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This is an exclusive #blog telling my truth of an accidental intimate relationship with former NYPD Commissioner and 8-time convicted felon liar inmate #84888-054, now on supervised release, and public figure, Bernard Kerik. Bernie Kerik manipulated my heart, soul and $93000 from me while inside prison walls. Read more please...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Fairy Tale of Koch Brothers, Dark Money, and the morally-challenged convicted felon Bernard Kerik

The Fairy Tale of Koch Brothers, Dark Money, and the morally-challenged convicted felon Bernard Kerik...

Once upon a time there was an eight-time convicted felon, on supervised release, after two years out of prison serving time for crimes involving corruption and money, owing the USA (the country to which he lied and cheated) a reported whopping criminal restitution of over $187,000! Lets call this felon Bernard Kerik. 

USA v. Bernard Kerik criminal restitution payments
And in Bernard Kerik's land of hype, on the grind of illusion, this great country which he cheated, and the SDNY probation authorities allow him to "create" and participate in a dark money 501(c)(4) organization to allegedly support "criminal justice reform". I have opined on this very blog about Hard working, tax-paying, law abiding persons like myself may think felon Bernard Kerik should get a j-o-b and pay his ENTIRE debt to society before being allowed the LUXURY of being exalted to a public position of authority on anything except being a thug. However it's perfectly legal and Bernard Kerik doesn't, by present law, have to divulge the sources of money he collects for This felon on probation who whines about being in a perpetual state of personal financial distress is now charged with being wined and dined by high rollers in the dirty politics similar to that which sent him to prison! 

Felon Bernard Kerik's dark money "organization" has exactly 39 "friends" on Facebook. But perhaps the worth of cannot be tabulated in supporters or public support, or can it? Where does get its money? Better yet, where is the money "funneled"? Does any of it go toward paying felon Bernard Kerik's outstanding $187,000 criminal restitution? Who is minding this morally-challenged eight-time convicted felon on probation as he arbitrarily travels the country with no clear purpose?

Credit: Google Bernard Kerik facebook count
No place on website does it explain it is a 501(c)(4) or if it is properly registered as such. Nowhere on this website does it declare how much money-strapped "spokesman" felon on probation Bernard Kerik receives as income for this role to be on tv, got to lunch, go to dinner, travel, glad hand politicians in Washington DC or whatever else he does with this dark money. One might think he is flirting with a risky  venture here, among other sweet, less-than-moral temptations along his travels....

So, last week we see felon Bernard Kerik all dressed up in Washington DC with his sweet FAMM Foundation (supported by Koch Industries) stumping with other crooks and cronies some crazy crap about conservative supporting "criminal justice reform" for crooks and cronies!

But gets better...then felon Bernie Kerik (who is a conservative this week), @BernardKerik, posts this boastful yet cryptic subtweet on Twitter that he is "In Los Angeles for the week"! Wow. Crime must pay! What possibly could a morally-challenged, eight-time, financially-strapped convicted felon on probation who owes $187,000 criminal restitution to the government to which he lied and cheated, be doing in California for the week? Must be nice, that felon criminal life.....Such punishment!
Credit: Twitter @BernardKerik Bernard B. Kerik

The fairytale may continue for, Bernard Kerik, this morally-challenged, eight-time, financially-strapped convicted felon on probation who owes $187,000 criminal restitution to the government to which he lied and cheated. Guess who else is in California this week prepping for the $$$ Koch Bros "Freedom Partners Annual Summer Conference"!

Now, I remind you this is all a sweet reverie. Perhaps, Bernard Kerik, this morally-challenged, eight-time, financially-strapped convicted felon on probation who owes $187,000 the government to which he lied and cheated, was permitted by the US Federal Probation authorities to travel to California to rest, hob-nob with Sly Stallone, work on his tan or perhaps look for a left-coast j-o-b? Naw.... It MAY be what felon Bernard Kerik does best: use O.P.M. (Other People's Money) he hasn't earned to be "made", promote a fantasy agenda he only believes for a moment or until the money runs out! Have we heard this fairytale before?

But does felon Bernard Kerik live happily ever after? Stay Tuned. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Did felon Bernard Kerik inspire the corrupt commish character in the must read novel of the summer, "Badge of Evil"?

Did felon Bernard Kerik inspire the corrupt commish character in "Badge of Evil"? Of course, in my humble opinion...

Novel,"Badge of Evil", written by former NYPD cop turned private detective, Bill Stanton, and esteemed New York journalist, Craig Horowitz, is published by Judith Regan and Regan Arts

I was intrigued since inmate Bernie Kerik, during one of our visits while he was incarcerated in FPC Cumberland, MD, once described Bill Stanton by saying, "..he was a cop for about five minutes so he thinks he knows everything...". Well, now you see, I just had to go there...or here... 

Credit: Regan Arts "Badge of Evil" Horowitz Stanton Bernard Kerik 
The mere mention in reputation of those infamous Metro NYC names tells anyone this novel is destined to be one dynamic crime thriller! I read an excerpt and now I can't wait for the Kindle download! Even more enticing is the connection and history between the composite characters in the book and the real life formulators of "Badge of Evil"! 

According to a Fox5NY media appearance on 07/27/15, the "composite" character (antagonist), Commissioner Lawrence Brock, is described as a "corrupt, out-of-control police commissioner". An earlier New York Post Page Six article, describes the same character, Commish Brock, as "an ambitious, headline-grabbing NYPD commissioner being touted for a promotion to Homeland Security". Well, if you have to think too hard to put that together, you could probably qualify for a job as a NYC Commissioner of Corrections at Rikers or the Interim Iraq something something! Ha! (Did I say that out-loud?!). Of course, it's Bernie. However the book includes a nifty legal disclaimer that "any resemblance to actual coincidental"*** insert wild laughter here***

So we all know Bill Stanton from his private security to the stars and his accompanying Judith Regan in the successful mission to liberate her divorce files from the grips of a horrible divorce attorney once relieved of his duties. We know Craig Horowitz as the writer of one of the best articles describing the "storm that wrecked" Bernie Kerik's career. And we all know Judith Regan as Bernard Kerik's book publisher to the very successful 2001 memoir, "The Lost Son". Oh, and yeah, there was that extra-marital double affair with Bernie cheating not only on his wife, Hala Kerik, but also with and on another long-time lover, City Corrections Officer Jeanette Pinero, culminating in a nasty breakup when Judith found out Bernie was lying to her about Jeannette and the status of his marriage. Oh, and yeah, there was those $5million reasons in that nasty Fox News law suit where truth about Bernie Kerik was on Ms. Regan's side.  

So now, some fourteen years later, the "Commish" finally gets his comeuppance in a most endearing personal yet subtle sting in the "Badge of Evil"! Touche, Ms. Regan! Well played, Ma'am...very well played...(Now you all gotta just get this book!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Is felon Bernard Kerik getting a probation violation pass that 'Soccer Mom Madam' Anna Gristina is denied?

Is felon Bernard Kerik getting a probation violation pass that 'Soccer Mom Madam' Anna Gristina is denied? 

Felons on probation, both State and Federal probation, are generally not to be anywhere near guns...or does that depend on the quality of "supervision" and the exact felon being supervised? 

The New York Post recently published article, " 'Soccer Mom Madam' (Anna Gristina) may have violated probation by posing with a gun" ( It's also in the New York Daily News (, local media (local media and other media sites posted on the internet. It was reported Ms. Gristina, a convicted felon on (New York State) probation was violated for allegedly missing a mental health evaluation and allegedly being shown in a photo posing with what appeared to be a weapon; both violations of her probation conditions. Well, lookie here....

What is also posted in public forums on the internet is a felon on FEDERAL probation "supervised release", namely eight-time convicted felon Bernard Kerik, posing next to a high powered rifle allegedly belonging to his son, SWAT officer Joseph Kerik, during what was described as an active training of the (federally monitored) Newark NJ police SWAT team. The photo was tagged as taken on "September 13, 2013. If accurate, that would mean felon Bernard Kerik was still allegedly on HOUSE ARREST when this photo was taken? Really? (Felon Bernard Kerik was "released" from house arrest in October, 2013....)

However, felon on Federal "supervised release", Bernard Kerik, freely and openly posts pics of his posing right near high powered rifles? Check out Bernard Kerik's "Career" Flickr account here: 

Credit Flickr/KeriksCareer Joe Kerik Newark SWAT Bernard Kerik
Here's another pose of felon Bernard Kerik up close and personal with a high-powered rifle, allegedly from a similar Newark New Jersey SWAT drill (Fall of 2014) posted openly on the Internet by one of Bernie's intimate **cough** NYC DOC Ladies' facebook account of Maritza Rosado.
Credit Instagram/brat_face2622 Joe Kerik Newark SWAT Bernard Kerik
To the best of this blogger's knowledge, felon Bernard Kerik suffered no probation violation for these bold and public postings seemingly violating probation terms. 

It is also interesting to note the probation violating photo of Anna Gristina allegedly posing with a gun has not been published.  

So it begs the question: Is felon Bernard Kerik (on Federal probation) getting a probation violation "pass" that 'Soccer Mom Madam' Anna Gristina (New York State probation) is denied? Is there a double-standard, a "pass", unequal treatment or is New York State Probation just better at "supervising" their "non-violent felons? That may be a great question posed to the authorities allegedly "supervising" felon Bernie Kerik, the New York Southern District Federal Probation Authorities or the United States Probation Office is...wait for it...wait for it...Newark New Jersey!! No apparent conflict of interest or "pass" given here, right? 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Syndicated News Truth; Bernard Kerik was Fed Inmate #84888-054: He IS NOT NYPD’s Police Commissioner

Syndicated News and Ruthie DiTucci published one of the most bold and truthful articles regarding felon Bernard Kerik ever! You won't read this in popular mainstream media. These truths deserve a reprint or you may read it here in its original 12/27/15 published format: "Bernard Kerik was Fed Inmate #84888-054: He is NOT NYPD's Police Commissioner" by Syndicated News Ruthie DiTucci (credit: Syndicated News @SyndicatedTalk)
Credit Syndicated News Bernard Kerik William Bratton
William Bratton [on the left], built a solid law enforcement career that spans decades, beginning in Boston, then Los Angeles and he’s served as NYPD Police Commissioner twice. All in all, he has a very dignified work history.
Bernie Kerik [on the right], was raised by an alcoholic prostitute mother, who was later murdered by her pimp (view New York Times article at the end of this article where Bernard himself identifies his mother’s profession). He worked numerous jobs in law enforcement but eventually wound up as an inmate in a federal prison.

By Ruthie DiTucci
A dangerous news trend began with the onset of 2014’s world tragedies. National news stations desperately competing for viewers began empaneling 3 to 5 specialists whether they were knowledgeable on the matter at hand – or not.
From  psychiatrists to psychics, news anchors led their panels through highly impassioned talks and out-and-out yelling matches. All over American televisions these panels argued about everything from Hurricane Sandy and the CT school shootings to Boko-Haram and ISIS. In most cases the professionals were fairly qualified in the topics they were discussing in some cases they were not.
The most dangerous aspect of this type of staged programming began when television programming producers and ‘guest schedulers’ brazenly invited former criminal, Bernard Kerik as the fountain of wisdom on all and any world matters without mentioning that he was freshly out of prison.
To further the blatant identity theft, anchors and interviewers began referring to Kerik and addressing him as “Commissioner.”
Some of the most important stories being discussed was Bill Cosby’s carousel of rape victims and then again the chaotic article about the University of Virginia published by Rolling Stone. This is an important notation because many of Bill Cosby’s victims and many other rape victims watch television as both a news and an entertainment source. What do they see on the panel? A known felon.
How can the public take a news program seriously when the featured guest is Kerik, offered as the source of information? This is especially damaging when many of Kerik’s victims are watching this criminal on television when they could have presented a qualified but also respected opinion.
You have to ask yourself, “why would any legitimate victim of any kind of assault respect Bernard Kerik (who is a felon) or the anchor/reporter interviewing the felon, Judge Jeannine Pirro whom was under investigation for asking Kerik to break the law for her by asking him to place a tracking device on the boat she shared with her husband to help her spy on her errant husband’s mistresses? How do you think the public saw that segment? Who made that decision on FOX to bring on Kerik?
By repeatedly interviewing Bernard Kerik as the legitimate voice of ‘law enforcement’ mainstream media and Bernard Kerik are complicit in giving the public the impression that he is somehow related to ‘the’ NYPD either as a spokesman or someone in good standing that is affiliated with NYPD.
When interviewing him for television, reporters fail to mention that Kerik just got out of Federal Prison. Instead they interview him and revere him as though he is an ambassador or a diplomat.
It is actually the most blatant and effective case of identify theft ever perpetrated on the American and international viewing public because it is being done both on television and on the news programs’ websites simultaneously and it is being done in the open.
Credit Syndicated News Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik [in the shackles] was Prison Inmate No. 84888-054 while he lived in the repeatedly addressed Kerik as “The Commish.” He didn’t say a word to correct her.
The background connection between the two of them is that when Judge Pirro suspected her husband, Albert Pirro of having an affair, she contacted Kerik, who was working as a private security consultant. It was the middle of 2005 and she wanted Kerik to place a tape recorder on a boat owned by the couple where Albert entertained his mistresses.
Judge Jeanine Pirro and Bernard Kerik surprised the FBI when they both wound up on an authorized FBI wire tap where Pirro was asking Kerik to place a tracking/recording device on the boat she co-owned with her husband.

The primary purpose for this article is to identify these two men, Police Commissioner William Bratton and Bernard Kerik are different and distinct each from the other.
These men have absolutely nothing to do with one another and are as distinct in their characters as they are in their accomplishments. The only thing that connects them is that Kerik fell from disgrace and once worked at NYPD. He no longer has anything to do with NYPD but no one mentions it.
Bernard Kerik’s attorney was Joe Tacopina, attorney to the stars, mobsters and rappers. Kerik is now suing Tacopina because he thinks Tacopina is responsible for his winding up in federal prison – again he assumes no responsibility for the trouble he gets himself in by his own hand.
Exactly one year ago this month, the Daily News did a great pictorial on Tacopina’s client list (take a look at this line up).

The most important reason we are posting this article, that may seem ‘old news’ to most people, is because these articles were published in 2013, and only published by the Daily News – not a national paper. The rest of the United States viewership thinks that Bernard Kerik is the new NYPD Police Commissioner. He said he was going to do that – he’s doing it and news media are helping him perpetrate this fraud.
Credit Syndicated News Bernard Kerik Joe Tacopina
Most Americans do not know Kerik’s history. We are sharing this information now in 2015 because mainstream media continues to interview, this felon, Bernard Kerik as though he is someone of importance whose advice the public should take seriously.
Kerik is the last person whom should be advising hard working tax paying Americans on anything. Remember that when he chose to hide money and not pay taxes, the taxes didn’t disappear. The rest of us tax payers made up for his theft.
Bernard Kerik should be keeping a low profile and stop making believe he is someone of importance that the public should oblige.
When television producers repeatedly invite him on television news shows, whomever is responsible for inviting guests on news shows is feeding into his megalomania.
Mainstream media has done the public two great injustices.
First, they fed the public ‘Kerik’ as though he were a legitimate, important law enforcement officer. Second, they have been denying the actual NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton of his true and rightful identity.
By repeatedly referring to Kerik as “the commish,” news anchors and reporters fuel his massive ego.
At the moment, the public does not know the difference between NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton (the true current NYPD Police Commissioner) and Bernard Kerik. The know there is an NYPD Police Commissioner but the only face they see who is referred to as the commissioner is Bernard Kerik.
And at this point in Kerik’s life, instead of accepting that his own criminal behavior got him a Federal Indictment and a prison sentence, he is blaming his old attorney for his problems and holds his attorney responsible for crimes he himself committed.

Bernard Kerik himself identifies his mother as a prostitute

He said that she was most likely murdered by her pimp. It is too easy to make such a salacious statement without supporting documentation. The statement was first published in the New York Times by Christopher Drew, published on November 9, 2001.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Bernard Kerik's Son Joe Kerik quietly gets married ...Cat's In the Cradle...well almost

Bernard Kerik's Son Joe Kerik quietly gets married ...Cat's In the Cradle...well almost....

The has-been selfie king, Donald Trump apologist, Geraldo Rivera, announced on his fledgling local NYC radio show, Bernard Kerik's son, Joe Kerik, was getting married today. Joey Kerik is a loyal son, a decent cop and a good man mostly because he was raised entirely by his MOTHER, Jacqueline Kerik, after his selfish father deserted him and his mother way back there. I guess it's true we can't pick our family. Congratulations and well wishes are in order, of course! (I express that sentiment seriously and genuinely. Joey is a good kid, especially and in spite of all the embarrassing "adult kid" crap his father has imposed upon his innocent life.) However in a "Cats in the the Cradle" twist and another ironic Kerik family tradition, it appears the bride in a family way. Mazel!

Credit Instagram Bernard Kerik's son Joe Kerik gets married 
Bernie always said Joe was a better man than he'll ever be. That's definitely true. The first time Bernie got a lovely Korean girl pregnant, he ran...and fast. Bernie didn't catch up with his "daughter" until he and mistress, Judith Regan, were selling a book after 9/11. (It appears his baby Mama contacted Bernie and wanted to know where he's been and to remind Bernie her GROWN daughter deserved some of the profit from those wildly successful book sales! Oh those sweet reunification stories grab you right in the heart, don't they?) Desertion is a Kerik tradition. Yet, Joey is no "lost son". It's nice to see Joseph Kerik break some unhealthy family traditions. Let's hope this is just the start of a long run of that! Congrats Joey.....

  1. Cat's In The Cradle
    Song by Harry Chapin
  2. My child arrived just the other day,
    He came to the world in the usual way,
    But there were planes to catch and bills to pay,
    He learned to walk while I was away
    And he was talking 'fore I knew it and as he grew
    He'd say I'm gonna be like you, Dad
    You know I'm gonna be like you
    And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon
    Little boy blue and the man on the moon
    When you coming home dad, I don't know when,
    But we'll get together then
    You know we'll have a good time then
    My son turned ten just the other day,
    He said thanks for the ball, dad, come on let's play
    Can you teach me to throw, I said not today
    I got a lot to do, he said that's OK
    And he, He walked away, but his smile never did, and said
    I'm gonna be like him, yeah
    You know I'm gonna be like him....

Friday, June 26, 2015

From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check: Inmate Bernard Kerik every bit the Prison Manipulator as Escaped Inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat

From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check: Inmate Bernard Kerik every bit the Prison Manipulator as Escaped Clinton Correctional Inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat

Felon, former corrupt cop and former inmate, Bernard Kerik, was seen on "Hardball", flapping his libel-proof gums masquerading as a Corrections "expert" throwing around the most laughingly hypocritical terms such "in the guidelines of the law"! I know, right?

Credit: Hardball MSNBC Bernard Kerik Richard Matt David Sweat Master Manipulators
I was captivated by the irony of this television moment as I reflect upon the last five years of my life. As I have explained in this very blog, I supported, financially, emotionally, Federal Inmate #84888-054 Bernard Kerik. I had almost daily contact in emails, phone calls and hand-written, letters with Bernie as we collaborated in co-authors on our new book, "From Jailer to Jailed". I know, first-hand, how a prisoner can manipulate well-meaning, unsuspecting innocents and embroil them into their web of deceit and lies. Inmate Bernard Kerik manipulated me out of $93000.00 right from inside his prison walls, continuing his master manipulation, intimidation and threats seemingly with the full knowledge and blessing of the US Bureau of Prisons as well as the US Probation Office. 

In recent days I have been asked by more than one person, "How did a smart woman like you get caught up with a creep criminal like him?" Well, It is a subtle and gradual grooming, much in the same way child molesters get close to their young victims. Bernie had the smooth swag to make me feel as I was one of the most important persons in his inner circle. He would even profess that in emails and letters. Inmate Kerik manipulated money from me by saying it would "help his family" because that would mean more for his suffering young daughters, Angelina and Celine. Little did I know as I was dropping benjamins in his commissary account, he was perhaps pulling the same crap with one or more unsuspecting women (stay tuned). Oh and don't worry about Bernie's kids. They are still living in the $2million estate and attending private school. Go figure, right?

Bernie didn't limit his manipulation to civilians. He also put the sway to work on guards and other prison officials. I account in this blog Bernard Kerik was allowed to use the private phone of a Federal BOP official to make several personal phone calls when Bernie was being transported back to Cumberland FPC from MCC New York City after his alleged "solitary confinement" of special meals and other "special" treatment. I know because one of these prohibited phone calls was to me. To the best of my knowledge, no BOP official has been punished over this flagrant violation. 

Bernie and friends are even allowed to threaten, harass and intimidate me to this day with full knowledge and blessing of the US Probation officials who are charged with "supervising" Bernie's lingering federal probation. They are the same officials who think a felon on probation who owes over $180,000 criminal restitution can write a book, get paid for appearances, start a dark money funneling .org and still only qualify to pay $250.00 per month. (I'm still waiting for someone to explain all that to me). So you think the Clinton Correctional follies are still shocking? Read on.

Inmate and Federal Probationer, Bernard Kerik, also manipulated me out of the co-authorship rights to my three years' writing and work product in what is now published as our new book, "From Jailer to Jailed". I collaborated with Bernie writing/editing daily, discussed the book on visits, in emails and planned its content, talking points and ideas. As soon as Bernard Kerik was free, he demanded my original documents then promptly published with full knowledge and conspiring with his book agent all without my permission, consent or compensation. 

Bernie perpetrated this in his professional and personal life as well. He cheated on his wife, Hala Kerik, for years with not one women, Judith Regan, overlooking the smouldering ash of his own police officers on 9/11 but two simultaneous adulterous affairs! One of those affairs was reportedly  during those "midnight rounds" at Rikers with his subordinate Correction Officer, Jeanette Pinero! Yes, good times. We might forget them as "former Corrections Commissioner Bernard Kerik" Monday Morning quarterbacks Rikers on his whining television tour! So why do we appear so shocked with the shenanigans of Clinton Correctional being exposed? 

Bernie Kerik's life is a series of "quid pro quo", saying it enough to make it appear true, copying off the smart guys paper with a genius pension for "magical thinking". He's done it his entire life in my personal experience and examination. 

No, Richard Matt and David Sweat have nothing on Bernie when it comes to manipulating innocents for all they can take. Bernie just has better suits and higher class of conspirators and cronies. That's just what true crooks and bad guys do. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bernard Kerik Prison Porn Letter Happy 59th Birthday Bernie Kerik

At time of posting, 09/04/14, Bernard Kerik celebrates his 59th Birthday. Liar felon inmate Bernie often wrote to me how he imagined we would spend his birthdays to come. If that new book he's putting out (allegedly filled with my writing) never gets published or doesn't sell, some may think he has career writing dirty novels. 

Nothing says Happy 59th Birthday to Bernie Kerik better than one of his original exclusive prison porn letters to me. Bernie wanted to celebrate at a certain 9th Avenue Manhattan bar with apple martinis and...well you can read it...

So send Bernard Kerik a tweet, facebook post or email wishing him a Happy 59th Birthday and let him know you read this on

Bernard Kerik With Prison Porn letter Page 1 of  2 archive
Bernard Kerik With Prison Porn letter Page 2 of  2 archive
Bernard Kerik With Prison Porn letter envelope archive
Bernard Kerik Love Prison letter archive

Bernard Kerik With Love Prison letter archive

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bernard Kerik: Two years since prison release: There's an End to Infinity

Bernard Kerik: Two years since prison release: There's an End to Infinity Bernard Kerik Prison letter Bernard Kerik Prison letter Bernard Kerik Prison letter Bernard Kerik Prison letter
Why you mad? Talkin' 'bout you're mad
Could it be that you just lost the best you've ever had?
That’s your bag, yup, that’s too bad
Show is over, you ain’t gotta act

Name hold weight like kilos
Wouldn’t have none of that without me though
Ain’t none of my business, it's tea though

Outta ammo, gotta reload
If life was a game, you're a free throw
It's nothing that you don’t already know

Credit: Mariah Carey Infinity
Credit: Mariah Carey Infinity
Credit: Mariah Carey Infinity
Credit: Mariah Carey Infinity
Credit: Mariah Carey Infinity
Credit: Mariah Carey Infinity

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Does Ben Carson want to have his name linked with the corrupt cop Bernard Kerik?

Does Dr. Ben Carson want to have his name linked with the corrupt cop Bernard Kerik? Well a rather deceiving headline posted by Felon liar Bernard Kerk's buds over at hope you don't look too closely!

The headline makes it appear conservative Presidential hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson, shares views and opinions with corrupt liar felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Perhaps Newsmax thinks we are all high school dropouts with GEDs and degrees "awarded" to us like thug, Bernard Kerik. Sorry, Newsmax. Busted!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CNBC Trusting White Collar Convict Bernard Kerik is like "Dying With Your Eyes Open"

CNBC Trusting White Collar Convict Bernard Kerik is like "Dying With Your Eyes Open"!

Credit: www.DoingTimeWithBernie and Bernard Kerik "Dying With Your Eyes Open"

Credit: www.DoingTimeWithBernie and Bernard Kerik "Dying With Your Eyes Open"
Felon Bernard Kerik and I wrote "Dying With your Eyes Open" while he was in prison. This is the original document on which this talking point is based. Unfortunately Bernie has been using my work, talking points and concepts for his own profit and/or media opportunities without proper credit, permission or compensation as co-author and editor in his book from "Jailer to Jailed" as well as in media promotional appearances as he did this morning on CNBC Squawk Box with Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Felon liar Bernard Kerik owes the United States government over $180,000.00 in criminal restitution. Shouldn't CNBC "White Collar Convicts" leave the tea and sympathy infomercials for those repentant felons who have stop being a liar fraudster and who have paid their debt to society - literally?! As someone once said, "Brass Ones"....

Bernard Kerik's alleged lies by omission on CNBC'S "WHITE COLLAR CONVICTS: LIFE ON THE INSIDE"

Bernard Kerik's alleged lies by omission on CNBC'S "WHITE COLLAR CONVICTS: LIFE ON THE INSIDE"

In full disclosure for the truth of the matter, based upon CNBC promotional video, felon liar on probation Bernard Kerik allegedly lies by omission, on CNBC's "WHITE COLLAR CONVICTS: LIFE ON THE INSIDE". I alleged, based upon my daily interaction and personal experience with convict, Bernard Kerik, Inmate 84888-054, he received "special treatment" while incarcerated, especially in solitary confinement. I've written openly about it here on this blog published on April 5, 2015, "Is Bernard Kerik exaggerating about Solitary Confinement From Jailer to Jailed experience rather than speak of special treatment he received from guards" 

In this blog post I relay Bernie's admissions to me of specially catered meals brought to him on Thanksgiving Day as well as a rather huge deli sandwich compliments of a transportation guard who also allowed Bernie to use his private phone to call me and others "off the record" while Bernard was being transported back to Cumberland MD. Personal archives Bernard Kerik inmate 84888-054 Personal archives Bernard Kerik NYPD Commissioner hat work 9/11 gifts from Bernie
 Bernie Kerik can spin his tales about feeding mice a la "Papillon" or some crazy crap but Bernie Kerik's entire incarceration as well as his probation aka "supervised release" has many examples of special treatment and second and third chances. Off the record, based on just a few intimate observations, it wouldn't surprise me if Bernie got a little s-e-x on the side "turned out" in the private confines of the SHU MCC!

I emailed Mr. Sorkin with an invitation to review my documentation to include in his program. I'm sure it was simply an oversight he never replied. Maybe someone should ask  Mr. Sorkin to be sure his Manhattan pedigree or some other prejudice may be lying about interfering with his ability to be journalist rather than showman. Perhaps CNBC Primetime is caught up in the rapture of the likes of  these "celebrity felons" like Kerik, Kozlowski and Nacchio but I am certainly not. Bernie Kerik lives in a $2million estate in Franklin Lakes NJ, doesn't have a full time job, receives a $100,000/yr tax-free pension from the City of New York for being "made", just profited off his crime with a book published nationally by Threshold Editions/Simon & Schuster. From me, there will be no telethons, tea or sympathy for Bernard Kerik. Felon liar on probation, Bernard Kerik, who still owes the US Federal Government over $180,000 in criminal restitution should have thought of the consequences when he was getting free apartment renovation, cheating on his taxes, allegedly cheating on his pregnant wife AND two mistresses in a free apartment overlooking the burning flesh of over 2977 persons including 23 of his own NYPD officers serving at his pleasure as NYPD Commissioner. Felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, lives better today than most of us who obey the law and work like hell to survive!
Credit: New York Daily News Bernard Kerik Judith Regan
Yes, Mr. Sorkin, there are some alleged omissions in your "investigative reporting" on CNBC. They still call it punishment, don't they? Punishment is a deterrent for those with a conscientious and repentant intentions. Bernard Kerik, in my humble opinion is a narcissist, psychopath who will fake it until he makes it. We are all living for that day...Stay Tuned....

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why Is Bernard Kerik desperate to silence me?

Why Is Bernard Kerik desperate to silence me?

Since felon liar on probation Bernard Kerik manipulated $93000.00 from me from inside his prison walls and then took my work product, talking points, writing, editing and published it as his own, I've been attempting to tell my story. I'm entitled to have the world know the real Bernie Kerik who CONTINUES to lack a moral compass despite the embarrassment and shame of being a corrupt cop who got sent to prison.
Well, I must be very effective in my communication because Bernard Kerik et al have been shutting down my twitter account faster than I can make them! Ha!

So perhaps the secret to true justice in criminal just reform may be to take the criminals out of it. That "criminal" would be you, Bernard Kerik! Bernie's book produced dismal sales because its contents suck. Its content sucks because you tried to use my work with bad editing creating a sub-standard product that reflects your soul. Bernie Kerik the next sound you hear will be the karma truck backing over your heap of continuing lies, deception and fraud. You can TRY to shut me down but there is a long line of decent, hard-working Americans who know you are an unrepentant fraudster who will never change! Stay tuned....

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed : You're Welcome, Bernie!

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed: You're Welcome, Bernie!

A family member of Bernard Kerik once warned me not to trust Bernie as he's been known to use people to his benefit, then eject and ban those same friends from his life when their purpose in his life exhausted. I regret not taking that advice.

On page 286, in Bernard Kerik's new fantasy novel, "From Jailer to Jailed,  felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, thanks his crony brother, Don, for "putting money in my commissary account every month for three years so Hala wouldn't have to send (me) any". 
That's sweet, Bernie, but, like a lot of "memories" in your "memoir", it's an omission, an exaggeration or an outright lie! 

Does Hala still believe that crap you told her about going without in prison so the girls could have more? Did Don forget the many months he was having money troubles and I picked up the slack? 
Well, Bernie, I suppose the $4556.00 I deposited in your commissary account over those years escaped your feeble mind as well as the twisted minds of your lawyer, book agent and publisher! I'm here. I exist, you bastard. You're welcome, Bernie. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik, his porno attorney and the voice mystery ALLEGEDLY

Felon Bernard Kerik, his porno attorney and the voicemail abuse mystery....ALLEGEDLY

Its scary to think Bernard Kerik was one background check away from being DHS Secretary! Bernard Kerik has hit the skids, if you consider the company he's been keeping and their ALLEGED antics OF HARASSMENT, SLANDER AND ABUSE.

The suspected harasser, and Bernie's alleged new bear buddy, goes by the twitter of .@robertjfeldman who is apparently a lawyer by day and a porno King by night! 

(Credit Twitter: .@robertjfeldman)

Bobby the bear recently wrote a love letter to his sweetie BFF, felon Bernard Kerik, in the Huffington Post entitled, "the Redemption of Bernard Kerik"

I blogged about the voice who left a threatening message on my voice mail in the name of felon Bernard Kerik. The call came from 646.620.5378 and you can hear a clip here

Then came the very nasty harassing tweets which he quickly deleted after a report was filed:

Well, a Good Samaritan tipped me off to a possible suspect which you hear here: 

Law enforcement agree (and had the biggest belly laughs with this tip) but I thought some crowd sourcing on this would help. 

Bernie Kerik has turned into such a disgusting and pitiful creature. Bernard Kerik had a chance to do some good in the world. Now, it appears, he's, once again allowing his "self-minded arrogance " and his good-for-nothing friends to contribute to his demise...allegedly and in my experience and opinion. 

Bernie, your children must be so proud! (Sad...very sad). As a very wise man once said, Stay Tuned....