My Photo   This is my ex-pal, Bernard Kerik. He is a recognizable public figure. I am a private person. I never intended these precious memories to be shared. However, I was threatened my name would be "released" to the press with the malicious intent to "destroy my life".Yes, that happened. I don't need fame, a big house or reality show. A productive, balanced, healthy life are my treasures. This docu-blog rips open the shame blanket of secrets, untruths, distractions, diversions & manipulation. Our relationship, in retrospect, is clearer to me now: Bernard Kerik is a taker and I am a giver. He made me a secret in his life "on the side" and I allowed it until now. My true intent is benevolent healing. The shame of lies, deceit and manipulation are not mine. I take full responsibility for my personal failings in this relationship and the serious consequences resulting. I pray my life will be redeemed and enhanced by the lessons born of the pain. Truth overpowers threats. Secrets keep us "sick". Everything I share is truth based upon personal knowledge, experience, and most often, documents. This is my truth. I hope it sets us all free .....

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bernard Kerik, Real Thugs Wear Flag Pins

Bernard Kerik, Real Thugs Wear Flag Pins!

Earlier this week, felon Bernard Kerik in a cowardly, disrespectful, nationally-broadcast rant, called the deceased Mike Brown a "Big Huge Thug". 

Read my post about this here: "Bernard Kerik calls Mike Brown a Big Huge Thug"

Millions March NYC protesters seemed to answer back with a demonstration banner "Real Thugs Wear Flag Pins"! 

Credit: Twitter Million March NYC Real Thugs Wear Flag Pins

Credit: CNN State of the Union Bernard Kerik flag pin

Wow, Bernie, I guess the entire nation including the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown are slow to take your snarky advice to "Get Over It"

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bernard Kerik calls Mike Brown a Big Huge Thug

Bernard Kerik calls Mike Brown a Big Huge Thug

Desperate for attention and money, felon Bernard Kerik, in Alan Colmes' radio show referred to Ferguson deceased Mike Brown as a "big huge thug". 

Mike Brown was one of those "black boys" about whom disgraced cop felon, Bernard Kerik, earns lucrative pay to advocate and speak. That makes Bernard Kerik a fake, phony, fraudster, hypocrite and a bigger thug than Mike Brown could ever be!

Mike Brown was a young man and someone's son, family, neighbor and friend. Bernard Kerik's disrespect to the deceased too soon in an especially controversial decision shows how desperate Bernard Kerik is for attention. Pathetic. 

It's annoying when media types like Megan Kelly call Bernie "Commissioner". Bernard Kerik disgraced the title! Can you imagine Bratton referring to Mike Brown as a "big huge thug"?

So when Bernard Kerik is out hawking his upcoming book, opining on Justice reform for the "poor black boys" who face mandatory minimums mistakes resulting in collateral consequences, please remind him of that "big huge thug", Mike Brown!  Tell Bernard Kerik to shove his book and shut the fuck up!

We all should be concerned. Bernard Kerik is losing his deportment on-air. Is Bernard Kerik coming undone? History proves that is not followed by very good deeds on his felonious behalf...Stay Tuned and Kudos (inside joke) because Truth is Coming for Bernard Kerik et al very soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik is not compelled to pay his literal debt to society

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik is apparently not compelled to pay his literal debt to society. On 02/23/2010, in the case of USA v Bernard Kerik, Bernard Kerik was sentenced to federal prison followed by three years supervised probation by Judge Stephen C. Robinson and ordered to pay $187,931.00 in restitution. Based upon public court records, since his release from Federal Prison Camp Cumberland MD, on 05/28/13, felon on probation Bernard Kerik has paid only $250.00/month toward this six figure debt. For most average Americans, that will not satisfy a used car note payment! Most felons on probation are compelled to pay their restitution to the maximum!

Felon Bernard Kerik Probation restitution literal debt to society

Felon Bernard Kerik Probation restitution literal debt to society
We’ve all seen Bernard Kerik getting paid for these lucrative national appearances:, Mediaite, NBC News ,  Today Show, Al Jazeera USA, Fox Business News, WABC NY radio, Geraldo Rivera Radio, Megan Kelly, Fox News, Fox and Friends, NewsMaxTV, Kilmeade, CNN, CNN Tonight among other informal national promotion of products such as Taser International (with both tasers and body cameras (manufactured by Taser International).

We’ve all experienced the whiplash of fake phony fraudster Bernard Kerik about face from poor felon in solitary confinement, "cease mandatory minimum champion" to racist disgraced slurring Mayor of NYC, Bill DeBlasio and calling Eric Garner black protesters “animals” and “savages”. Bernard Kerik must be raking in lots of income as I stated in a blog post here a few months ago: Bernard Kerik on Prison Reform: Wrong, Dumb, Liar or all three? ;Bernie Kerik Unchallenged by Drive-By Media. Not bad for a poor felon on probation with those infamous pesky “Collateral Consequences” Bernie squeals about in paid speeches!

So I must challenge the Southern District NY Court and Federal Probation authorities, why isn’t Bernard Kerik compelled to pay his literal debt to society?! Bernard Kerik claims to have millions of dollars in attorney liens from old legal bills on his vast estate in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey but I can find no proof of these liens. It certainly isn’t preventing him from traveling, tailored suits, keeping the deed to his home or doing lunch in NYC.

Bernard Kerik is writing a book for Threshold Editions division of Simon and Schuster. Does Federal Probation not know Bernard Kerik has this vast source of income?

Credit: From Jailer to Jailed Simon and Schuster Felon Bernard Kerik Probation restitution literal debt to society

Perhaps Bernie’s boys in blue at Federal probation or the Southern District of New York are doing him a solid (excuse the Weiner-ism) and looking the other way? It just seems to me that felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, should not be able to critique a system until he has paid his FULL debt to society. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

From Jailer to Jailed How Bernard Kerik manipulated my soul heart and assets from inside his prison walls

From Jailer to Jailed How Bernard Kerik manipulated my soul heart and assets from inside his prison walls

“There’s a place in you that you must keep inviolate. You must keep it pristine. Clean. So that nobody has a right to curse you or treat you badly. Nobody.” – Maya Angelou,

It's totally ironic a "9/11 hero" who was once hailed for protecting life is now so determined to "destroy" mine. And, why a man who wrote he "loved and respected" me "forever and always" would be so determined to hurt and threaten me, my family, my friends and my employment? Secrets. In my opinion and recent painful experience, Bernard Kerik has proven to be an "emotional terrorist" (reference the "Urban Dictionary" definition) in my life. I must also caution a threat from an 8-time convicted felon who threatens to "destroy" your life should be taken seriously.  I do and I will...Bernie once told me no one can control him. Bernard Kerik has shown me who he TRULY is and, today, I believe him....

Bernie once wrote to me I was one of the "few people he trusted in the world" and I was one of the five people "in his inner circle". So you can imagine my hurt when my invitation to his coming home "party" from prison got "lost in the mail". When the glorious day of release arrived (05/28/13), I should have been elated for my "precious Pal" and be in line for a proper welcome home. In hindsight, it was one of the most painful days of my life signaling the beginning of the end for "us". Bernie's manipulation and lies were beaten to the finish line by the truth. Bernard Kerik is a father of daughters. I genuinely pray no man ever uses or disrespects his daughters in the way I've survived being manipulated and threatened by him and dwindling mob of evil-doer friends and vindictive associates.... (some of whom may wear a badge or possess a law degree!). I have reported all wrongdoing to appropriate authorities. My understanding is Bernard Kerik is forbidden contact with me directly, in any medium or through third parties. As complainant to this reporting, I voluntarily agreed to cease communication and have fully complied.  I've been asked to remain silent by law enforcement, Bernie's friend/lawyer and by Bernie's evil-doer "associates". This hasn't proven results toward safety and peace so let's try another way..The TRUTH...The open truth harasses twisted souls like Bernard Kerik. This sparks an annoying sense of humanity otherwise void in their lives....

For me, it's now time to take out the trash, emotionally-speaking. As the spirited Wendy Williams (How you doin'?) says, "Let's spill the tea, shall we?" Based upon my own personal and intimate experience, Bernard Kerik is complicated, desperate to be loved and accepted, an uber-controller, maniacally narcissistic, expert manipulator, super-liar and rageaholic. You may be shocked to learn he is immensely insecure with a bad case of run-on sentences and excessive comma usage. Yet, he is "belly-laugh-spotlight-and-microphone-funny". This charming part of his genuine self peeks out only on display when completely safe in his company and secure in surroundings. Bernie is "50-shades" smooth, "CatDaddy" hot, dangerously sexy but lives in an emotionally-retarded world of "quid pro quo" and "cloak and dagger" mixed messages. He has proven to me to have a perverted sense of loyalty and a chameleon-like sliding scale of character and integrity. He has also proven to be one of the best street cops in the world. He can wrestle a bad guy down to the ground fearlessly. However rigorous honesty, emotional or deep commitment and living an authentic life within his means are unfamiliar territory. Frankly, it scares the shit out of him. It renders him paralyzed by compelling lies of omission with a trail of broken hearts and smashed souls in his wake. 

Kerik's sense of right and wrong appears "black and white" for law enforcement work yet seemingly grey in his personal life. This appears to be a classic case of "false self" typically brought on by early-life trauma. He once described to me the status of his current marriage as "being stuck in this long-term thing"...That's really sad news for the Mother of his children and a woman who remains married to him despite the public humiliation of widely reported multiple simultaneous adulterous affairs and his three years away at Federal prison. (Yes, Bernie is the gift that keeps on giving...)

"Kerik's Kryptonite" is money and sex. This is not exactly breaking news as every wrong turn in Kerik's life has been for one or the other. In an environment like prison, stripped of both (at least in terms of heterosexual sex....just sayin) Kerik actually displayed signs of raw human emotions, humility, a conscience as well as a truly rehabilitated loving spirit. However, on May 28, 2013, returning to the same dysfunctional lifestyle allegedly "mobbed" (pun intended) by big-timing, reality show biz, high roller, cyberstalking, bullying friends and neighbors, tired has-been media types, pay-to-play associates (getting rich off of charity and flag waving) with over-inflated expectations of a "comeback bigger than Martha Stewart", combined with the perpetual alleged money pressures, the guy I know as "my precious Pal" vanished. With his final words to me being a cryptic, maniacal threat to "release my name" to the press so as to "destroy" my life! (Yes, all that while boldly wearing that pesky "anklet" on home confinement Federal probation! Now there's some ironic and reckless "self-minded arrogance" on display for ya!) Despite that little black ankle bracelet, believe me, it is my personal experience no one and no entity can control Bernard Kerik. No One. He has a lifetime and well-documented history of "destroying" the lives of many, including those he once claimed to love. 

Bernard Kerik was an integral and important part of my daily life for three years. I remember sweet moments we shared. Daily, at 4pm, during incarceration at Cumberland MD was the prison standing count. Bernie confided in me it was "the most humiliating part of his day". He was confronted with the painful realization a former NYPD Commissioner was now standing in and around convicted felons in prison. It "killed him" as he would say. So every day at 4 pm, I stopped whatever I was doing and sent up a prayer. It was my way of standing with my precious Pal and a moment of each day "shared" with him in a special way. Bernie seemed genuinely moved and seemed grateful by this simple act of love and caring. Simple, BOP-controlled, monitored, communication: sharing thoughts written via letters, calls, emails and visits formed a decent bond which seemed foreign and refreshing to Bernie. 

Bernard Kerik Hand Written Prison Letter

Bernard Kerik Hand Written Prison Letter

Bernard Kerik Hand Written Prison Letter
BB also hated reading the hackneyed description of him in the media as "disgraced". I always told him if he had the dignity and courage to come out of prison a better person, he would be "graced". Bernard Kerik's choice based on my experience is that he's chosen to remain disgraced and it fits. Despite all, this realization is the saddest of all. 

From the moment Bernie regained liberty, truth turned to lies, sweet gestures became manipulating, "controlling" tabs and his controlling obsessive rage replaced benevolence. That humbled inmate recoiled back to that arrogant scheming, ungrateful monster they originally sent to prison. A nightmare...So if you see or hear my name, address, phone, employer or any other identifying information about me, it has been released by Bernie or one of his evil-doers. Please don't participate in his vow to destroy my life. My privacy and dignity are about all I have left but, in my ordinary world, it's more than enough to carry on. 

Bernie's dwindling gang of "friends" and family fall into one of four categories: 
  1. Those "celebrity-types" who hang on to sell something using Kerik;  
  2. The "doormats" or enablers who are stuck and can't quite see through the emotional fog of the Kerik control and manipulation; 
  3. Those hanger-ons hoping to get in on the ticking 15 minutes of Bernie spotlight or in his pants (most are female); 
  4. Those deceived loyal souls yet to discover the true Bernie whose discovery day of emotional implosion has not yet arrived. 
I am relieved to announce my emancipation from the last of the aforementioned. 

Bernie's incarceration was the worst time in his life yet, ironically, the best time in mine. With almost daily contact, by email, letters, phone calls, our writing and regular visits, Bernie Kerik and I became sweet habits in each other's lives over the last three years of his incarceration. Bernie demanded my presence in his life remain a secret and I, foolishly and reluctantly, agreed to that dysfunctional arrangement. I take responsibility for this lapse in judgment and absolutely deserve that "what were you thinking" criticism. I always felt Bernie took great pride and delight in the fact that he was able to "hide me in plain sight" from the press, most of his family/friends and especially his wife. He had me use Social Media names that masked mine. He forbids me to perform any act or service in my own name including correspondence, research or contact with him outside the BOP that may go public. The drive-by NYC media were so star-struck with Bernie's all-star line-up of visitors; they overlooked the documents and abandoned the "Journalism 101" FOILs that would have simply revealed our exchange of regular visits, email, monetary support, and letters. Although it is ending ugly, withstanding the irony, mixed messages, blurred lines, crushed soul and broken life, I possess a single regret; that I didn't get out before Bernard Kerik and his tiny entourage of harassing, slandering, vicious loyal thug friends created and spun opportunities to attempt to "destroy" my life. I take responsibility for allowing that to occur in my life. However, love, intimacy, loyalty and trust, ultimately, are high-risk ventures no matter the special circumstances.

With a tip of the hat to Carly Simon, Bernie Kerik (and his attorney/friend) will probably think this blog is about him. Nope. Bernie has taken so much from me but he can't have my power, my dignity, my strength or the free-speech offering of my genuine journey. Those are all earned treasures. And, by the way, my free speech, my heart and soul are not bargaining chips in "settlement" amicably among friends...For that, there is no price...not enough money in the world to heal the hurt...Maybe this blog and the release of the truth is a good beginning to the healing and reclaiming of my once private, balanced, functional life. 

I mailed a custom greeting card of encouragement to "BB" (one of my pet names for Bernie) in the Minimum Security Cumberland Federal BOP in Maryland early in his incarceration. He responded by mail with thanks and interest in sharing more. We bonded exchanging tender, intimate inner thoughts through writing and editing new works to be published upon his release. During incarceration, along with our intimate personal relationship, I assisted Bernie with writing, editing, archiving, creating a plan/talking points for re-entry into public life, blogging assistance, legal research, social media organization/consultation, website construction, social visits and financial support (commissary, etc.) for the majority of his federal imprisonment.
 One close mutual friend sarcastically referred to me as "Bernie's Brain". Looking back, that moniker was accurate as Bernie's actual "first draft" writing is shockingly unsophisticated, mundane and usually banking off some other person's idea. Bernie offered granting me writing/editing credits in his future published works. I forwarded all our finished works to him on June 22, 2013. Coincidentally, or maybe not so, our relationship abruptly disintegrated shortly after he had those documents in his possession. Who knows what will happen with my work product? (So the next time your read an article or book you think Bernie wrote, ask him if he had help writing it and did he credit the co-author/editor?)
Over the three years, I supported Bernie in every way, including financial support. It's never been about the money for me. To this day, I've never asked for any reimbursement of any kind at any time. In fact, when I considered Bernie an intimate friend for life, I considered everything a gift from the heart. Now that I realize our relationship was built on nothing but greed, manipulation and control, my view on reparations may change but my stubborn heart is lagging behind that final decision. At the time of giving, all investments (emotional, time, money) were for the long-term and out of a celebration of the goodness BB brought to my life at the time. However, Bernie's attorney/friend recently tried to twist my generous intentions by asserting and insulting me with the legal implication I should "settle" my differences with Bernie by submitting my "expenses" to be reimbursed for the "work" I had done "supporting" Bernie. I can't believe they think matters of the heart can be mended and finalized by throwing money at it! Maybe in Bernie's world, that's how it spins. My world has standards 180 degrees apart. Money doesn't solve everything but as long as Bernie sent his attorney/friend to inquire and/or intimidate...

Bernie was incarcerated for a term of 1107 days, roughly 158 weeks. 

Throughout that time, Bernie and I exchanged communication, in a variety of forms, almost every day. I have both BOP and personal documents in proof: 
  • 135 personally hand written hard copy letters from Bernie to me
  • 150 phone calls to my personal unlisted phone
  • 735 emails
  • 12 round-trip visits approved by BOP. That's 10,320 miles with an average visit usually lasting 3 hours at the most...
  • 108 total documents, Co-written, edited and archived in support of re-release and/or new books by Bernie to be published.
  • Total expenses supporting Bernard Kerik over $93,000 (Including my time and labor in writing, editing, archiving and construction, magazines, postage, phone calls, PACER legal research fees, vacation from day job to visit/support, 12 visits travel-meals-lodging, commissary deposits. 
  • BOP Commissary Deposits $4556.00: Bernie boasted to his friends how he sacrificed by accepting no money for his prison needs from home so his girls can afford to have all they need to enjoy the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. (I'm guessing he never told anyone he had other means of support from me. Disingenuous is a nice description of that.)
This is an exclusive "docu-blog".  So the facts & original documents from Bernard Kerik will tell the truth. 

Bernard Kerik Hand Written Prison Letter

Bernard Kerik Hand Written Prison Letter

Bernard Kerik Hand Written Prison Letter

Over three years, Bernie wrote about 135 handwritten letters to me (among phone calls, emails and visits). As for the intimate and explicit content, I'm not that naive to think I was the only one. The blurred lines sex talk is part of the deal with Bernie. It's part of his grooming process in establishing intimate bonds. It is one of the perverted ways he shows his affection. Who knows how many women received letters like this? That would be a lot of lives to "destroy".....There's just something curious about a man who loves you enough to kiss your nipples one day then threatens to "destroy" your life on another! Go figure! 

The difficult decision to end our relationship came in early July. I thought I could just walk away and heal. My separation from Bernie has been incomplete and interrupted by painful and damaging jabs from Bernie and his small band of thug associates. I lived decades without Bernard Kerik in my life. I choose to return to that pre-Bernie, private, peaceful existence if only he and his evil associates would obey the laws of decency. For a man who claims he wants to be "left alone", he has apparently gone to great lengths to keep tabs on my life. Bernard Kerik and evil associates (one identifying himself in Social Media user name, "John Picciano") have already made bold attempts to "destroy" my life starting with slandering and threatening me on open source Social Media and anonymous cowardly attempts to contact my employer putting my career at risk. (They used to call that slander, aggravated harassment and cyber stalking). Bernie enjoys a good fight. The typical abuser will fight because, love or hate, it's still a desperate way to keep tabs, control, stay connected and/or keep the relationship alive; for good or bad. That's the scary behavior that must cease! I have been told others have suffered through Bernie's exact M.O. I was encouraged to stand strong and walk through it as they had done. I have Angels of Truth on my side. I live by a simple lady-like motto: "Don't you dare kick me when I'm down because when I get up, you're fucked." (My sarcastic sense of humor is a lifeline. Excuse the profanity)

I have and will defend myself and those I love with all appropriate and legal means possible. I maintain my God-given rights to free speech and appropriate opinion in an open forum. I am not Cinderella. I'm a strong woman so I'm not a typical "victim".  I do stand up for myself as well as those who stand for me. Bernie and evil company detest this in any combatant and find it a challenge to win, conquer and crush. They like their women silent, obedient, subordinate, preferably "on their knees" and a bit on the trashy, disposable "doormat" side. I must admit they are doing an admirable job of destroying my life. 

What about Me? Write this down: I am a fat, "mature", hard-working, self-supporting middle class, Leaning In feminist, registered Republican, public school educated, college graduate, former law enforcement, graced sinner with a "regular" present life and a wisdom-baring past too. You're probably gonna hear all that ugly spin from Bernie and his evil-doer thugs when this posts. I am not a whore, stalker, crazy, gold-digger extortionist or any of those false, slanderous, typical cop "nuts and sluts" defensive accusations recently hurled at me and written in open social media sources. In fact, if he had just accepted our separation like a gentleman, apologized and not threatened and acted to "make crazy" in my life, this blog would never have been not written nor seen the binary code of the Internet.  

I gave all I had to Bernie: my loyalty, trust, time, concern, support, dedication and love. I was there for him, faithful to his numerous demands, believed in him and stood for him when most others ran in the other direction. Bernard Kerik took my sweet generous genuine spirit, and with his lies, deception and manipulation, turned it ugly, damaged and barren. Yes, I'm sad, deeply hurt and have learned the hard lessons through loss. Yes, my life is being "destroyed" as Bernie threatened and allegedly directed. Yet, my concern and deepest sadness remains with the Bernie I knew from prison that had a single, precious opportunity, upon release from prison, to start life anew with honesty, integrity, dignity and courage. In my opinion and painful experience, he squandered that opportunity. My experience proves he is not changed at all by going to prison.  Even through my own pain, I pity him. It may have been the best comeback story ever....

Once again it is proven the cover-up, secret or lies proved worse than the deed itself. Our relationship, upon release, at my insistence, had simmered to an intimate close friendship. There was nothing of any inappropriate nature to hide at that point. I feel Bernie has lived that "cloak and dagger" lie so many times that he may be unable at this point to manage an honest, open, platonic relationship with anyone, especially a female. Tragic. Some people just like to throw it away. He did. He does. He will.

You may ask if I miss "my Pal" but I have accepted he never really existed at all. All of it has been reduced to the manipulation magic and deception Bernie has mastered all his life. It's as trying to hug an apparition. There were tumultuous times over the last three years; I fought to keep this relationship with Bernie. I agree one must earn their way out before exiting. However, when your livelihood and safety are on the line, it's wise to surrender to the quick get-away. So I bid goodbye to the "Hey You", beautiful long rides that lead to you, E3 coffee, purple plastic chairs, all our words, the intimate signature bxo, waiting all day for that 3-minute phone call, the commissary Drakkar noire cologne on my letters and the "M" Mariah perfume on his...

This blog is how I’ve chosen to express myself. Over-sharing is tedious. I'd rather chew glass than expose myself. I had this suspicion exposing these truths were the impetus of all the threats. This blog was truly my last of all attempts for peace. Maybe this blog will supply the anecdote to all Bernie's secrets and what's been missing so far: the power and force of truth....

Bernard Kerik plead guilty to multiple felonies admitting he essentially lied, deceived and cheated his own government. Why did I believe he would be true to me? I believe in second chances, redemption, lessons learned and love. Good people have extended that grace to me along the way. I keep all I possess by giving it away. I was wrong. I am paying the price. This, too, shall pass and I pray I will be enriched by the lessons. 

Forgiveness is always part of the plan. Bernard Kerik has unfinished business with me. I am the only one he can’t buy, bribe, threaten or intimidate into silence. I’ve received no apology, amends or restitution from Bernie. I’ve always said a hand-written apology letter on yellow-lined paper along with a bank check in reimbursement and restitution in the amount of $93000 will be apology enough for me. I choose to neither see nor hear from Bernard Kerik ever again…never ever never, again….

So now who do you think should ultimately have a greater concern about being "revealed" to the public? You can decide. 

Bernard Kerik has a new book to be published March, 2015 entitled “From Jailer to Jailed”. Now you see how Bernie’s “journey” would be incomplete or deceptive without mention of me and my daily support of him. I do not know what happened to my three years work product writing, editing, archiving Bernie’s writing. I do know a few weeks after I sent him all the final original documents, he picked a fight and conjured a reason to rid me from his life refusing a plan for compensation or permission to use my work in his book. Should Threshold Editions, Simon & Schuster allow that, it would only bolster Bernard Kerik’s proven history as a liar, con, psychopath and all around despicable human being void of a moral compass and good conscience. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Felon Bernard Kerik manipulates the Brotherhood!

I had mad respect for Former Navy Seal Jonathan T. Gilliam viewing his smart anaylsis on Fox News, etc. I honored his righteous outlook on service to his country and his solid Christian values. Earlier this year, on 03/08/14, on Twitter, Gilliam posted this about Bernard Kerik:

"How on earth is .@GeraldoRivera talking to Bernard Kerik as an "expert" on .@FoxNews? HE IS A FELON! C'mon, seriously? #nypd #NavySeals
I know the truth about Bernard Kerik's broken moral compass. Bernie's manipulation power and dubious connections in NYC media, politics and law enforcement remain from selfie king, Geraldo Rivera to Real (or not so real) Housewife of New Jersey Caroline Manzo and Newsmax CEO, Christopher Ruddy. Each has sold out in their own way and I wasn't surprised nor judged them for their undying affection and loyalty to Bernie. After all, I was in that que at one time!

Jonathan Gilliam's tweet restored my faith that someone of some credibility and media presence had the courage to back up their good values in words! 

However, even those with seemingly good judgement and solid values, like myself, do fall prey to the devil from time to time:

Jonathan T Gilliam met felon Bernard Kerik this week. Based upon this one meeting, Navy Seal and former FBI Special Agent, now proclaims to the world Bernard Kerik is "the real deal". Well I guess that depends on the price and value of the deal. How much for your soul, Mr. Gilliam? (Perhaps some additional camera on -air time on Newsmax or Fox News?) 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Judge to Felon Bernard Kerik: Get Over It

Bernard Kerik defamation suit against Joe Tacopina DISMISSED! Let neither Bernie's racist rants nor his media appearances admonishing "Get over it" disrespecting Eric Garner family, distract attention from this story! (Read my post about that crazy crap here:

Bernard Kerik defamation suit against Joe Tacopina (Kerik v. Tacopina) has finally been deemed moot, without merit and dismissed with prejudice in a whopping 63-page de ion and order by Judge Koeltl.

Without felon Bernard Kerik and his whacky "play mobsta" attorney, Timothy Payne Parlatore, defeated, how will the "New York Daily News Sports I-Team" will ever fill their pages? I got a big kick over the different tone of the headlines between the New York Post and Bernie's former co-defendants, "The Daily News"!

Bernie has won in the sense that he had a venue to spew defaming, hateful, salacious accusations at Joe Tacopina. I suspect that was Bernie's intent all along. All the more reason why Tacopina should proceed with his suit against Kerik. At least this clears Bernie's court days for Joe Tacopina's defamation against Bernard Kerik scheduled to continue on January 9, 2015.

And then, if there's anything left of felon, liar Bernie Kerik, or his assets, there's always that $93,00 he manipulated from me over the three years he was incarcerated! Then again, maybe he'll send that hand-written apology on yellow-lined paper with $93,000 restitution. After all, it is the Season of Miracles...  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Get Over It" Bernard Kerik to Eric Garner Family, protester and public

Bernard Kerik told the family of Eric Garner, his family, protesters and the public to "get over it" and "Move On". This felon on probation, corrupt disgraced cop, reacting to the Grand Jury decision in the Eric Garner case, was allowed yet another vial rant on Neil Cavuto Fox Business News show. The convicted felon went on to say if Both Mike Brown and Eric Garner had not resisted, they would be alive today. Delusional and Disrespectful! You must hear this for yourself:

Bernard Kerik deserves every moment of displeasure he is sure to receive, from these ignorant and callous statements. 

Felon Liar Bernard Kerik is not a Police Commissioner but plays one on TV. This rant was on the heels of another racist tirade Bernie Kerik executed last week where he referred to predominately black Ferguson protesters as "animals", "savages" and "goblins in the night"! Read my post here: Bernard Kerik Deception Denial and his Racist Rants

As someone who knows, intimately, the dark, cruel ugly side of Bernard Kerik, I can only offer my sympathies to Eric Garner's family and all effected by this miscarriage of justice in the Eric Garner Grand Jury decision. As a former police officer I am devastated at the decision of a clear cut case of excessive force, with a medical examiner's declaration of cause of death supporting same and possessing a clear horrific view of Eric Garner's assassination on videotape. As a former police officer, I respect every honest cop but my training showed me five NYPD cops should be able to detain and arrest an unarmed, asthmatic, large resisting suspect without choking him to death! That's not how it works. 

Felon Bernard Kerik has, once again, shown his lack of moral compass, ignorance of standard police training and his psychopath tendencies failing to recognize the need and time for empathy. The real Bernard Kerik is now exposed to the public! That didn't take long (and I couldn't be more content and relieved for the world to see it!)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bernard Kerik Deception Denial and his Racist Rants

Bernard Kerik Deception, Denial and his Racist Rants permeated our pure collective consciousness this week!

This week, in a desperate grab for ratings using the Kim Kardashian of justice reform, felon liar Bernard Kerik, CNN made the big mistake of unleashing Bernie on live television! Big mistake! In one appearance on CNN, Bernard Kerik likened black Ferguson protesters to “savages”, “animals” and “goblins in the night”!  The racist side of Bernie is well-hidden but reared its ugly head this past week. Bernie Kerik is too dumb for live television. He’s as bad a VP Biden or Barry Hussein Obama when his off-script vamping reveals his organic idiocy to the world. His racist comments inflamed and insulted an already bruised and battered America, erupting social media, especially twitter. (Mediaite:  “Fmr. NYPD Commish: Can’t Let People Act Like ‘Savages’ and ‘Animals’”

Credit Mediaite New Day Bernard Kerik Animals Savages Goblins in the night
Bernie Kerik did what he usually does when he’s stepped in it big. He got his boys at to run a big back pedal on Malzberg’s fledgling streaming news show.  It was ineffective so much so the video has since vanished from the Newsmax TV offerings. Bernie also threw in some random patronizing tweets to black people.

Then, Bernie’s last ditch Mea Culpa and distraction was to drag out the kid pics. This time it was his son, Joey all dressed in his Newark Police Department uniform standing in front of one of those militarized ERT trucks. (I bet black twitter loved that reminder of the heavy hand aimed at Ferguson protesters with the police militarization reminder!)

Credit: Instagram
This was a well-intentioned effort but thinking, informed peeps know Newark PD is one of the major municipal police departments cited for the lack of minority representation in the ranks. ( ). Additionally, Newark Police Department presently has the well-earned and dubious honor of being “examined” by the Justice Department for alleged practices in violation of constitutional rights! ( Perhaps another page of the family scrapbook may have proved a more positive apology to the world, Pal!

Sunday, viewers were battered with the weekly disaster known as CNN’s “State of the Union” hosted by that insignificant drive-by liberal host, Candy Crowley.  The segment entitled, “Black and Blue: The Impact of Ferguson” featured four police “chiefs”. Could someone please tell Candy Crowley and her idiot booker/producer, Deena  Zeina  Zaru, Bernard Kerik is a corrupt convicted felon on probation and no longer patrols anything but his living room in Franklin Lakes and an occasional hotel room of a “supporter”!  ( ) The entire segment was embarrassing and awkward for all especially when Candy was addressing Bernard Kerik as “Chief” asking him how “his community” was affected by Ferguson riots. I know Bernie has no “community” except for prison felons and those annoying geese in his Franklin Lake estate swimming pool! In addition, idiot Crowley doesn't know the difference between a NYPD Chief and Commissioner. Ugh! Bernie squirmed pretending to be a Commissioner again knowing his own selfish greed, stupidity and adultery destroyed that privilege long ago.

Bernard Kerik’s disparaging and inflammatory comments about race and Ferguson are demeaning to the public for another reason. Early in felon Bernie Kerik’s release from federal prison, Bernie shilled for and often opined in paid speeches about the “poor black boys” whose one interaction with the law ruined their lives with collateral consequences. Mike Brown could have very well been one of those “boys”. However, it seems, the inept, dumb, lying, racist murderer, Ferguson ex-police officer, Darren Wilson, took even more from Mike Brown. Bernard Kerik supports that despicable effort. Or maybe Newsmax Media, Taser and the conservative media is paying better this year than the liberal shills of the “Justice Reform” advocates? In any case, Bernard Kerik’s masquerade, deception and denial of his present roles of felon on probation, litigant, disgraced cop and dumb irrelevant fool will not change his reality or the thinking person’s perception of it. Perhaps it’s time for Bernard Kerik to get a real job to finish paying the thousands of dollars this felon on probation owes toward his lingering literal debt to society! (USA v Bernard Kerik) Bernard Kerik restitution on probation

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bernard Kerik lawyer changed name to hide criminal charges...

Bernard Kerik lawyer changed name to hide criminal charges:

I've busted a few Bernie Kerik secrets in this blog. However Bernie's attorney, Timothy Parlatore, reportedly, was once Timothy Payne until some charges almost ruined his budding legal career! So says a new website  It's a must read! Scandalous!

It appears Timmy was desperately attempting to get ahead of the bombshell discovery by blabbing to NY Post Richard Johnson (BFF to both Payne Parlatore client Bernard Kerik and Selfie King Tool Geraldo Rivera).

Predictably, in first class thumb-sucker and colossal a-hole style, Timothy Payne Parlatore whined  defamation with ludicrous unsupported claims blaming Judd Burstein and Joe Tacopina as the secret bloggers! 

I suppose that's their story so Payne Parlatore and his libel-proof client, Bernard Kerik, are sticking to it! and have one thing in common. It's not about the identity of the bloggers. These blogs place the attention on the truth!

Why is everyone associated with Bernard Kerik a felon, phony or pretender? Birds of a feather...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bernard Kerik Secret Truth Revealed....

Bernard Kerik Secret Truth Revealed....

Yes, felon liar Bernard Kerik is incompetent, dumb and knows very little about law enforcement, justice, crisis management, correction or criminal justice. Bernard Kerik made an "appearance" on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" on October 7, 2014 bit known as "A Shot in the Dark". This skit parodied the lack of a central database and hard stats on police shootings.

Watch the clip. It shows Bernard Kerik's authentic dumb self. Get a good look on Bernie's face when he is asked a question ALL POLICE CHIEFS IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD KNOW WITHOUT PAUSE!

It's embarrassing but also terrifying to think this idiot was a lie away from Nomination as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security! Rumors of Bernie Kerik's incompetency have been circulating since his Rikers days but this clip is documented proof. For felon Bernard Kerik, who wants to be hired in the vast liberal land of academia and media, to even permit an appearance on such television show displays his lack of judgement (with all due apologies to "The Daily Show"). Would you see NYPD Commissioner William Bratton or former Commissioner Raymond Kelly intentionally sit for an interview on "The Daily Show" especially about a sensitive topic like police shootings?

Bernard Kerik is now "selling himself" as a former New York City Police Commissioner and CEO of the alleged "shell company" allegedly authenticating him as "authority" on law enforcement and criminal justice reform. The joke is on all of us. It's bad enough Bernard Kerik disgraced the badge with his corruption, adultery, failure to pay taxes, then lying about it all on documents to the White House, now it's revealed he was and will always be a dumb puppet to the highest bidder. Yet Threshold Editions and Simon and Schuster will offer him a book contract. CNN and Newsmax will use him as an alleged law enforcement "expert". Criminal coddlers Penn State and putting-the-liberal-in-liberal-arts Bennington College will ask him to speak.

Felon liar Bernard Kerik's legacy will be as greedy, liar, pretender, puppet and a morally bankrupt thug who manipulated his way into legitimate law enforcement. Have you ever heard Bernard Kerik express remorse for his crimes, repent and move quietly along in shame? Not! His kids must be so proud! Instead Bernie Kerik sues and defames his attorney/friend, Joe Tacopina and calls himself a "victim" and "target" of the US Justice Department! It's called accountability and taking responsibility. Take a good long look at Bernard Kerik. Theres a distinction between being "in on the joke" and "being the joke". Bernard Kerik's manipulation of me caused me to be tardy to this party. However, Bernard Kerik distinguishes himself as "being the joke"...This clip shows all you really need to know....

Sunday, September 14, 2014



Always remember my friend, 
The world will change again.
And you may have to come back
Through everywhere you've been.

When your life was low, 
You had nowhere to go.
People turned their backs on you, 
And everybody said that you were through.

I took you in, made you strong again
Put you back together.
Out of all the dreams you left along the way, 
You left me shining.

Now you're doing well
From stories I hear tell.
You own the world again.
Everyone's your friend.

Although I never hear from you, 
Still it's nice to know
You used to love me so, 
When your life was low.

I took you in. I made you strong again.
I put you back together.
Out of all the dreams you left along the way, 
You left me shining

Although I never hear from you, 
Still it's nice to know
You used to love me so, 
You used to love me so, 
When your life was low.

But always remember my friend, 
The world will change again.
And you may have to come back
Through everywhere you've been.
The world will change again.

(Credit: YouTube "When Your Life Was Low" Composed by Joe Sample and Will Jennings. Rest In Peace Joe Sample. Performed by Lalah Hathaway)