. However, I can attest the US Federal Probation Department in Newark, New Jersey, has encouraged Bernie Kerik by refusing to violate him after 15 reports filed which may violate most felon's probation dealing with a felon who is a friend and former law enforcement officer. Bernie has received "special treatment" every step of the way of his thug journey. This is why Bernie boasts of how "special" he is to have been both a cop and a criminal. The system actually encourages this special treatment because most of them apparently have no balls and/or weak character to stand up to a "celebrity" crook!

So how does Bernie Kerik get away with it? He uses others to do his dirty work as he has always done throughout his corrupt career. Let's take a look in a nice cleansing of the evil that is felon liar on probation, Bernard Kerik, shall we?

  • You might remember the social media harassment by Bernie Kerik's old creepy crony, John Picciano. This was documented in my blog. I kept getting the brush off from US Federal probation until I showed proof to the authorities the two were colluding and busted Bernie in this blog. Then, suddenly, things were quiet. 
  • Then Bernie Kerik, the felon on probation's "supervision" was moved to the Newark, New Jersey office where Bernard Kerik is a "living thug legend" and where his son, Joe is a police officer. No conflict of interest there, right? Not a smidgen! Ha!
  • Elizabeth Guzman @BernardKerik Bernard Kerik twitter friends harassment
  • Bernie has an "close connection" with a lawyer who started to harass me on social media. (It apparently was news to her husband when he read about it on my timeline.). This lawyer and a co-worker/friend, Elizabeth Guzman, have been on a directed, malicious campaign to threaten and harass me. Elizabeth Guzman is a silly little legal secretary lying twit who pretends to be an attorney on social media going so far as to offer legal advice. She talks to reality television characters on social media like they were sitting next to her on the couch. She doesn't seem to work too much. I have now reported and suspended the sixth user account created by her in the name of and avenging Bernard Kerik. I'm sure she's busy both on and off her knees with Bernard. However, it's annoying as she has branched out to harassing my sick relatives, total social media strangers and my employer who is considering serious legal action! In the height of all this harassment, Bernie Kerik tweeted her to have a nice Easter.The authorities were lacking proof of their association, but Bernie gave it all to us when he tweeted this pathetic idiot a "Happy Easter". The case is currently being investigated. I am asking Bernie to be violated in his probation and for the cockroach Liz to be prosecuted by a real attorney, the prosecutor! Since Elizabeth Guzman likes the law, perhaps she'd like to see if from all sides like her "friend", Bernie Kerik. You know, that "From Jailer to Jailed" thang...
Elizabeth Guzman Bernard Kerik harassment
  • US Federal Probation in Newark New Jersey may look the other way when Bernie commits lesser violation. I have proof Bernie communicates with other felons in blatant violation of his probation. These felons may or may not include but not limited to Cumberland buddies are Joseph Burchfield (Inmate 07661-070 released on 03/20/15) and Sissaye Gezachew (Inmate 75713-083 released 12/03/12). Bernie mentions them in his book. Bernie communicated with them through their wives' emails. You may remember Isa Burchfield from my previous blog. She was "very close" to Bernie as a Crossfit buddy and I hear Bernie "took care of her" until he hubby got released this past March. Isa Burchfield may or may not have a gift for writing anonymous threatening letters where she forgets the return address and her signature. 
  • US Federal Probation allowed Bernard Kerik to write a book, profiting off his crime, while Bernie still has over $180,000 left owing the US Federal Government in criminal fines and restitution. I know book sales are weak, but where did the money go? Taxpayers might want to know. I thought thugs couldn't profit off their crimes? Such Fuckery..yup, I said Fuckery! Bernie got special treatment in prison and on "supervised released"
At the present time, it appears the US Federal Probation in Newark, New Jersey can't or won't control Bernard Kerik. In a coincidence timed the release of his book and exhaustive media news tour, it appears Bernie does not have a new probation officer assigned to him since his last female probation officer retired. 

Ok, I know losing my job and watching Elizabeth Guzman and felon on probation Bernard Kerik harass my loved ones (who are ill and can't defend themselves now) isn't the crime of the century. It doesn't mean anything to anyone but me. My relief and sanity is this blog where I can put Bernie and his little sucking friends (both men and women!) on blast for the whole world to see. You see, truth is true punishment to a narcissist psychopath like Bernard Kerik. Allow me to proclaim the most dangerous criminals are the ones who don't "look like a criminal" with their white collars and their "influential" friends. These dangerous criminals know exactly how far to go to push the boundaries of law yet still accomplishing the threat, harassment and fear that would cause others to return to prison. 

I'm no Cinderella and far from perfect .I am a decent, contributing, law-abiding middle class PRIVATE citizen who is generous and caring. However, I'm no fool and I will protect myself and those I love as a fierce warrior to the death. Trust and believe. (Ask Bernie about that one!) Bernie Kerik will not win. The real losers will be the naive and/or evil loyal "followers" who will pay the price in the end. Are you listening, Lizzy? Been there, doll. Take it from me. When the crap hits the fan, Bernie walks and takes it all with him. He's done that to three wives and four kids already. You are not that special. 

Bernie Kerik is the Emperor who had no clothes. Enough women (and men), who aren't his wife, have seen and had Bernie Kerik without his clothes. Maybe that's why this women sees right through Bernie Kerik. 

Bernard Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, Larry Ray and the daughters, Talia and Ava Ray, lost in their wake

In a recent pandering interview for his new book, Bernard Kerik quipped "the worst time of his life...It's all behind me now". From personal experience I can attest the collateral damage of trusting and loving Bernard Kerik goes on...and on. Bernie, it's not over for Talia Ray or her sister, Ava.

Credit: twitter @Talia_Ray Ava Ray Bernard Kerik
I know Talia Ray solely by her heart-wrenching tweets (@Talia_Ray) pleading to be reunited with her baby sister, Ava. The back story is a tale of corruption, broken hearts and alleged back-door deals. Yet, it is also a story of  broken marriages, broken homes and the little souls and broken hearts abandoned by the adults who should be protectors and healers. However, that story of politics and corruption does not compare to the story of daughters, Talia and Ava Ray, lost and separated, in the wake of these once high rollers in New York City politics and government. Talia recently posted this genuine and heart-wrenching plea for reunification with her sister, Ava, on her birthday, with a Vimeo clip:

Sisters should never be denied the right to their relationship! To my sister Ava, Happy Birthday! I love you & miss you! �� from Talia Ray on Vimeo.

Bernard Kerik, at the beginning of his book media blitz, opened with the headline and book excerpt that Rudy Giuliani broke the heart of Bernie's daughters, Celine and Angelina, when their God Father, Rudy Giuliani, refused to communicate with them after Bernie was busted for lies, tax evasion and corruption. It was really a matter of trust between Rudy and Bernie, but that's another blog for another day.

Well there are two more little girls, daughters, Talia and Ava Ray, caught in the wake of this tale. You won't read this in Bernie's "memoir". You see, Larry Ray, was once a great best friend, business partner and "brother" of Bernard Kerik. They professed love for each other in emails. Larry Ray was Bernard Kerik's best man at his wedding to Hala Kerik. Larry Ray even gave money to Bernie to pay for the wedding. Larry Ray, Bernard Kerik and Rudy Giuliani were associates back in the day.

But then, things went bad...really bad. the government used Larry Ray's assertions to eventually send Bernie to prison. Larry Ray went to prison. Larry Ray was divorced. Family court drama ensued. According to Talia, Bernie used his influence and political power to assist

Credit: Twitter @Talia_Ray Bernard Kerik
Larry's ex-wife in seeing to it Larry and Talia Ray never saw Ava again. And that's how it remains. Two little girls. Sweet innocent Sister. Separated with no visitation, for over a decade, reportedly partially due to the acts and intervention of revengeful and corrupt Bernard Kerik.
Credit: @Talia_Ray twitter Larry Ray Ava Ray before separation Bernard Kerik
I have a sister who I love like no other. The bond of sisters is unbreakable and powerful so separation is painful. Bernard Kerik takes delight in sending third-party strangers and evil interlopers to taunt, intimidate, harass and defame me and my sister (a stranger and innocent bystander to all of them) who is now too ill to defend herself. It is for my sister and all our sisters, I write this blog because sisters should be free to be together and share that love in a peaceful world. It should be that way for my sister and I. It should be that way for Talia Ray and Ava Ray.

Bernard Kerik has the power to fix all of this, not only for his own daughters, but toward a Talia and Ava Ray reunification. Bernie has the power to repent, apologize, make amends and use his "notoriety" and media contacts to influence others to do the right thing. So far Bernie Kerik is only helping Bernie Kerik. It's overdue for a Talia and Ava family reunion. The family court should set it right. Right now!

Bernie, it's time to walk your talk.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Farse that is Bernard Kerik, Newsmax and From Jailer To Jailed Bestseller Boast

Newsmax has proclaimed Bernard Kerik's book, "From Jailer to Jailed" a "bestseller"! the  If you were thinking NY Times, Amazon or Barnes & Noble you would be wrong! (

In the spirit of Newsmax's typical deception, exaggeration and unashamed conservative landslide opinions, Newsmax has, once again, decided it is because they'll preach and broadcast over and over to make it so! 

To add insult to deception, is the fact that Bernie's book is ranked 8th on this ridiculous little list in this very limited category. 
You see the TRUTH is that America see Bernie Kerik for what he is: fake phony fraudster with a broken moral compass and some shady friends still willing to make money off their old corrupt felonious friend! 

Here are the true hardcover and kindle rankings, respectively, at time of writing from a legitimate retail distributor:

I allege Bernard Kerik is using my writing, talking points and work product in this book without permission, credit or compensation. Given the tank in the sales, perhaps I should thank God for unanswered prayers!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Felon Fraudster Liar Bernard Kerik's B.S. SUNY degree is apparently a lot of BS!

Could Bernard Kerik's "Redemption" expose his Brian Williams moments? Well, it appears to have begun. Bernard Kerik's B.S. SUNY degree is apparently a lot of BS!

It took several days and intervention by SUNY Empire State College officials but a proper certificate was eventually rendered and produced upon numerous demands verifying Bernard Kerik's "degree". In a simple degree verification maintained within the normal course of business for SUNY Empire State College, it is documented Bernard Kerik, GED-bearing, high school drop out,  "attended" college 01/31/2000 until 12/09/2001. It shows Bernard Kerik was "awarded" a Bachelor of Science degree in "Social Theory Structure and Change" with a concentration in Public Administration.

Bernard Kerik SUNY Empire State College degree verification
That means that just within two busy hectic years, Bernie Kerik accomplished the following:
  • Attended classes, wrote papers, studied, etc four years worth of education in less than 2 years. He's a f-in genius! I'd love to see the "life experience" SUNY ESC used to justify this farse!
Furthermore, Bernard Kerik is a high school drop out with a GED. He apparently was matriculated into a SUNY Empire State College without any other documents post-secondary education! At the same time:
  • Had time for two simultaneous adulterous affairs with not one, but two mistresses, cheating on his pregnant trophy bride reportedly in an apartment overlooking the ashes and heaping remains of his own cops. 
  • Worked full-time as Commissioner of NYPD, one of the most active and largest US police departments in America
  •  Wrote, published and promoted his first book, "Lost Son"
Wow. It's almost unbelievable but that's Bernie's story and he's sticking to it! Everyone in the NYPD remembers Bernie's appointment as NYPD Commissioner granted reportedly with NO background check or required degree. A few other qualified candidates were passed over and it was controversial in 2000. 

Bernard Kerik shows SUNY Empire State College as his "alma mater" in his official Wikipedia biography which uses a justification footnote linked to his company's website, website biography. It clearly portrays this achievement as a degree that was NOT honorary but "awarded" or "earned". Perhaps we could ask Bernie's very close friend, Dr, Nancy Kymn Harvin Rutigliano who is an assistant professor at SUNY Empire State College but whom Bernie claims he didn't meet until 2004! She wrote Bernie's white paper and "connected" Bernie with some very sweet, very young co-eds who "gave at least a helping hand" to Bernie through his almost abstinent incarceration! All in the name of education, of course! 

Credit: Bernard B. Kerik Wikipedia Education
Bernard Kerik is an eight-time convicted felon with crimes involving lying and cheating. I don't believe that degree was earned in any definition I know. Shame on SUNY for allowing this! Who paid the tuition? Where are the papers he wrote? Where is his transcript? How many courses did he take and what were his grades? Most of us worked long and hard to EARN and PAY for our degrees. It appears Bernie Kerik, once again, was "made" a college graduate.

I am not shocked by this. What shocks me are the number of seemingly legitimate persons in his life who "overlook" this continued lying, cheating, alleged plagiarism to promote felon on probation fraudster Bernie Kerik with not only money, a book and more lying, but crafting a fraud such as Bernard Kerik's "redemption". Perhaps US Rep. Peter King, book agent, the entire SUNY college system and a slew of national media who appear willing to aid and abet this criminal for their own monetary gain.

So how many others are willing to comb through the fantastic details of Bernie Kerik's life for other Brian Williams moments?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Bernard Kerik: More Woe for Bernie Kerik as From Jailer to Jailed tanks in books sales

Bernard Kerik: More Woe for Bernie Kerik as From Jailer to Jailed tanks in books sales 

Len Levitt, writer of has joined the ranks of bold journalists like Matt Taibbi of the "Rolling Stone" to write blunt truth about felon Bernard Kerik and his new "non-fiction" *cough* "memoir" "From Jailer to Jailed". 

Credit: Len Levitt Bernard Kerik More Woe for Bernie
In Len's column, published today, entitled, "More Woe for Bernie", he boldly details the hypocrisy of felon fantasy prison reformer Bernard Kerik. You won't hear this true and evil side of felon on probation Bernie Kerik on Morning Joe, Newmax or CNN! The truth is Bernie is a felon on federal "supervised release" who has the audacity to threaten and harass me out of my truth and free speech using a band of "seedy bitches". The U.S. Federal Probation Office in Newark New Jersey has been apparently and coincidentally "unavailable" for enforcement during the last two weeks of Bernie Kerik's book sale tour. The office claims not to have a probation officer assigned to Bernie since his last probbie, who claims she had no objection to his early release, then conveniently bolted for retirement. Bernie Kerik and his band of seedy bitches is running amouk and no one is home in US Federal Probation, Newark, New Jersey! Yes, that happened...Yes, I'm going there...(declaration is safety)

Last week, Matt Taibbi, in his article for "Rolling Stone" dubbed "From Jailer to Jailed" "the Year's Most Disgusting Book"! Apparently in agreement is the American public who are seeking out for a good spring read. "From Jailer to Jailed", after it's premier and endless, painful promotion by one of its authors, felon on probation Bernard Kerik (who can't find a full-time job like the rest of society must do to support ourselves) is literally tanking!!

 See the rankings for both hardcover and Kindle versions as posted at time of writing. This must be so embarrassing for ridiculous selfie king has-been Geraldo Rivera who was dribbling last week from his 770 NYC WABCradio local radio farce that "From Jailer to Jailed" was a "best seller"..uhm..NOT! Even saying it over and over again on the airwaves doesn't make it so, Jerry!

Credit: From Jailer to Jailed sales rankings

Credit: From Jailer to Jailed sales rankings

Credit: From Jailer to Jailed sales rankings
Bernard Kerik without media hype and pity. Reality. Truth. Karma. Some get it, boldly own it and proclaim it. Some get it and keep it to themselves. Some get it and deny. Some get it and separate. Some get it but make money off of it. Some will get it soon. Some don't want to get it. Some will never get it. Most don't want you to know....

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Most felons kill with guns. Felon Bernard Kerik kills souls and reputations

Most felons kill with guns. Felon Bernard Kerik kills souls and reputations

As Captain Obvious, felon on probation, liar, accused plagiarist, Bernard Kerik, was babbling about "This Year's Most Disgusting Book" ( From Jailer to Jailed), I do what I always need to do when Bernie hits a milestone in his career felon status: complete police reports for threats and harassment from him and his holster lickers. Yes, the 40th NYPD Commissioner, threatens and harasses me, through a seedy harem of bitches, seemingly to intimidate me  into  abandoning my freedom of speech and rights to the words I've written for him in his new book. The nasty bitches employ the eight-grade tactics of sub-tweeting lies thinking they are ruining my reputation. Or they set up phone lines to divulge my personal information to strangers. Nice, right? These are crimes and a direct violation of Bernie's probation. There are statutes against such behavior but I must admit it's been a challenge even finding a probation officer in the U.S. Federal Probation office, Newark, NJ that actually has the interest, intelligence and the balls it takes to violate a true thug like Bernie Kerik and his bitches in this little coercion. Rest assured, it's on the top of my "To Do" list as we speak...

However, even in the midst of all this chaos, one local law enforcement officer dutifully asked if Bernard Kerik has any guns and if I thought he would kill me. I replied, in a spontaneous utterance, Maybe. Then, I explained further:

You see most felons kill with guns. Felon Bernard Kerik kills souls and reputations; His daughters. His wife. His Police Department. Joe Tacopina. Rudy Giuliani. Me.

"The biggest lesson out of this is the threat we face, the threat continues — and how important it is that we stay on top of it." - Bernard Kerik 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Dedication shows exactly what's important to Bernie Kerik

Felon Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed misspellings and omissions on dedication page show exactly what's important to Bernie Kerik.

In Bernard Kerik's new book "From Jailer to Jailed" aka "The Year's Most Disgusting Book", Bernie Kerik, his publisher, Threshold Editions, and book agent, show us exactly what's important to them. In both the hard copy and Amazon Kindle versions the dedication page has misspelling and it appears is incomplete. Take a Look:

Credit: Threshold Editions From Jailer to Jailed Bernard Kerik

Credit: Threshold Editions From Jailer to Jailed Bernard Kerik
For most caring, thoughtful, fair-minded authors, this may be the most important page in the book. However, we are dealing with the self-minded, arrogant, thug, felon on probation, liar, alleged plagiarist Bernard Kerik. The word "wishes" is misspelled as "wihes" and it appears, at least one daughter is missing from the dedication page. 

First, we all need to use spell check now and then. However it is quite Freudian to me the misspellings in a major world-wide publication from Threshold Editions with agent may show the lack of care and disingenuous nature of this particular dedication. The omission of Celine Kerik in the dedication is devastating being that Bernie directly quotes Celine, references her in the book and even uses her as his proof of the very news-worthy alleged fairy tale of Rudy Giuliani's heart breaking desertion of his God Child. Imagine being Celine Kerik, 30 years from now, staring at this dedication in this important book and wondering why her father omitted her name. There are no words....

Yes, this may turn out to be "The Year's Most Disgusting Book" for many reasons. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone and Bernard Kerik: From Jailer to Jailed proclaimed the Year's Most Disgusting Book

Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed proclaimed the Year's Most Disgusting Book

It was refreshing to read Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone article entitled "The Year's Most Disgusting Book" speak startling truth about felon on probation liar plagiarist Bernard Kerik's book, "From Jailer to Jailed". In my own personal experience, I obviously couldn't agree with Mr. Taibbi more. Bernard Kerik's book was ripped of honesty, heart and genuine spirit. (This may be why the book is selling so poorly in proportion to the drive-by media hype!)

In Bernie Kerik's exclusive prison emails to me, he asked me to research Matt Taibbi and a particular article Matt has written on the three strike's law. Bernie later divulged to me he liked Matt Taibbi's thoughts and writing style so much he was contemplating approaching Matt Taibbi to co-write what is now Bernie's new book, "From Jailer to Jailed". As you read in the email, Bernie was confusing Matt with his father, esteemed New York City Reporter, Mike Taibbi.

Given Matt Taibbi's scathing, although accurate, review of "From Jailer to Jailed", it is certainly ironic to read how everything hashed out. Having written parts of Bernard Kerik's book, I'm not quite sure how I feel. Ha! However, my name is not on it because Bernard Kerik took my work product, publishing it without permission, credit or compensation. Maybe I should just Thank God for Unanswered Prayers....

Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed The Year's Most Disgusting Book

Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed The Year's Most Disgusting Book

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Is Bernard Kerik exaggerating about Solitary Confinement From Jailer to Jailed experience rather than speak of the special treatment he received from guards?

Is Bernard Kerik exaggerating about the harshness of Solitary Confinement From Jailer to Jailed experience rather than speak of the special treatment he received from guards?

Felon Bernard Kerik has brought tears to the eyes of hardcover-clutching Mika Brezezinski, Newsmax buxom blonde bombshell Betsy McCaughey, older than dirt friend Marvin Scott PIX11, Fox News Radio’s Alan Colmes and more about his SHU Metropolitan Corrections Center Solitary Confinement “memoirs” in “From Jailer to Jailed”. Is Bernard Kerik exaggerating or lying about his MCC Solitary confinement experience then, now or just lying by omission? I was in almost daily contact with Bernie Kerik during his incarceration. Bernie told me about special treatment he received that made him comfortable as possible. I was told a tale of off-the-record phone calls from guards' personal phones, pastrami deli sandwiches and a hot full course outside the prison catered Thanksgiving dinner served to him in his cell. Felon Bernard Kerik is libel-proof so that may give us cause to suspect he is lying by omission in his “memoir”.

Inmate 84888-054, Bernard Kerik, was transported to the NYC Manhattan Correctional Center to be held in “protective custody” during his testimony in the Frank andPeter Ditommaso Trial. Bernie, during his recent media appearances, makes it sound like his confinement more of the fantasy conspiratorial government targeting he’s been spewing of late to sell books. This “protective custody” is routine policy for “high profile” inmates. The “cannibal cop” was on the same block as Bernie as well although Bernie doesn’t speak of him. The Bureau of Prisons is responsible for all prisoner’s safety and Bernie should have appreciated that. If Bernie was put in general population during this time, and was hurt or killed, not only would it look bad but greedy, materialistic, New Jersey Housewife and child bride, Hala Kerik, would have sued the US Federal government for millions in failing to protect him!

The “memoir” Bernie spins in “From Jailer to Jailed” omitted the “special treatment” he was afforded on the way to the MCC, during his stay and on return.

I did not hear from Bernie Kerik during his incarceration in “protective custody” in the MCC. At the time, it was heart-breaking for me and the longest we had gone without nearly daily contact in the three years of his incarceration. I was a secret in Bernie’s life at the time so I had no choice but to wait it out… I had no contact with Bernie from approximately 09/26/12 until 11/28/2012. However, my phone log, which was recently downloaded as evidence in upcoming civil/criminal action against Bernie, documents the following call:
Inmate 84888-054 From Jailer to Jailed Bernard Kerik MCC phone log
Bernie Kerik was transported back from NYC MCC to Cumberland MD on 11/28/12 at about 14:49pm, when I received this  phone call from a block phone number. I answered it and the caller sounded like Bernie but it was an awkward conversation. He told me he was on his way back to Cumberland FPC but a guard allowed him to use his personal phone to call home and me. (Bernie Kerik had my number memorized. That’s how many times he’s called it from prison.) However, I didn’t believe it was really him because there was no typical prison prompt recording “this phone call is from an inmate in Federal prison…” to accept the call.

Also during this trip back, Bernie told me his guard asked him what he wanted to eat. Bernie said the guard brought him the biggest pastrami sandwich he’d ever see! It must be nice to have “special treatment”.  

At our next visit in Cumberland, MD, Bernie teased me about being so awkward on that off-the-record phone call. I was so afraid Bernie and the guard would be punished. He laughed about my being so cautious and careful about his illicit phone contact. Bernie then later explained to me about the transporting guard who allowed him to use his personal phone off the record. The guard was rewarding Bernie in remembering someone to whom Bernie granted a promotion before he died so city benefits can be increased. The guard was obviously paying it forward in a sweet but risky, rule-breaking act. Bernie also later told me on Thanksgiving, the guards brought him a specially catered full course meal just for him. Again, this is a nice gesture but far from the “feeding mice a la “Papillon” or counting cracks in the cell ceiling.

Here's the prison email Bernie sent me the next morning, pretending first contact back to Cumberland FPC MD. Bernie made me swear to never mention the phone call or other special treatment while he was inside the prison system. I kept my word until now because Bernie Kerik is simply not telling the whole truth to sell books:

Prison email Bernard Kerik Solitary Confinement From Jailer to Jailed
I will attest the phone call is real because I received it and have evidence of it. However, what Bernie told me about his MCC “protective custody” experience is very different than the harsh tale he spins in “From Jailer to Jailed”. Bernie Kerik lies…a lot. A memoir doesn’t have to be exactly true but as the person remembers it. Everybody plays. Everybody wins. It’s Bernie’s way, always.

I don’t feel sorry for Bernie Kerik and neither should you. He is lying by omission and spinning tales to gain sympathy and attention for book sales to profit off his crimes. Perhaps Bernie Kerik should have thought of the “collateral consequences” of his actions when he was the arrogant, ungrateful, selfish liar cheating on his wife and the country he claims to love. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed I'm a celebrity so ‘I’m Done Saying I’m Sorry’

Felon Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed I'm a celebrity so ‘I’m Done Saying I’m Sorry’

Felon Bernard Kerik, first-class thumb sucker, wants you to know US Federal Probation and The Southern District of New York are harder on him than the common unrepentant perp because he's a celebrity so Bernie Kerik is "Done Saying I'm Sorry".  

In the most candid interview to date, Alan Colmes, on his Fox News Radio show, submits to Bernie he doesn't seem remorseful. Bernie reacts. Watch Bernie's body language get big at this insinuation

Credit: Alan Colmes Radio Bernard Kerik
In his new book, "From Jailer to Jailed" there is one single fleeting reference to Bernie's expressing remorse, "I am accountable and responsible for how my life has turned out thus far...". Being "accountable" is not an apology or remorse. Going to prison is not a substitute for showing remorse. Confinement is punishment. Remorse is a a lesson in action.
Credit: From Jailer to Jailed Simon and Schuster Bernard Kerik
In our version of the book, it would have been a theme throughout the read. BB, maybe that's why you lied about my existence to everyone so now you have to threaten and harass me out of speaking my truth. This is the reason why the book is tanking after the first days of sale. BB, as we discussed many times in the visiting room in Federal Prison Cumberland MD FPC, "sorry" is a humbling action verb. Being "sorry" is not about words but a change of heart in deeds and actions every day, even when the media is not looking, BB. The daily actions of repentence and the state of grace known as "being sorry" in a genuine manner is not for sissies. The average American has a very good BS meter. They and I know better, BB. 

Inmate 84888-054 Bernard Kerik didn't change his ways despite he and his family being humiliated by his own actions and imprisoned. Bernie Kerik manipulated $93000 from me from behind prison walls, took my work product without permission, credit or compensation, then published it in From Jailer to Jailed to profit off his crimes! For the record, I have NEVER received an apology or restitution on that "mistake". 

Bernie, if you want to attempt to deceive, deny or delude yourself and the public regarding your lack of character, shaky moral compass or total lack of remorse by asserting "celebrity" status, you have proven in all your media appearances this week, there's a platform for that dribble. So far as the rest of us who live an ordinary American life, you remain the libel-proof thug plagiarist felon you've always been despite the manipulative kid pics, badge or a suit. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

From Jailer to Jailed Plagiarist Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik wants to party on your dark money donations!

From Jailer to Jailed Plagiarist Felon on Probation Spokesperson Bernard Kerik wants to party on your dark money donations!

Plagiarist Felon on Probation "Spokesman" of 501(c)(4) Bernard Kerik wants to party on your dark money donations! 
Picture Credits: New York Post Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed
Yes, thug Bernie Kerik is on Federal criminal supervised release and was so unrepentant he was recently denied early release telling Judge Preska he couldn't find work! The joke is obviously on the Southern District of New York, Judge Preska and us!
USA v Kerik Bernard Kerik denied early release Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed
But all the time he's writing a book to profit off his crimes. He is now making money although still not working "full time"...A very sweet deception if you ask me...

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed
Meanwhile, felon thug plagiarist on probation, Bernard Kerik, owed the USA over $187,000 in criminal restitution. 

As a convicted felon on supervised release, Bernard Kerik must report all income on a sworn financial statement. Somehow he has convinced the court he can only afford $250.00. However, Bernard Kerik and his Housewife in New Jersey, Hala Kerik, party at Money Bar and live in a $2 million estate. Fuzzy Math?

Now a thug on probation who owes criminal restitution to the USA he cheated, cannot hold any office, especially a profit making organization. So, thug plagiarist Bernard Kerik is now "spokesman" of the American Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform known as This is a 501(c)(4) organization so it's dark money so they can fill the coffers with gobs of corporate, political and individual donations. Also, as a "dark money" gig, they are not obligated to divulge the names of those who donate. This is a risky venture for a felon on probation. Who will be donating? How much? Nobody has to know. It got Bernie jammed up with the FEDS before. He doesn't know how to go legit! Bernie gets his "cut" as "spokesman" and the feds are satisfied with their $250.00/month? 

Here's a DONATION CAUTION though. The website doesn't clearly post the registry information proving the American Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform is properly registered with the government. The last time Bernie Kerik had a "non-profit" associated with him, it was listed in his indictment investigation! I live for the day....

But wait, there's more! This thug felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, is asking you to fund his "Truth In Justice Tour". 
Picture Credits: Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed
Bernie Kerik has to report all his travels to the FEDs. The word "truth" associated with thug Kerik is absurd in itself! Is this Bernie Kerik's full-time work? Maybe Judge Preska may be convinced now. Maybe the good citizens of the USA will pay for Bernie's criminal restitution so he has no punishment. Once again, no lessons learned. 

By the way, in all the numerous pity whining media tour promos for From Jailer to Jailed, has Bernie ever uttered the words, "I'm sorry" "I take responsibility"? Nope. He's "made some mistakes", "didn't need jail". The way Bernard Kerik et al has harassed me lately, he and his thug friends should be in prison. However, it's hard to catch a thug who knows the law. Most thug felons use guns and knives to hurt innocents. Bernard Kerik destroys souls, lives and reputations. 

While in prison, Bernie vowed to me, in anger one day, he was going to tour the country, especially college campuses with young women with the intention to "make up for all he missed" in prison. I wonder what that was  about? It appears now Bernie has made good on that declaration and he found a way to do it on OPM Other People's Money.