Sunday, October 11, 2015

WPIX Monica Morales crotch tease memories kept Bernard Kerik happy in prison!

WPIX Monica Morales crotch tease memories kept Bernard Kerik happy in prison!

Recently, WPIX’s Monica Morales tweeted a “flasbackfriday Instagram reminder of her “exclusive sit down with felon corrupt cop Bernard Kerik shot way back in 2010 before he left for prison. 

This reminded me of many times, during visits in Cumberland FPC, Bernie would regale me with the sexy story of that interview. Bernie said it was difficult for him to concentrate on the interview and her “hot” pose “for him” in the chair in front of him reminded him of Sharon Stone pussy moment in the movie, “Basic Instinct”. Bernie insisted Monica Morales was intentionally and boldly flirting and teasing him right in front of his wife, Hala Kerik, in full view of the cameramen (which he said made it even hotter for him). Bernie spoke of this memory many times proving Monica Morales was "hard" for nymphomaniac Inmate 84888-054 Bernard Kerik to forget.

Credit WPIX Instagram Google Sharon Stone Monica Morales Bernard Kerik Basic Instinct interview
Monica Morales must be savoring this memory as well based upon her random flashback friday tweet from 2010 as well as her own sexy banter on Twitter with another admirer in response to the original tweet. Monica Morales may not deny her seduction in the "exclusive" with Kerik. She sounds darn proud of her prowess...after all she knew how to get that “exclusive” and keep the attention of idiot felon Bernard Kerik. 

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to keep the gig, right? Ah, memories.... Hey, get a room, you crazy kids!!
Credit Twitter Monica Morales tweets proud of her hot legs in exclusive sit down with felon Bernard Kerik
Credit Twitter Monica Morales with memories of felon Bernard Kerik exclusive sit down

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik harasses with a little help from his evil-doer friends

Felon on Federal Probation Bernard Kerik harasses with a little help from his evil-doers friends. You may not believe who they are!

This blog has always been my safe place from Bernie Kerik’s constant harassment seemingly ignored by law enforcement. Bernard Kerik has many friends in low places including attorneys, law enforcement officers, licensed private investigators, sitting US Congressman and several women Bernie manipulates for their “loyal social media harassment” and well, other "favors" *cough*. When the evil-doers get out of hand harassing me and Bernie’s buddies in blue, assigned to watch him turn a winking blind eye, this blog has busted Bernie et al and suddenly shit and shenanigans stops! 

Bernard Kerik’s evil-doers are a powerful, influential clique of two-faced evil who smile for the camera while doing their dirty work in the shadows. Felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, is allegedly prohibited from contacting me on any medium. However, he’s recently sent this group of harassers to do his dirty work, then cover it up so Bernie isn’t violated on his probation…but Bernard Kerik should be violated… Read on…

On or about the date of September 30, 2015, when I decided to take back my life and power, Bernard Kerik and his evil-doers have been “making crazy”. Anyone who has been involved in domestic violence prevention will recognize this term. I submit, and now have the documentation to prove, these occurrences. Let’s bring the light, shall we?

I have written in this blog about perceived Bernard Kerik evil-doers assisting Bernie Kerik: John Picciano and his wife, E luiza Picciano (who once stated on twitter he would come to my house and “cuff” me himself), Rep Peter King (who reportedly set up Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik with the ability to freely roam the basement of Congress without monitor), and Fire Island Pines Attorney Robert J. Feldman, etc. (who openly on twitter boldly harassed me until exposed to the authorities and a little letter to his bar association!). Here is one more recently added to the list: 

Credit: Google Facebook Bernard Kerik evil-doer J Curley John Curley

John Curley of J Curley and Associates, Private Investigators. You may remember the blog I wrote about the anonymous mysterious threatening harassing voicemail from phone number (646)620-5378. Thanks to two great citizen tipsters and some investigation by volunteer private cyber-forensic investigators of my own, we have now almost confirmed this MAY have been a combined effort of felon Bernard Kerik, John Curley and the voice, “porno” attorney Robert J. Feldman. Well, they are "persons of interest" as they would say on Newsmax. And, lookie here; Open Facebook post confirms the happy trio in a gay old time during a book signing of the book I co-authored with Bernard Kerik, "From Jailer to Jailed"! What are the chances! What a coincidence! Is that damn duck a-quackin' yet?

Credit: Facebook Felon Bernard Kerik with his evil-doers Attorney Robert J Feldman and camera shy John Curley of J Curley and Associates
John Curley, or a male voice identifying himself as having Bernard Kerik as "client", reportedly committed multiple charges of the crime of aggravated harassment in the name of felon Bernard Kerik in threatening and harassing phone calls to me, my sick old relatives, friends, my employer and even my attorney! What an unprofessional jerk - but he is one of Bernie Kerik's "friends". Being an ass or showing your ass is apparently a Bernard Kerik associate requirement!

Dear Evil-Doers: Whatever you do to me and those I love, will someday in the very near future negatively reflect back upon that felon on probation, Bernard Kerik...only with greater consequences because libel-proof, corrupt cop, conman Bernie Kerik has lots to lose…. namely his liberty…

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Whining felon Bernard Kerik on his prison misery doth protest too much….

Whining felon Bernard Kerik on his prison misery doth protest too much! 

Corrupt cop, eight-time convicted felon and first class thumb-sucker, Bernard Kerik, who now makes a lavish living as “spokesman” for his dark money 501(c)4 literally whining about how awful prison was for him. Lame. Fake. Phony. Fraud. (in this blogger's humble opinion, personal experience and belief...)

Check out Kerik’s latest tweet pretending to care about the cost of phone calls for the incarcerated in an actual desperate attempt to hitch his busted slimy wagon to Senator Cory Booker’s star:

Credit Twitter Whining felon Bernard Kerik on his prison misery doth protest too much…

As I’ve cited in this blog, Bernard Kerik never had to worry about the cost of phone calls, commissary or any expenses during his incarceration at Cumberland Federal Prison Camp, because he manipulated monetary, services and emotional support from me for the entirety of his imprisonment. (Yes, I have the receipts and prison documentation to prove it, too!) Believe me, Bernard Kerik lived as well or better than any prisoner could live. Inmate #84888-054 never had to worry about one thing, except living with the lies and manipulation he faced upon release. 

Bernard is busted with his attempting to create an impression to the world he can identify with the average “poor black boy “felon from Washington, Baltimore or “inner city”.  Does anyone think any of those felons Bernard Kerik lived with for three years and eleven days lives like he lives now? Stop it. Not fooling anyone. 

A brilliant attorney recently described Kerik as “libel-proof”. Yup. Conman convicted felon corrupt cop Bernard Kerik lives that label every single day. Why is it allowed to continue? 

Bernard Kerik, who despite owing $180,000 in criminal restitution to the USA, owns a $2million estate in lily-white Franklin Lakes, New Jersey (next door to faux-reality celebrities like Bravo “Real” Housewife of New Jersey, Caroline Manzo) is a constituent of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. 

I’ve never seen Senator Booker, despite being at the same function, share a stage with, mention felon Bernard Kerik or even pose in the same photo-op as corrupt cop and constituent Bernard Kerik! All this, despite Bernie Kerik desperately attempting to make it appear on social media y’all are bosom buds. 

What say you, Senator Booker? 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik should not be allowed near the USA flag

Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik should not be allowed near the flag of the country to which he lied and cheated....

Credit: Twitter Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik should not be allowed near the flag of the country to which he lied and cheated
The hypocrisy of this moment overwhelms me!

Corrupt cop convicted felon Bernard Kerik decorates the stages, on which he's paid to speak denouncing his country's justice system, with the U.S. flag just as he uses his kids, his wives, his friends: as a decoration to adorn the masquerade of a man pretending to be trustworthy, honest and intelligent. 

When you see Bernie Kerik’s kids, they are his sweet distraction from his evil.
When you see Bernie Kerik’s wives, they are his trophies or Madonna-like baby makers.
When you see Bernie Kerik’s friends’, know his fleeting affection for them will soon be manipulated in a grand heist of their skills, talents and influences  he lacks and never achieves as a dumb high school dropout

I imagine Bernard Kerik once held dear the flag and his oaths to America. He served in the military and law enforcement. But then came the sex, the money, the power. Being "made" instead of earning his way left him way over his head. So Bernie Kerik began serving the one entity he cherishes above all others - himself. 

If Bernard Kerik truly loved his country, he should:

  • Pay his entire debt to society before he criticizes it; especially when he funnels monies paid for speeches criticizing his country through a non-profit dark money "charity"! He pretends he appears to earn no income so the country for which that USA flag stands doesn't attache it to pay his criminal fines in USA v Bernard Kerik! 

Credit: SDNY USA v Bernard Kerik Criminal resitution pays only $1000 per month on over $180,000!

  • Make amend and restitution to those he hurt and cheated: his country, his kids, his wives, his friends 

  • Tell crowds of criminal justice reformers, including those “poor black kids” from the streets, don't do a sugar packet's worth of illegal drugs; DON'T DO DRUGS! (He was a cop for cryin out loud!) 

  • Pay the taxes on every blessing this great country, with that USA flag as a symbol, has bestowed on a high school drop out with a shaky moral compass!

To him, everything and everyone in Bernie Kerik’s world, including “old glory” has a purpose. When that purpose is accomplished and there is no more to gain, it is disposed of: kids, wives, friends, the USA flag... True Thug….

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Convicted felon Bernard Kerik is prohibited from owning or shooting a gun but he wants them in your kids school

Convicted felon Bernard Kerik is prohibited from owning or shooting a gun but he wants them in your kids' school! Of course, we should all put our children's lives in the hands of an eight-time convicted felon, married three times with four kids, deserting two of them for his selfish needs; a felon who can't even own or shoot a gun, right? 

Corrupt cop and eight-time convicted felon Bernard Kerik, while on his current federal "supervised released" through October, 2016, is prohibited from owning, possessing, shooting or otherwise be in the vicinity of any weapon. However, Geraldo Rivera's neighbor and Fox Business News Anchor (the hub of breaking news in the country...NOT), Liz Claman, called out the "B Team" for any idiot to assist her numskull breaking news drone on the recent tragic Umpqua Community College shooting. 

The chosen know-nothing idiot for the day was felon Bernard Kerik who took the gig over the phone waiting to speak in his PAID APPEARANCE FOR BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL "I love black people" felon whining tour at University of Northern Iowa.  Felon Bernard Kerik no-doubt overheard the school's administrator describe an evacuation drill recently held at the school, calling for buses to pick up students transporting them to safe spots. It is a drill Umpqua put in place in response to recent school shootings. 

Bernie always copies off someone else's paper because he's too dumb and too much of a money-grubbing, "made", misinformed felon to actually gather facts and study an issue before he speaks!

Of course, when this came out of the idiot's mouth, felon Bernard Kerik quipped that "police had been planning for this attack". Really? Lets hope what the idiot meant is that police drill, tabletop and train for such events. Words make a difference in the media, Bern. Your alleged post-secondary BS degree at SUNY Empire State College, class of 2002, should have taught you better but...Of course, when you are talking out your ass as a felon, things get messy!

Of course Captain Obvious, true to his "hire me B Team" reporting skills, has to recycle this old news, putting his own fantasy spin on it with no-facts reporting. By the time CONSERVATIVE news recycler, NewsMax got ahold of the idiot, he had made the remark that he suggests armed guards in every school! 

Credit Newsmax Google Bernard Kerik Umpqua shooting Convicted felon Bernard Kerik is prohibited from owning or shooting a gun but he wants them in your kids school 
Convicted felon corrupt cop Bernard Kerik gave up his credibility, his honor, his respectability as NYPD Commissioner, the trust of his office in exchange for money, sex and satisfying his craving infamy. If he was truly repentant, it would make all the difference in the world. Bernard Kerik hasn't changed. He continues to allow his evil associates to do his dirty work all the time masquerading as a decent person. It's sad, really...

What really counts, in the evil dark crevice of Bernie's soul, is that felon on federal probation got his jollies by masquerading on the media as a legitimate police official, stayed relevant by getting his dirty name in the news, made some money on both sides of the aisles (probably none of which will go to paying down his criminal restitution debt of over $180,000) no doubt presumably funneled into that dark money fund, and got by, once again, getting "made" and getting "rich" with a little help from his greedy friends! 

There ought to be a law. I believe there is a law if any of his friends and buddies in blue of the United States Probation Office - Southern District New York want to enforce it!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik's Facebook Friend gets fired from Newark Police Department for racist comment about Mayor Ras Baraka

Felon Bernard Kerik's Facebook Friend Lt Anthony Caruso gets fired from Newark Police Department for racist comment about Mayor Ras Baraka.

For two years I have used this blog to combat the false public relations and masquerading by the corrupt cop convicted felon Bernard Kerik as he fronts to make money for his dark money funneling gig Felon Bernard Kerik, in open media, has told Eric Garner protesters to "get over it"and has not argued when bestie Rep Peter King advised President Obama to invite murderer cops Daniel Pantaleo and Darren Wilson to the White House!  Felon Bernard Kerik, in a spontaneous utterance on Newsmax seemingly racist rant, has also referred to black Ferguson protesters as "animals", "savages" and "goblins in the night". 

This week, white veteran Lt. Anthony Caruso was fired from the Newark Police over a Facebook exchange that referred to the city's mayor, Ras Baraka, as a "gorilla".

Right there in open social media shows corrupt cop convicted felon, Bernard Kerik, and his Newark Police officer son, Joe Kerik, as supporters and friends of ex-Lt. Caruso. 

Credit Facebook felon Bernard Kerik friends with fired Newark Police Lt Anthony Caruso
We and our friends make mistakes in relationship and judgement now and then. However, it appears felon Bernard Kerik has shown a pattern of innate racism he can no longer hide. This duck is looking and quacking like a duck by now, isn't it?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lock up your daughters, University of Northern Iowa, Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik is coming to Iowa to make up for all he missed in Prison....

Lock up your daughters, University of Northern Iowa, Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik is coming to Iowa to make up for all he missed in Prison....

...and to pitch a book, “From Jailer to Jailed”, he stole from me while he was incarcerated!

Yes, Bernard Kerik is a featured speaker at the Iowa Criminal Justice Summit 2015. As in classic definition of "psychopath" he has the longest obnoxious resume on the agenda! Ugh! Bernard Kerik gets paid to be flown to Iowa, dress up in his pretty suit and speak for forty-five minutes the same crap whining he's been spewing since mid-2013! It appears all that secret dark money of Koch Brothers into money is being funneled in all the "right" places. 

However little is going to pay down Bernard Kerik’s Criminal restitution. He's paying only $1000/mo on a criminal fine of $180,000! I guess crime pays! 

Credit: USA v. Bernard Kerik SDNY Court records Felon Bernard Kerik criminal restitution SDNY pays only 1000 per month
Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon ON FEDERAL PROBATION supported by Koch Bros and Van Jones Cut50 is allowed to take his lying manipulating self to Iowa. Of course, Bernie Kerik may get to wine and dine all the pretty young thangs in Iowa and gets paid for it! ALERT: Bernie once told me he was going to get a vasectomy and book himself in every college campus across the country to “make up for all he missed in prison”. So a convicted felon still on probation with this kind of mindset gets permission by the FEDS and the UNI administration to visit campus? I guess all that “safety on campus” stuff is apparently ignored at the University of Northern Iowa!

Credit: University of Northern Iowa Criminal Justice Summit 2015 Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik cheated me out of full rights and compensation to a book I co-authored with him while he was incarcerated. He manipulated $93,000 from me while he was in prison. Felon liar Bernard Kerik, through his attorney and other evil associates, continue to defame me in lies on the public record. Bernard Kerik hasn't changed and is blatantly unrepentant for his crimes. Bernard Kerik continues his deception and masquerade even now during his probation. So we must ask why would the University of Northern Iowa, UNI PRESIDENT Bill Ruud, Professor Dr. Mark Grey, Professor Dr. Michele Devlin, Koch Industries, Van Jones, Iowa State Representatives Deborah Berry, Helen Miller, Chip Baltimore, Mary Wolfe, Iowa Chief Justice Mark Cady and other seemingly sincere, respected and legitimate leaders be supporting a lying manipulating unrepentant scoundrel like Bernard Kerik? Aren’t there felons who have paid their entire debt to society, sought genuine forgiveness and become a true example worthy of a second chance? Bernard Kerik IS NOT! 

Does Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik have a new life and a new love...retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado?

Does Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik have a new life and a new love...retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado?

Well, if you follow social media, specifically Facebook, you will find retired New York City Department of Corrections Captain, Maritza Rosado, chronicling the ups and downs of what appears to be a hot torrid love affair with Bernie Kerik! With Bernie losing his wedding ring this past year and rumors of divorce flying through Gotham, we must go to the social media....
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado

Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
Credit Facebook Bernard Kerik with Retired NYC DOC Captain Maritza Rosado
 These two were former boss Commissioner and Captain back in the days Bernie likes to call the "model" of prison reform. Well, I bet those midnight shifts were something else, right Bern? And you thought it was only a double affair with Corrections Officer Jeannette Pinero and publisher Judith Regan? Think Again!! OMG!! Well, felon Bernard Kerik has been attempting a new career in criminal justice reform. Maybe Maritza is his muse and inspiration! How sweet. You crazy kids! If these pics tell the true story, its move over, Hala Kerik. There's  a new babe in town! Well is this showing us Angelina Kerik and Celine Kerik may have a new Mommy some day? Well it's ALLEGEDLY going down in the boogie down. I can't make this shit up! I remember Bernie Kerik saying he was going to make up for all he missed in on with your bad self, Bern! Ha!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik loves black people and he wants you to know it!

Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik loves black people and he wants you to know it!

After labeling black people, in the form of Ferguson protesters, “animals”, “savages” and “Black Panthers”, Corrupt Cop Convicted Felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, has been liking black people a bit more since he’s been selling our book, “From Jailer to Jailed” and stumping for his dark money Koch Brothers supported 501(c)3 ACCJR. org

Credit Google Bernard Kerik calls Ferguson black protesters animals and savages
Poor felon Bernie Kerik has found a revived purpose and meaning to tolerating black people. It seems when it comes to money everyone is green. Bernie Kerik has finally hit the big time with flapping his dumb gums with other felons of another dark money-grubbing 501(c)3 (A Just Cause), one of which escaped a child sexual assault overturned in the appellate court! Well now! Bernie Kerik has gone from cavorting with Queen Elizabeth, President George W. Bush to some thugs in Colorado. 

Credit Google A Just Cause Bernard Kerik finds a purpose for associating with black people
Karma is a bitch but has a sense of humor. Kerik is exactly where he should have always been. Kerik is sorry not sorry. Bernard Kerik hasn't changed. Bernie Kerik is only sorry he got caught. Bernie Kerik is a manipulating liar to this day. I should know. He manipulated $93,000 from me while he was in prison and then published my work as his own without compensation, credit or permission! Bernard Kerik hasn’t changed. I can’t think of anyone who deserves the fall more… 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Brooklyn Magazine: Felon and Corrupt Cop Bernard Kerik ranks one of the Worst New Yorkers!

Brooklyn Magazine: Felon and Corrupt Cop Bernard Kerik ranks one of the Worst New Yorkers! 

In the most recent issue of Brooklyn Magazine, Corrupt cop and felon Bernard Kerik was ranked #48 among the 100 Worst New Yorkers:

Credit: Brooklyn Magazine Bernard Kerik ranked 40 of 100 Worst New Yorkers
Of course, a perceived media whore and alleged psychopath like Bernie will probably enjoy seeing his name on any list these days compared to those local Jersey gigs he's been working!

Other "worsties" are fellow tax cheat and former Congressman, now Inmate 83479-053, Michael Grimm; CNN's irrepressible idiot, Don Lemon and The Milkshake Squirrel. Honorable Mention "Worsties" go to #3 Bernie's ex-friend ex-boss and Creator, Mayor Rudy Giuliani; Bernie's NYPD PBA Union Puppet master, Pat Lynch; and #1 Egomaniac Businessman and Presidential Candidate Donald Trump!

Well, Bern, it's not all bad. You just have to work harder to catch lucky #13) Bedbugs!!! Ha!! They say when we stop talking about you, that's the time to worry. .... Fifteen minutes of that fame for which you sold your soul, Pal..tick, tock

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bernard Kerik, Donald Trump, Geraldo Rivera: Appears Women Must be Beautiful, Young, Fertile and Silent

Bernard Kerik, Donald Trump, Geraldo Rivera: Women Must be Beautiful, Young, Fertile and Silent 

Recently, presidential candidate and businessman, Donald Trump, showed a bit of his real self when speaking about rival female presidential candidate and businesswomen, Carly Fiorina. Donald Trump, during a campaign speech quipped, "Look at that face!" he cries. "Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!" The laughter grows halting and faint behind him. "I mean, she's a woman, and I'm not s'posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?”. I share Carly Fiorina’s response to this, “"Well, I think those comments speak for themselves," and ““I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said,”

There are two other ironic “six-degrees” related, high profile male public figures who made their infamous reputations and fortunes in New York City who seem to share this theory on their chosen female partners/wives: Corrupt cop and convicted felon Bernard Kerik and once esteemed journalist now turned reality fool and selfie king, Geraldo Rivera. Women have a certain purpose, role, and place in their lives. Their women, as exemplified in the open media, appear to have requirements: must be physically beautiful, young, fertile and silent. Lets fact check their record on their own record on personal relationships to prove the point:

Credit: Wikipedia Bernard Kerik Appears Women Must be Beautiful, Young, Fertile and Silent
Bernard Kerik (source Wikipedia):
Married: Three (3) times; Rumor has it Just dumped 3rd wife (Hala Matli Kerik); about time for a trade-in on new model
Baby Mama: (1) Deserted pregnant baby mama in Korea 1976 while serving in military
Kids: (4) 2 kids reared in his custody for about 11 years only
Quote by Bernard Kerik as referenced in “I will make up for all I missed in prison…” 
Quote by Bernard Kerik to me personally during an Cumberland Prison visit:  “If I had "that" (one of his son's young girlfriends sitting next to his son in the downstairs home gym, dressed in a tight black cat suit) sitting next to me while working out, I wouldn’t be lifting weights in the gym”

Credit Wikipedia Donald Trump Carly Fiorina Look at that face
Donald Trump (Source Wikipedia): 
Married: (3) times 
Baby Mama: None (although reportedly Marla Maples was with child when they married)
Kids: (5) 
Owner of Ms. Universe Pageant, where women are rewarded for their youth, beauty, boobjobs. Enhancements and plastic surgery to create the "look" are encouraged
Quote from Tiffany Trump: “He’s not the dad who’s going to take me to the beach and go swimming, but he’s such a motivational person.” – DuJour Magazine 

Credit: The Blaze and Twitter Geraldo Rivera Selfie Tequila Erica Rivera
Geraldo Rivera (Source Wikipedia): 
Married:  (5) times
Baby Mama: (1) “He also fathered Cruz Grant (born 1987) with an unnamed Mexican-American woman” 
Kids: (5)
“Note to self no tweeting after 1am…” - Source Twitter/The Blaze
“But what I think a woman brings to a marriage more than anything else, to a relationship, is her youth. Youth is a fragile and diminishing resource” - Geraldo Rivera per Huffington Post

Have you seen these wives (Hala Kerik, Melania Trump, Erica Rivera) have a substantial career, free social media presence or speak on their own behalf? Never. They appear as trophies and decoration next to their husbands in photo-ops but none have serious careers of their own. There is no judgement here; simply a “pattern of behavior” by their husbands when it comes to their seemingly patriarchal, knuckle-dragging, sexist attitude toward women.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Of course the Secret Service and NYPD share Pope Francis security secrets with corrupt cop convicted felon Bernard Kerik!

Of course the Secret Service and NYPD share their Pope Francis security detail secrets with corrupt cop convicted felon Bernard Kerik!

Today we were once again enlightened with corrupt cop convicted felon, Bernard Kerik, masquerading as NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton stammering, and obviously fantasizing about the Secret Service's plan to Protect Pope Francis on his brief tour through New York City. Listen to this crap here.

Credit Twitter John Gambling thinks convicted felon Bernard Kerik has NYPD's secret Papal security plans
Now what idiot still considers criminal Bernard Kerik an "ex-spurt" on these matters? That idiot is John Gambling of the fledgling 970AM radio "The Answer". Of course Bernie's entire knowledge of the Pope's secret security detail was based upon a short walk he and his daughter took by St Patrick's Cathedral.

Bernard Kerik knows nothing the NYPD or Commissioner Bill Bratton are planning for Pope Francis' security detail. Bernard Kerik is an eight-time convicted felon who squandered that privilege for life trading it for home renovations, a few romps in the sack with subordinates:Judith Regan and cheating on his taxes!

We also were subjected to convict Kerik's jealous diatribe regarding the state of Rikers - "From what I hear from the staff at Rikers..., Bernie quips...Like, he's in charge again? Delusional!!! What NYC DOC personnel is divulging confidential information to a convicted felon presently serving probation? That officer should be fired and convict Kerik should be violated in his probation! "Staff that's gotten outta hand and done things they 'shouldnta' done"..Oh Bernie, you mean like having an affair with subordinate officer like maybe Jeannette Pinero? Really Bernie?

Credit Twitter Bernard Kerik Celeste Katz New York Daily News
Celeste Katz, formerly of New York Daily News, was all a-twitter about seeing Bernie Kerik gazing upon Pope Francis. I'm happy our good Pope survived being so close to the devil. As for the Holy Father's visit, I should pray Pope Francis' presence will impress upon convicted felon Bernard Kerik to stop lying, cheating, manipulating, masquerading as a legitimate police officer and finally repent making full amends to those of us he has hurt. At least it was an impressive Daddy-Daughter day. Perhaps his daughters' souls can be saved despite his horrible model as parent in their young lives.

John Gambling and 970AM should be ashamed to promote a disgraced felon on their airwaves passing him off as an expert! Another fraudulent event in the shameful life of a scheming, unrepentant felon Bernard Kerik! That, Mr. Gambling, is "The Answer".

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bernard Kerik and Felon Friends: Being a felon ain’t that bad for these liars and hypocrite players

Bernard Kerik and Felon Friends: Being a felon ain’t that bad for these liars and hypocrite players

We hear corrupt cop and convicted felon on supervised release, Bernie Kerik, who reportedly still owes the U.S. (USA v Bernard Kerik) over $180,000 in criminal restitution, whine about how tough life is for him as a criminal, liar, cheater, adulterer and convicted felon. He has an entire cottage industry non-profit,, to whine about that assertion! Check out these open social media facebook, twitter and instagram posts that prove the point and tell the TRUTH about his luxurious life as a corrupt convicted felon on probation! The entire Criminal Justice Reform agenda whining for more rights and privileges for these liars, cheaters, unrepentant convicted felons could be another inside the beltway, money-making sham!

Credit Facebook felon Bernard Kerik parties on probation Angelo's Ristorante Lyndhurst NJ

Credit Instagram felon Bernard Kerik talking head on probation NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT

Credit Instagram felon on probation Bernard Kerik talks at Caroline Manzo's The Brownstone for a living

Credit Instagram felon on probation Bernard Kerik parties with psuedo celebrities From Jailer to Jailed party

Credit Instagram felon on probation Bernard Kerik black tie parties at Caroline Manzo's The Brownstone with Newark cop son Joseph Kerik, tough life of a felon

Credit Instagram felon Bernard Kerik on probation talking for a living with dark money allegedly funneling his funds so SDNY cant attach them for his criminal restitution?

Credit Instagram felon on probation Bernard Kerik parties with Geraldo Rivera, youthful wife Erica Rivera and veterans while owing $180000 criminal restitution to the USA

Credit Instagram felon on probation Bernard Kerik parties with Rep Peter King Beau Dietl power lunch in Great Neck LI

In OUR book, “From Jailer to Jailed”, Bernard Kerik cites former inmate, crossfit buddy and fellow convicted corrupt Rhode Island politician, Joseph Burchfield, as a shining example of how being a white collar felon can “crucify” a person and ruin their life! Well, open public social media posts expose that outright lie and hypocrisy. Working at watching boxing, going to the crossfit gym, visiting the beach, hanging out at the park isn't quite punishment for these convicted felons but it's a nice life if you can get it...

Credit Instagram convicted felon Joe Joseph Burchfield watches big tv in nice home laptop and snack to pass the time as a poor felon

Credit Instagram convicted felon Joe Joseph Burchfield at the local park to pass the time as a poor felon

Credit Twitter @CESMMA convicted felon Joe Joseph Burchfield "works" for CES MMA watching boxing for a living as a poor felon Nice work if you can get it

Credit Twitter @UncleJoeB convicted felon Joe Joseph Burchfield visits the park and posts spiritual affirmations living as a poor felon Nice life if you can get it

Corrupt felon, Joe Joseph Burchfield, has a wife who was very vocal on social media, as we may remember. At last we saw Mrs. Joe Burchfield, Isa Burchfield or Isairis Burchfield, she was busy harassing me allegedly while on the job from her State of Rhode Island job in senseless defense of Bernie Kerik, while her husband was incarcerated! Isairis Burchfield may or may not like to send me unsigned anonymous threatening letters forgetting to include her signature or return address. More prohibited contact, threats and harassment in felon on probation Bernie Kerik’s name but Bernie Kerik was never violated for that either!

Credit State of Rhode Island Isairis Burchfield works for the Rhode Island board of elections despite her husbands federal corruption conviction
Credit Instagram uncle Joeb12 convicted corrupt felon Joe Burchfield's wife, Isa, gets to keep her job with the State of Rhode Island in position of public trust at the Board of Elections
Black tie dinners, nonprofit dark money no-show job at, Public civil service supported, media interviews, celebrity parties, time to dwell on social media, photo ops, watching tv, luxurious homes, travel, chicks, going to the gym or beach doesn’t seem like punishment for me but it sure beats a regular 9-5 j-o-b the rest of us TAXPAYERS must work to support these poor felons! Really? There are everyday law abiding, tax paying citizens who would love their lives! Where is the outrage for the lies and hypocrisy? Why are these felons living the good life while the law abiding taxpayers support their "poor whining felon" lives? 

For Bernard Kerik and Felon Friends, being a felon ain’t that bad! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why President Obama will NEVER Pardon Convicted Felon Corrupt Cop Bernard Kerik

Why President Obama will NEVER Pardon Convicted Felon Corrupt Cop Bernard Kerik

On 09/15/15, convicted felon corrupt cop on supervised release, Bernard Kerik, brought his hackneyed "poor Bernie" prison whining tour to "A Just Cause" Radio show hosted by an enthusiastic young black man known as Lamont Banks. The program topic was titled "A Just Cause - Abuse and Corruption within the Bureau of Prisons". Laughable. Ridiculous. Well, I thought if anyone knows about corruption in the prison system, it would be convicted felon and former NYC Corrections Commissioner, Bernard Kerik. 

During the first thirty minutes of the program Mr. Banks and co-hosts (Stewart) uttered sentiments such as "Police hurting and killing people for no reason"..."the need to retaliate". It was shocking a former cop, even as corrupt as Bernard Kerik remains, would associate himself with a program spewing such hate against law enforcement and a federal agency, the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It was shocking and disturbing to realize how desperate Bernard Kerik must be to have to prostitute himself in such a police-hating forum. It is a sad, all-time low realization. Listen here with Kerik's portion beginning about thirty minutes into the hateful propaganda. Bernard Kerik back-peddled on the Eric Garner issue although Kerik's opinions have been reported in the media and on this blog. Hypocrite. Bernard Kerik says exactly what those who pay him or give him publicity want to hear. Presently, Kerik is on this "I love black people" tour. Over the last year, he was all "blue" calling black protesters animals, savages and "Black Panthers". Awkward. Sad. The program did not ask Bernie any questions about his own incarceration although their 501c3 supposedly advocates for prison inmates.... dark money for sure...The host did not delve into any Bureau of Prisons corruption specifics leading me to believe this was merely an marketing stunt to link their organization with the infamous "Kim Kardashian of Criminal Justice Reform", Bernard Kerik. 

Mr. Banks followed this folly by claiming he wrote to President Obama requesting a pardon for Bernie Kerik and suggesting he be given a "second chance" in law enforcement suggesting Kerik become the next Bureau of Prisons director. Well, that's "when pigs fly" material but allow me please to tell you what needs to change before that could ever happen:

Bernard Kerik needs to pay his full debt to society. Currently, Bernard Kerik reportedly owes over $180,000 criminal restitution to the United States. Despite publishing a book, establishing a 501c3, partying with A-list New Yorkers on a regular basis, working in the shadow of US Congressman Peter King, numerous media appearances and owning a multi-million dollar estate, Bernard Kerik pays only $1000.00 per month. Why not more? Taxpayer watch dog groups should be asking that question. Bernard Kerik is also serving the remaining supervised release (probation) through October, 2016. Federal pardons require five years out time before consideration although Lamont Banks doesn't appear to be that detail-oriented in his request of Mr. Obama. 

I assert,by my person knowledge and experience over the last five years, Bernard Kerik continued manipulation and lies throughout his prison term and to this very day. You can read that truth on my blog here

Bernard Kerik has never repented, expressed regret or apologized for his crimes against society. The words, "I'm sorry. I was wrong." have NEVER been uttered since his release from prison. He refers to himself as a wronged target of the United States Government. 

Bernard Kerik hasn't helped anyone but himself. Has Bernard Kerik done any community service besides line his own pockets and those of other alleged criminals like Lamont Banks with dark money supporting 501c3 organizations who essentially talk to each other and with politicians inside the beltway?!

Lastly, here's an example of the type of person Bernard Kerik had in his employ during his "unparalleled success" as New York City Corrections Commissioner (and apparently remains in his dubious "company" to this day.) Her name is Maritza Rosado, reportedly a retired Captain in the NYC Department of Corrections. Her open posts indicate she's still "in touch" with her old boss, Bernard Kerik. Take a good long look at these open facebook posts.... We can only imagine what may have gone on between "Commish Kerik" and his subordinates back in the day! Why do we want to take the chance these are actual events in the present life of convicted felon on probation Bernard Kerik? 

Credit Facebook NYC DOC Captain (ret) Maritza Rosado Bernard Kerik 

Credit Facebook NYC DOC Captain (ret) Maritza Rosado Bernard Kerik 

Credit Facebook NYC DOC Captain (ret) Maritza Rosado Bernard Kerik 

Credit Facebook NYC DOC Captain (ret) Maritza Rosado Bernard Kerik 
Why would Obama or any President pardon or commute the sentence of Bernard Kerik; an unrepentant, manipulator, reported adulterer, liar and cheater, who hasn't changed, who hasn't paid their full debt to society and who hasn't given back to their community if it didn't line their own pockets first?