My Photo   This is my ex-pal, Bernard Kerik. He is a recognizable public figure. I am a private person. I never intended these precious memories to be shared. However, I was threatened my name would be "released" to the press with the malicious intent to "destroy my life".Yes, that happened. I don't need fame, a big house or reality show. A productive, balanced, healthy life are my treasures. This docu-blog rips open the shame blanket of secrets, untruths, distractions, diversions & manipulation. Our relationship, in retrospect, is clearer to me now: Bernard Kerik is a taker and I am a giver. He made me a secret in his life "on the side" and I allowed it until now. My true intent is benevolent healing. The shame of lies, deceit and manipulation are not mine. I take full responsibility for my personal failings in this relationship and the serious consequences resulting. I pray my life will be redeemed and enhanced by the lessons born of the pain. Truth overpowers threats. Secrets keep us "sick". Everything I share is truth based upon personal knowledge, experience, and most often, documents. This is my truth. I hope it sets us all free .....

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is Bernard Kerik's White Flag in the air? Parlatore Brooklyn Bridge and Base Jumpers

Is Bernard Kerik's White Flag in the air? Parlatore Brooklyn Bridge & Base Jumpers

If so, we may have a bridge in Brooklyn you can buy and plant a flag upon!
We've all heard of the mysterious white flag on top of the Brooklyn Bridge planted right under the noses of those alleged ardent post-9/11 terror-fighters, the New York Police Department. 

As documented here,, John Miller, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton's Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence speculates it must be the work of two groups working to "make a statement" who were somehow unnoticed by cops. Miller also commented there may have been some pre-planning and experience in climbing such structures.

Reportedly, the flag was bleached of it's colors. "These colors don't run" or do they? The white flag is a generally accepted symbol of surrender.  Let's consider the events in an around New York during this time. 

Eric Garner died during an arrest where NYPD officer, Daniel Pantaleo, placed Garner in a banned chokehold. The case has unhinged the NYPD with daily accusations of brutality and excessive force.

Also in the news came word that former NYPD Liar Felon Fraudster Bernard Kerik defamation case against Joe Tacopina backfired with a contempt charge for blabbing about info sealed by protective order in the USA v Bernard Kerik case. Fraudster Bernard Kerik posted a pic of himself from back in the day, climbing a bridge. 

On or about 07/22/14. The Newark Police Department was placed under Federal oversight for abuses. ( from AP and Huffington Post   "Dysfunctional Newark Police Department Needs Outside Monitor, Feds Say"  07/22/14 05:44 PM ET  ) Bernard Kerik has revealed publicly his son serves on Newark Police Department. 

Now, stay with me here....

Felon Fraudster Kerik who gives us all whiplash making big bank running between Hug A Thug Reformer and pretending to be NYPD Police Commissioner, got a spot on tabloid show, "Inside Edition". Kerik, with no knowledge of the case and still on federal probation for fraud, proclaimed "They will be caught". Hey, Kerik, I think the NYPD's got this one.

Former Top Cop Bernard Kerik: 'They Will Be Caught'
Posted July 25, 2014 | 2:02pm EDT

Check out this video posted about this time:

And Bernard Kerik goes further writing a scathing piece in his former co-defendant's rag and ad-hoc public relations pals, the New York Daily News, chastising the NYPD for requiring better security on the bridge! Ya think, Captain Obvious? (

And Kerik @BernardKerik even tweeted his admonitions to NYPD Police Commissioner Bratton and the world! 


Every Fraudster Felon needs a lawyer who defends Husksters. So, attorney Timothy Parlatore is the one. Yes, Parlatore may get a contempt charge in the USA v Bernard Kerik case too!

Coincidence, or perhaps none, Parlatore also rep'd those pesky World Trade Center base Jumpers who got off with a slap on the wrist. This decision may have emboldened knucklehead dope-smoking Occupy types to climb more shit they shouldn't be climbing. ( )

But let's think. A disgruntled former NYPD turned felon who is hating big-time on the government, his cop son also being under oversight of the Feds at work, whose media-crazed lawyer once defended pranksters who violated another famous NY landmark in an atmosphere where everyone is looking at NYPD through eyes of seeing Eric Garner die before our eyes. Now a desperate disgruntled felon makes money going on a tabloid show to assure us all "They will be caught"! 

I hope they will, Bern. Maybe it's all just a horrible coincidence or NYC is just a very small town after all. 

Who could go unnoticed by cops except cops? Naw. That couldn't happen, could it?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bernard Kerik describes USA v Bernard Kerik Prosecutors giddy schoolgirls

In my previous post entitled "Bernard Kerik Exclusive Writing Preface for his new book", I posted a lengthy document Bernie Kerik wrote and I edited and archived, while in prison, intending it as "the Preface" for a reprinting edition of his memoir, "The Lost Son".

 Bernie wrote the prosecutors were "sickening" and returned to their office like "giddy school girls"...

Bernie Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik

Then, due to Bernie Kerik's greed and revenge, as well as his attorneys attempt to make a headline, this happened in USA v Bernard Kerik:

Credit: New York Daily News Bernie Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik

Credit: New York Post Bernie Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik

And now this is gonna happen before August 1, 2014. Looks like it might be an interesting few weeks for Bernie Kerik. Yup, he's a reformer, all right. Tell Threshold Editions Simon&Schuster to hold off on the printing of the book. We may have to change the title to "Bernard Kerik : From Jailer to Jailed to Felon and back to Jailed".. 

Credit: NYSD Federal Court Docket Bernie Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik

Bernard Kerik book SPOILER ALERT Dahlia Mary & May : Liberation Dream or Creepy Custodial Interference?

During his entire time incarcerated, among other duties, I archived and stored documents, research and writing by inmate Bernard Kerik. Bernie's memoir "The Lost Son" had received some criticism for alleged enhancement or contorting of facts. Bernie told me these were haters who were jealous of his success.

However, if I was to be completely honest, after reviewing several documents I've posted here compared to the reality of the situation, there may be some credence in their theory of contorting facts to create a story that suits Bernie rather than the truth. One such story I know will be in Bernie's upcoming book, "From Jailer to Jailed" to be published by Threshold Editions through imprint Simon & Schuster. This is the "story" of Dahlia Mary and May. One version is a sweet Syrian liberation story of a "young girl" from a desperate Mother where, of course, Bernard Kerik saves the day. The other version, which may be closer to the truth, reveals Bernie Kerik using his connections, outside the bounds of authority, pulling strings for an alleged jump off and subordinate in what may have been an international custodial interference case. I'll let you decide.

Bernie first told this story during a visit to Cumberland in early 2013. He made it sound as if he heroically rescued a little girl from "captors" in Syria and returned her reuniting with her desperate Mother in Jordan. At the time, I was awe-struck and so proud of my Pal doing great things in his life and never took credit! I thought everything that could be written and more had already been exposed and written about Bernard Kerik. However, Bernie is the gift that keeps on giving.

Well, then I get this personal email from Bernie in prison, still telling this sweet story, but which gives a bit more detail which does dampen the "verbal rendition" drama a bit. It is years after 2006 when all this occurred and everyone is fine and in this country with Bernie Kerik promising them a story in his next book.(Bernie also promised me editing credits in a book that was never published so we'll see what happens)

Bernie gushes in the email he loves Dahlia Mary like his own children, "Love Always and Forever". I immediately thought of the unborn girl Bernie deserted in Korea during his military service without looking for her until he was writing a book in 2001. I wondered how she would react to this email that Bernie would "rescue" this stranger's daughter and love her so deeply yet not go those lengths for his own daughter so many years ago. Dramatic rescue and good deed considered, I still couldn't help wonder why he would cherish a total stranger's child as much as his own. It seemed too much affection for the disclosed facts and circumstances...But wait there's more...

Bernard Kerik prison email From Jailer to Jailed Dahlia Mary and May

Bernard Kerik prison email From Jailer to Jailed Dahlia Mary and May

 So the next day, I get another email from Bernie about the story of Dahlia Mary and May. After some deep research, the story Bernie writes is quite different than the reality. The "little girl' was 20 at the time of  "rescue". She had been in Syria with her brother and father living with her father and grandparents for 16 years! Dahlia Mary's father was in a custody battle with her estranged Mother who, for some unknown reason, was separated from her children, living in Jordan working for...wait for it..wait for it...Bernie Kerik! It was also rumored at that time, Bernie and Mother May were "very intimate". Let's face it, Bernie does have a "record" in that department of bedding his subordinates and work partners....'Nuf said on that topic..So the story went from a "little girl" being rescued by Bernie Kerik from "captors" in Syria to what seemed like a favor for a subordinate and possible jump off trying to divorce, come to America aiming to win an alleged international custodial interference case! The real truth will probably never be told. I'm glad everyone is safe and no better place to live than America. However, can we just call a thang a thang, please!!!
Bernard Kerik prison email From Jailer to Jailed Dahlia Mary and May
So the real creepy part came when I visited Bernie a few days later in Cumberland MD Federal Prison Camp. He was very "excited" to see Dahlia Mary upon his release. Then he remarked, 'It's going to be hard to consider her a little girl anymore....she's all grown up. She reminds me of  Hala before she had the kids...She's gorgeous and works for Victoria's Secret...Wow, have you seen her picture?'...Actually that's not so creepy if you know the real Bernie but all the pieces of the story came together at that moment. I thought Bernie was joking however, her Linked-In profile did confirm she did work at Victoria's Secret!! Come to think of it, Bernie has been spending a great deal of time down in Washington DC lately...Naw...That couldn't happen, could it? Get all your minds out of that gutter!! Not Bernie Kerik!! Not a smidgen of a chance!! Ha! (Again, I just can't make this shit up!)

So I am curious what "version" Bernie will reveal in his upcoming  book, "From Jailer to Jailed" to be published by Threshold Editions through imprint Simon & Schuster. I'm sure Dahlia Mary and Mother May will be getting proper credit in the book. My work for Bernie over the three years of his incarceration, among other work product, writing and editing, is being used today without permission, credit or compensation. I hope they all make lots of money off my work, archiving prison emails capturing his thoughts and emotions, as depicted here, so Bernie can write a great book. You're welcome, you lying, libel-proof, manipulating fraudster felon! Remember, you heard it here first, folks. I'll be there to set the record straight.....Trust and believe.You're welcome, America!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bernard Kerik V New York Times and Arianna Huffington : Bernie Kerik Prison email EXCLUSIVE

On 05/01/13, from prison, Bernard Kerik wrote an email to me regarding a "disparaging" remark made about him in a New York Times Editorial about Rudy Giuliani.("With A Friend Like Rudy" published 04/30/13) As you can imagine, Bernie had a few choice comments from prison after getting wind of this negative publicity. You will see, in this email from prison, Bernie was "keeping tabs" on Arianna Huffington and the New York Times just as he was with Joe Tacopina, Judge Stephen C. Robinson, his former attorneys and others. See the exclusive prison email from Inmate Bernard Kerik to me on 05/01/14 below.
Bernard Kerik V New York Times and Arianna Huffington Prison email

Bernard Kerik V New York Times and Arianna Huffington Prison email

Bernie Kerik also had a few choice colorful conversational remarks about Arianna Huffington to me on the next visit. It was something about the "bitch" and 'not being woman enough to marry a real man' but that's hearsay on my part, isn't it? Bernie was a big fan of MSNBC "Morning Joe". (Bernie told me it was the only time he could watch television early in the morning as the rest of the day the group prison TV was monopolized by the "black boys" watching BET videos and basketball.) Arianna Huffington squared off with Rudy Giuliani on 04/06/14 on "Morning Joe". ( )

Mysteriously, or not so mysteriously, the video has apparently been wiped from MSNBC's video archives. However, The has the clip "Giuliani and Huffington spar on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ [video]" here  See Arianna Huffington's swipe at Bernie at about 00:44. Now that's the way to "Thrive", Arianna! Only more ironic is the fact that the Huffington Post is now a host of Bernard Kerik's "reformer" blog posts in their "crime" section which draw 10's of people in interest. Show Biz/Media is such an insidious creepy place! That would makes a perfect combination with lying, manipulating Felon Fraudster Bernard Kerik!

Bernard Kerik Reformer : Real Deal, Borrower or Plagiarism?

Bernard Kerik Reformer : Real Deal, Borrower or Plagiarism?

As documented in numerous posts here, I offer examples of my writing and work product created for Bernard Kerik during his three years incarceration. Over the past nine months, Bernie has been writing, making television, radio appearances and speeches utilizing word, thoughts and concepts identical to my work product for notoriety and profit without permission, credit or compensation.

Most to blame are those who contract Bernard Kerik for these appearances or product without vetting his material.

To prove my point, is an original work I composed for Bernie's release from prison on May 28, 2013. We took hours crafting this statement as it was composed to be his first and only words upon release. Bernie's Probation did not allow any press during his home confinement. During that time, Bernie decided not to use this statement. I was very disappointed. It proved to me he was not going to change. He explained he "ran it by" his old cop boy from the NYPD PR department as well as the selfie King, himself, Geraldo Rivera, who all advised Bernie he should NEVER refer to himself as a felon. They insisted he is a cop and should always act and talk like a police commissioner. This new image was contrary to our "be a felon and a cop with unique perspective" viewpoint. Bernie squirmed through that first major interview with Matt Lauer not mentioning the "f" (felon) word at all. It didn't go over too well. It looked awkward with that pink elephant sitting on Bernie's chest the entire interview. Time has proven Bernie has come around to our original concepts which is wildly popular inside the beltway and on TMZ.

I invite you to read my work and notice how many of my talking points, cited here, Bernie Kerik utilized over the last nine months, are almost identical to those used in his writing, speeches, appearances and probably his new book.

So, I must ask a question. Is Bernard Kerik, the self-proclaimed Prison Reformer, the "Real Deal, Borrower or Plagiarist"? I'll allow you to decide for yourself. Remember, Bernard Kerik's crimes involved fraud and lying.

When you see Bernie, ask him why he is denying credit and sharing compensation for three years of my life and work product developed by being totally devoted to Bernard Kerik's needs while incarcerated. Better yet, ask him why he, his agent, publishers, bookers, producers and even US Senators, do not have the decency to do the right thing!

Bernard Kerik Release Statement 05/28/14 www.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bernard Kerik : Inner Circle secrets you need to know about Bernie Kerik right now

Bernard Kerik : Inner Circle secrets you need to know about Bernie Kerik right now

While incarcerated, Bernie and I became so close he once proclaimed in an email I was one of the five people in the world he trusted enough to be in his "inner circle". Since our estrangement, I've  had to prove to Bernie my truth has no price. I'm apparently the only one in his life who never settled for the deal to shut up and go away. It's really frustrating him.

Bernie et al continue to harass and intimidate. The thought of amends and restitution never enter their minds. 

I present: Inner Circle secrets you need to know about Bernie Kerik right now:

When he's in trouble, he'll push his kids in front of the camera or obnoxiously start waving the flag or obnoxiously praising military

He really does use the word,  "retarded" as an adjective (picture Commissioner Bratton using that word in a serious press conference)

Bernie soaks up the energy of whomever in his sphere at the moment. He constantly telegraphs what he is feeling at the moment by projecting that feeling onto others; positive or negative. He even easily picks up their mannerisms and thoughts fully convinced he thought of it first and best! 

When Bernie is stressed, he'll chicken-neck, swallow hard and have the awkward obvious "deer-in-the-headlights" look. Not photogenic and comes off looking many still photos we've seen as late. 

Bernie has a friend for every purpose & he "uses" them, literally. ie; retired-FBI guy who is so whipped and in awe of Bernie he can't say no. Bernie put him in charge of keeping tabs on me while Bernie was incarcerated. This guy ran interference when Bernie and I had our issues. Bernie even deployed this ex-FBI guy on the day this guys Mother died! Just unbelievable!

When Bernie wants your attention, he is like a dog with a bone! I remember one day, I was so angry at Bernie, I refused his calls from prison all day. Bernie called six times in rapid succession all afternoon. Reportedly, Bernie hung up the phone so violently, the guard admonished him. I also cancelled my visit. Bernie simply doesn't tolerate being denied until I came along. I believe you teach people how to treat you...

Bernie is not a spontaneous speaker. Very Bad for live TV. He freezes and "goes up" on his talking point lines. It's because he's not genuine. He often doesn't understand issues or believe what he is saying. He'll copy off soneone else's paper instead. When your life existence includes going to the opening if an envelope for notoriety and money, this can happen!

He puts on a more "Jersey gangster" accent when he's trying to be tough guy.

Bernie is only afraid of his wife, Hala, Rudy Giuliani & the FEDS. Those are the only entities, right now, who can destroy Bernie's life. ( I know. Not much farther down to go...sad, really)

Bernie is extremely insecure and has a bad case of "straw tail & rabbit ears". Now, as a felon on probation, he can't handcuff them and drop them in an elevator when no one is looking. Believe me, he still pulls a lot over on the FEDs and Probation. Although as if yesterday, it's just a matter if time.

Bernie claims to have a B.S. in Social Theory, Social Structure and Change from (ESC) Empire State College of the State University of New York in 2002(post NYPD). He has never produced transcripts or spoke of how  he earned a degree post 9/11 in one year? Did he "matriculate" "attend" "graduate" or was it "grant"? This was a sore spot with many Chiefs at NYPD who earned a Bachelors Degree to qualify for Commissioner only to find drop out GED guy, Kerik, slides right into the position pre-9/11. 

Bernie's Priorities: Sex, money, attention: In that preferred order...Most times he combines all three which contributes to his demise every time.

Bernie only tolerates an entourage of "Yes" people around him and believes his own press. Btw, his press is as fantasy as his next door neighbor Actually being a "Real Housewife of New Jersey"; fantasy, fake, no bad news and no criticism. Violators are subject to quick banishment from Fantasy Island also known as Franklin Lakes NJ! 

Bernard Kerik has a perverted sense of loyalty and right-and-wrong. Loyalty to him is being expected to lie for him on a moments notice. If you're a principled person, things can get rough. As was the case with Yours Truly.

Bernie loves everything Italian and secret desire is to be Mafia Dapper Don. No coincidence his new lawyer, Parlatore, is protege of Cutler, lawyer to the Mafia  

Bernie, despite the humiliation and shame of incarceration, thinks he's too good for a regular job. He once poked fun at my economy car even as he stood there sporting  that little pesky anklet. I should have told him my car is paid in full and I didn't have to get on my knees, lie or cheat my spouse and country to pay for it! 

Bernie will hardly ever look you directly in the eye, but when he does you are going to either get loved like you never knew it or despised as you've never imagined of which he was capable.

You may think you know Bernie Kerik but we're just getting started!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Felon Bernard Kerik may have violated protective order!

Felon Bernard Kerik and his attorney, Timothy Parlatore may have just commited the legal equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot! In the "reheated dog food " madness to defame and sue Joe Tacopina, Bernard Kerik now faces the consequences of USA allegations he violated the protective order of sealed government court documents! 

Unemployed whining felon, Bernard Kerik, although seen sauntering around the halls of the US Senate, "volunteering" Altoids for felons or some crazy crap, is an 8-time convicted felon on probation with this being the second issue flirting with violation of a protective order! (Bernie was sent to Westchester jail during the original trial proceedings in 2009 for an email Judge Robinson deemed violated court's order)

Today, in the continuing case of USA v Bernard Kerik, Judge Preska ordered the following: 

This "07/23/2014 # 151 ORDER denying  144  LETTER MOTION to Withdraw Document  140  MOTION for Reconsideration re  138  Order on Motion to Unseal Case as to Bernard B. Kerik (1). Kerik's motion [dkt. no. 144] to vacate partially the Protective Order is DENIED. This Order does not resolve the Government's allegation that Kerik has violated the Protective Order. The parties shall confer and report to the Court by August 1, 2014 as to how they propose to proceed, if at all, with respect to this issue. (Signed by Judge Loretta A. Preska on 7/23/2014) (ft) (Entered: 07/23/2014)"

This does not look good for Bernard Kerik. It's a shame because he just got his foolish cameo on TMZ. That's a sure sign of success in our world, isn't it? What's next, "Dancing With the Stars", "Real Felons of Franklin Lakes", "Apprentice" or another extended stay courtesy of the Federal BOP Cumberland Prison Camp? I think you all know my preference! Bern, better load up on Al Manzo's shrimp scampi just in case. Tell Hala not to discard those directions to Cumberland BOP FPC! We always agreed it was a lovely ride that leads to you, though! Count me out, this time, Pal! It's a sure bet I won't be invited to this "Welcome Home" party once again. But, at least, we are all truth-tellers now. Well, I'll speak for myself. 

Bernard Kerik Exclusive Writing Preface for his new book?

As I have documented here, I assisted my ex-pal and Federal Inmate Bernard Kerik in many helpful ways during his incarceration to total of $93,000 in monetary commissary support, services and work product. We are now estranged, and as condition of his probation, may not have contact with me or my family at my residence, work or anywhere for that matter.He has made no formal efforts to make restitution or even amends to me. He has only subjected me and those I love, as well as perfect strangers, to harassment and humiliation as intimidation for me to simply hand over my work for his notoriety and future profit. That's not good with this women. Never has. Never will be. I devoted three years of my life giving him love, support and a new "conversation" for his alleged new beginning. What I received was manipulation, lies, a broken heart. I'm ok with letting all that go as it was never genuine and no longer feels good. However, my work product, etc is mine.

Since Bernard Kerik seems to think it's just fine to use my work product, concepts, talking points, writing, editing, etc without my permission, credit or compensation, I've decided to "give them away" here. I will be "dropping" my work I've done with Bernard Kerik during the totality of his three years incarceration. He and his publishers, agents and everyone else such as Threshold Editions, Simon and Schuster, Penn State Forum, Amazon, iTunes, etc are now officially on notice with this blog entry regarding my retention of rights to my work!

I have for you today, "The Preface". This work was to be the Preface for the republishing of Bernard Kerik's reprinting of his first memoir, "The Lost Son". Bernie emailed me he was granted the rights in his last year of incarceration. I have no further knowledge on the progress of this republishing. However, this work is significant to any watchers of the defamation case currently battled between Bernard Kerik v. Joe Tacopina as well as the unsealing of private files in USA v. Bernard Kerik. In "This Preface" Bernard Kerik details the events leading to his convictions. As always, we wonder if Bernie was lying then or lying now....

This work is an edit just as I last worked on it in April, 2013 before Bernie was released to home confinement. He apparently lied to Hala about the full nature of our relationship. Bernie asked me to mail Hala the documents to prove it was all about the work. You can fill in the blanks what happened next. Obviously the work was never completed. The "Dying With Your Eyes Open" has been previously shared on this blog so it has been omitted on this post. Well, ok....That's all that's left now, so here goes...

Bernard Kerik The Kerik Group exposed as a shell company?

During his whining media tour, felon Bernard Kerik has been telling everyone in media and the man in the moon he is unemployed but at the same time expresses his contact is "his company" known as The Kerik Group This brought me back to a conversation Bernie and I had about the name of his company should he, one day, have an opportunity to own a company again. As a convicted felon, Bernard Kerik may not sign certain contracts, work for the government, be granted certain licenses, apply for certain business start up loans, etc. Bernard Kerik, as a felon on probation, is also not allowed to own a gun, license a weapon or even hold a deadly weapon. These restrictions would seemingly prevent him from working as the CEO of a "risk management company". However, the State of New Jersey, Department of the Treasury Filing Certificate shows his "business purpose" as "risk management company".

What do they call a company that reportedly has no assets, no clients, no contracts and where the CEO is restricted by Federal convictions to transact much of the daily business? That would be the definition of a "shell company". This an acceptable status for most "start-ups" but "The Kerik Group" is no start-up. In fact, an older version of  The Kerik Group existed back during the days of Bernie's legal woes in 2008 for the purpose of "consulting services (all types)". This company was disbanded by a State of New Jersey Certificate of Cancellation dated 02/01/10 with reasons "business discontinued due to factors beyond its control" aka Bernie was being sentenced to go to prison.

Bernie consulted me for my suggestions on a new name for his company. I explained to him using "The Kerik Group" would remind us all of darker days as the former company was subject of Bernie's federal investigation as...wait for it..wait for it...a "shell company". The Government suspected Bernie funneled money through his company. Those charges never manifested in Bernie's conviction, however the is well documented in USA V. Bernard Kerik and, as such, the stigma exists.

So what does Bernie call his new business filed in the State of New Jersey on 10/10/13? You got it! "The Kerik Group". The purpose of this business on the certificate is "Risk management Consulting". I'm not sure how he got away with filing for a business he can't possibly own, run or transact business but that's Bernie and that's Jersey, folks!

It appears Bernie utilizes his new "The Kerik Group", employee of one, to save face, communicate with all those "associates" and funnel his speaking, publishing and writing fees that are apparently not recognized by Bernie as "work" or "income". Since Bernie is still on probation paying to reduce his criminal fine, income is an important factor. The nominal amount Bernie pays to the government every month is based upon his ability to pay. It would behoove the government to take a second look at "The Kerik Group" financial statements. Right now Bernue claims he's unemployed, hence the $250.00/month payment. However he has time to dress up, travel to Washington DC on a regular basis, chat Altoids and Mel Gibson with TMZ and do lunch at fancy places all in the name if "volunteering" in his heroic role of prison "reformer" chatterbox.

This summation is based upon public information such as the below-captioned documents which are the true and exact scans of the Status of New Jersey Department of Treasury business certificate filings for the old and new "The Kerik Group LLC".

Since Bernie Kerik, still on probation,  pays only $250.00 per month toward his low six figure original criminal fine, perhaps Federal Probation and the public would like to justify that nominal amount per month. Bernie claims he doesn't have a "job" or any employment at all and lives on his NYC pension. I suppose this growing "shell company" will one day turn a profit and felon Bernard Kerik will actually pay his full debt to society. We can expect this new "The Kerik Group" is a legitimate venture. However, with the old name and the "old Bernie" returning from prison in self-proclaimed financial distress, it could return to be the same old......
State of New Jersey Filing Certificate The Kerik Group

State of New Jersey Filing Certificate The Kerik Group

State of New Jersey Filing Certificate The Kerik Group

State of New Jersey Filing Certificate The Kerik Group

State of New Jersey Filing Certificate The Kerik Group

State of New Jersey Filing Certificate The Kerik Group

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bernard Kerik cashes in off the backs of inmates he left behind

Bernard Kerik cashes in off the backs of inmates he left behind 

I'm not the only victim of Bernard Kerik and I won't be the last.

Self-Proclaimed Reformer, Liar Felon Bernard Kerik is cashing in off the backs of the inmates he left behind.  

During his three years incarceration. Bernard Kerik, with malicious intention, did deliberately manipulate me out of $93000 commissary monetary support, goods and services. In addition, felon Bernard Kerik had been making money off my work product, concepts, talking points, editing and writing without amends, permission, credit or compensation. The same could be said for every inmate he promised he'd help. Bernard Kerik exploits their stories as examples with no compensation or credit.

Here are some examples of those who are making money off the backs of me and those felons by hiring liar felon Bernard Kerik with full knowledge of his criminal background and intentions.

Senator Rand Paul apparently hired felon Bernard Kerik, through

Rand Paul hires felon Bernard Kerik

Penn State Forum Speaking

Penn State hires Bernard Kerik to speak

Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster is publishing Bernard Kerik's fantasy from "jailer to jailed". It may or may not include my work. My legal counsel has been advised. 

Bernard Kerik From jailer to Jailed Threshold Editions
Bernard Kerik From jailer to Jailed Threshold Editions Simon&Schuster

I can understand Threshold Editions, Simon & Schuster hawking Kerik's book. They would sell any words to make a buck. People buy that crap all the time. 

I totally understand Penn State. They reportedly protected Pedophile Jerry Sandusky for years. Penn State apparently can't turn away a true criminal.

I am most surprised by Senator Rand Paul. Senators are models of trust and righteousness. Very disappointing. Supporting Bernard Kerik is supporting a very bad thing. Time will tell. My God is a very good bookkeeper. Thy will be done.

A person close to Bernard Kerik once cautioned me he has a pattern of using people for whatever he wants from them, lying, cheating, manipulating then discarding them from his life. Ask his ex-wives, Joe Tacopina or Rudy Giuliani about that. I didn't listen. Just as Jerry Sandusky's victims, it felt good so I didn't realize he was hurting me with evil manipulation. I'm paying the price and have taken responsibility for my bad choices. 

Now the world knows the truth. No excuses.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why Bernard Kerik is DEAD WRONG about Prison Reform; RIP Jersey City Officer Melvin Santiago

In response to the recent killing of Jersey City Officer Melvin Santiago, Bernard Kerik took to his "featured blog" on Huffington Post Crime (Safer Streets and Communities Start at Home: Huffington Post Crime Blog) to go on a wild and DIVERGENT tangent with utter gibberish about parenting and teaching civics. Is Bernard Kerik trying to say all this cop killer needed was better parenting and a civics class? This, from the former hero cop, NYC Corrections Commissioner and NYPD Commissioner? (I am not naming the cop killer because this blogger is not going to contribute to making thug killer assassins "famous") 

This killing is not about parenting or civics, Bernard Kerik! This killing was not just about a thug coward wanting to be famous. This slaying of Officer Santiago is about a society moving the lines of right and wrong for the sake of Presidential Pardons, votes, money and power. We need to turn our sensibilities back to right and wrong. It's about getting tough on criminals and restoring shame and punishment for wrong-doing!

I owe it to the memory of Jersey City fallen rookie Officer Melvin Santiago,who gave his life to uphold the law, to "call a thang a thang".

For the last year Bernard Kerik has been whining in support of leniency in sentencing and the granting of government entitlements to "non-violent drug offenders". According to all reports, on paper, Officer Santiago's assassin would be classified a "non-violent drug offender" having been released from jail the past January on the second of two arrests for selling drugs on school property. Make no mistake; Every "non-violent drug offender" is one gang, one desperate fix, one bad trip or one short sale away from violence! The killer had recently been a suspect in a homicide, obviously following this dangerous pattern. This is why our representatives should think carefully before supporting and enacting such legislation. (

Every honest officer will admit an ambush - head shot is their biggest fear. There is no amount of training, tactics, intelligence or awareness that can protect any officer from an ambush head shot. It is deadly. There is a big problem in Jersey City when thugs and gangs feel emboldened to assassinate and ambush police officers. It's time to get tougher, not more lenient!

As the world mourns Jersey City NJ Rookie Officer Melvin Santiago, it's time to respect his memory and legacy with all due tributes with sympathy for his family and survivors.

Most rookie officers haven't enough time on the job to prove a lasting legacy. This is not the case for fallen rookie Officer Melvin Santiago. In his name, let's restore the shame, punishment and deterrence to all crime! It shouldn't be about "only had five grams of drugs" but NO drugs! It should not be about wiping the wrongdoing from a record but living with it to tell others how awful life is because you broke the law! It's about right and wrong! There's no middle ground in right or wrong! This killer was already a two-time offender! Who among reasonable people would think that was one time too many if it could have spared Officer Santiago's life?

Officer Santiago, your legacy should be young men and women serving their community as you did! Your legacy will be young men and women reading about you knowing good can prevail. Your legacy should be a young man from Jersey City who chose good over evil and right from wrong. You service will neither be in vain nor forgotten! Let's not let politics, political correctness or any other selfish agenda to roadblock Officer Melvin Santiago's true legacy!

What is wrong with America? This is not a black or white issue. It is about law and building a peaceful, productive society. Why are we going to tolerate sacrificing good and decent people like Officer Santiago to Hug-A-Thug? Criminals should admit their guilt, want to stay out of jail, beg forgiveness, be very busy making restitution and creating a productive life. If they can't or won't , let's build as many jails as necessary until the message is sent! Bernard Kerik, I call B.S. on your prison reform in memory and in the legacy of a rookie Officer Melvin Santiago.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bernard Kerik "The Horror of the Box" Bernie Kerik's exclusive personal MCC SHU Solitary Confinement Experience

In late September, 2012 through November, 2012, Bernie was sent from Federal Prison in Cumberland, MD to the Federal Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) SHU (special housing unit or solitary confinement) in federal custody to testify in the DiTommaso trial. It was, by far, the most difficult time of Bernie's incarceration for me in that we had no contact for over one month. It would be the longest period of his incarceration we were not in some form of daily communication by letter, email, visits or phone. Selfishly, I missed Bernie with every breath I took during this lonely time. The limited precious communication we enjoyed from prison went from a sweet daily ritual to a dead cold silence during this time of separation. Daily, I scoured the New York media for any news of his condition or movement. I wasn't sure what was worse: not knowing anything or the intentional humiliating "Mighty has Fallen" perp walk the media splashed on the front cover of each New York rag....Back then, I cared...a lot...

Although the Bureau of Prisons advised Bernie they were assigning him to solitary confinement for his safety and security, I knew it was also Bernie's most difficult time, as you will read. From my short law enforcement experience, I knew how difficult solitary confinement was on prisoners. For Bernie, with the added humiliation and embarrassment of the press, it would even that much more horrible an experience for him. However, I knew he was a survivor from birth and remained a warrior throughout all the difficult times of his life. It was the emotional component, the degradation of his soul and spirit, for which I had the most concern. To add to my worry, New York also suffered Hurricane Sandy during this time. The news of the conditions of the NYC jails and prisons during the storm was scarce. Of all the times for Bernie to be away, this had to be the worst time. I was constantly praying and concerned for his safety and well being. I worried constantly to think he may be unprotected, abused, hurt, sick, cold, lonely, lacking water, light or food, especially during the storm....

The "Cannibal Cop" and others were housed with Bernie on this wing of the prison as you will read in the following article. It is surreal and heartbreaking for me to reflect upon this time. I could never wrap my brain around the total irony of a federal prisoner, also the former NYC Corrections Commissioner and NYPD Police Commissioner, was now languishing in prison in the city he commanded just a decade ago during 9/11. I thought there were no words, night after night, in prayer as I waited for Bernie to return to Cumberland Federal Prison Camp. But there were words and feelings that must be written before they were nullified by time and events. For me, it was the declaration of Bernie's survival, his strength and the recognition of our bonding as only a separation will declare. I'll never forget that phone call he made to me from the car upon his release on the journey from New York back to Cumberland MD. (It was from a private cell of one of the guards who knew Bernie and allowed him a few calls from the car against the normal protocol. There was no typical recording warning the call was from a federal prison. I didn't believe it was Bernie on the phone. That incident became a running joke between us)...Looking back, it is a bittersweet memory for me now in light of our's difficult to label our relationship. As in 24: Live Another Day, our relationship was most like "Jack Bauer", anti-hero warrior and "Chloe", GeekGirl facilitator/partner back then....

Bernie clearly had some difficulty discussing the SHU experience. I couldn't hurt Bernie by forcing him to recount his experience. I patiently waited until he cautiously admitted he was ready to talk but needed help. I was there. Several months later, on March, 2013, he finally felt safe enough to open up about the experience. To make it easier on both of us, I wrote him some questions in an easy email format he could answer at this own pace. It was touching but painful experience for both of us. I sobbed during the entire process. However, as all painful experiences, it did bring us as close as we had ever been during his incarceration. Today I think of that bond and wonder how he could so quickly dismiss it today. But, Hell, Bernie and Rudy survived 9/11 together but not even this near-death experience repaired their conscious upcoupling! Here are his responses to my questions on which I began to write for him:

Bernard Kerik 033113 SHU Corrlinks Prison Email Page 1 of 2

Bernard Kerik 033113 SHU Corrlinks Prison Email Page 2 of 2
From this foundation and several tearful conversations through numerous emails, visits and edits, the unfinished work known as "The Horror of the Box" was created. This work was left incomplete with the original edits untouched. Bernie and I were going to finish it after his release on 05/28/13. That never happened. That's too bad. I believe we this could have been our signature chapter of his new book. It was the most honest and open I've ever witnessed Bernie to be.....This piece reflects the best of Bernie and me. It is rigorously honest, torrid, deep, raw and stark in its irony and lessons. 

Our lives back then were guided by fate and destiny. We just "let it be what it be." About everything and anything, we always remarked to each other, "Who would have thunk it?"...I leave it unfinished, as are we....

Against my clear objection, Bernie has felt it necessary to use my concepts, writing, editing and talking points without amends, permission, credit or compensation in media and, recently, in his Huffington Post blog. I give this work as a gift in memory of our time together....I was always there for him. There were great times. There were awful times. But it was our time....It will live on in our words.... The words remember when...

The Horror of the Box Page 1 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 2 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 3 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 4 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 5 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 6 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 7 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 8 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 9 of 9

Monday, July 14, 2014

50 Shades of Bernie Kerik LollyPop Prison Reform - Bernard Kerik handwritten prison email

Because Bernard Kerik a.k.a. "Lollypop" apparently thinks it's just fine to use my concepts, writing, editing and talking points without amends, permission, credit or compensation (@HuffingtonPost, Huffington Post, Huffington Post Crime Blog), I thought it I'd reciprocate the joy by sharing his exclusive one-of-a-kind works from prison. I assure you this custom, personalized, hand-written prison letter from Bernie Kerik to me was the only thing he could write without my assistance. Just in case Bernie has left you with the incomplete impression and fantasy all he thought about in prison was his devoted, suffering family, Al Manzo's scampi and Prison Reform concepts, you'd be wrong. I have about 134 more letters but I'll save that for my book or court...whichever Bernard Kerik thinks should come next... Oh my, just when you thought Bernard Kerik had changed, there he goes again! You and me, both! I'll always be here to set the record straight. In case this prison reform thing doesn't work out, Bernie Kerik may have a new career as a romance writer, don't you think? (Spoiler Alert: The best part is Page 3 where Bernie is assuring me he's lost weight but the only part that hasn't shrunk was....Shhh, Don't tell Hala!)
50 Shades of Bernie Kerik LollyPop Prison Reform Envelope 120310

50 Shades of Bernie Kerik LollyPop Prison Reform Page 1of 3 120310

50 Shades of Bernie Kerik LollyPop Prison Reform Page 2 of  3 120310

50 Shades of Bernie Kerik LollyPop Prison Reform Page 3 of  3 120310

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Exclusive Prison email may prove Bernard Kerik original target was Judge Stephen C. Robinson

As shown in this exclusive Prison Corrlinks email, Bernard Kerik's original target of professional misconduct could have been presiding Judge in the "USA v Bernard Kerik" case, Federal Judge Stephen C. Robinson.

On August 25, 2011, at 11:36AM, Inmate Bernard Kerik sent this personal email to me requesting "legal support" in contemplation of a professional complaint against "a federal judge in the Southern District of New York". Bernie goes further to ask for additional research for a "video on line of my judge giving a speech at a law school, where he says something to the effect that the hardest thing about his job is sentencing a black man, because he knows how he was raised, and has to take that into consideration in sentencing. Many people have written, saying that the judge's remarks are extremely racist, prejudicial and clearly demonstrate a bias, as we witnessed during my pretrial hearings, and sentencing."

Media coverage of Bernie's current target, former attorney/business partner/friend, Joe Tacopina  has Bernie accusing Joe of adultery, drug abuse and ineffectiveness of counsel. There has been ZERO support with any hard credible evidence in these ludicrous accusations. The New York Daily News and some local New Jersey publications are the only rags who have carried Bernie's defamatory accusations.

When I received this email, I was concerned for Bernie's emotional state. At the time, our visits were clouded by his anger and frustration boiling over from this determination to gain legal revenge. He became obsessed with it asking me for more and more research in support of it. I reluctantly complied hoping he would prove to himself how pointless the effort would become. Bernie had friends, who had nothing to lose, who foolishly encouraged this legal folly. I was deeply concerned about Bernie's anger as he unearthed, relived and dissected his case. I was most concerned he would risk his liberty on probation attempting to pursue these actions.

I remain sad Bernie can't come to terms with his guilt, accept it and move on with his life on the most genuine of terms. I suppose the media spotlight and attention, for Bernie, is truly more important to him than living a quiet, productive private life.

I may only speculate why Bernie did not choose, at this point, to go after Judge Robinson. It may be because this beef with Joe is more "personal" than legally legitimate. It may be because Joe Tacopina seemingly has more money than Judge Robinson. Bernie Kerik is desperate for money now. Instead of getting employment, it would appear Bernie is trying to litigate from very deep pockets his return to a lavish lifestyle of yesterday. It may also be Bernie was afraid of damaging his base "prison reform" demographic, which presently would be the Liberal Black Democrat Caucus.

Whatever the reason, this exclusive prison email clearly shows Joe Tacopina was not Bernie's only target.

Exclusive Prison Corrlinks email Bernard Kerik about Judge Stephen C. Robinson
For those interested, I did research but could not find the particular video Bernie was seeking of a law school speech made by Judge Robinson. However, I located a video of Judge Robinson making a speech to the New York City Bar on the issue of  "Diversity" at the "Sixth Annual Diversity Champion Awards held on May 25, 2011. Judge Robinson's speech begins at min 5:30 into the below-captioned video. Judge Robinson describing a special NYC Bar Committee exploring diversity in the legal profession does not seem a damaging, racist, prejudicial or a biased effort but you may "judge" for yourself.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Bernard Kerik: Exclusive Prison emails may show Bernie Kerik planned revenge on Joe Tacopina

Bernard Kerik Prison email to me re: Joe Tacopina

Bernie Kerik has had it in for Joe Tacopina for a long time. I know because I’m the one who, upon Bernie's request from prison, performed the legal research for Bernie and Ray Mansolillo (the "Better Call Saul" in the real world) back in 2011. From Federal prison in Cumberland, MD, Bernard Kerik emailed me requesting specific media reporting regarding Joe Tacopina’s testimony to the Feds.

Bernard Kerik Prison email to me re: Joe Tacopina

I got the biggest laugh when Bernie called out Joe Tacopina on alleged adultery! Pot. Kettle. Kerik! Are you kidding me? In regards to adultery, Bernie is the best that did it and got away with it! 

Judith Regan Bernard Kerik New York Daily News affair
Ironically, this story sold a lot of newspapers for the New York Daily News! Back in the day, the New York Daily News was no friend to Bernie. Today, they are his former co-defendants in the civil defamation complaint and act as Bernie's defacto ad-hoc public relations firm! I must note Bernie's propaganda has moved, recently, from the "sports" sections to the "crime" section. Huh?

According to the story, and confirmed through my own personal knowledge, Bernie was reportedly Simultaneously and regularly ejaculating into his former NYC Dept of Corrections subordinate C.O. Jeanette Pinero, as well as his publisher, at the time, Judith Regan, in an apartment overlooking the 9/11 workers sifting pieces of flesh and bones in the still smoldering heaps of toxic debris and death. It was pretty common knowledge Bernie was doing Jeanette, before and during all the early years of his marriage to Hala and especially through both of Hala's pregnancies. Nice guy, right? Yup, that happened **cough** allegedly...

So why is Bernie risking it all coming undone with such flamboyant legal folley? Bernie Kerik craves hot monkey sex, money and media attention. Today, with Hala's short leash, he's probably only getting one out of the three. (If you have to ask, you don't deserve to know). There's no money (legit, on the books, that is). There’s no publishing deal. There's no TV movie. There’s no legitimate company to run ( There’s no legitimate source of income besides his NYC pension.

Bernard Kerik has a very high lifestyle to support. Bernard Kerik desperately needs money. This is exactly the financial stress he was experiencing in 1997 when his crimes first occurred. Joe Tacopina has deep pockets and remains a bonefide media magnet. The New York Daily News is obviously carrying Bernie's muddy water in their mutual efforts to smear Joe Tacopina. That's all Bernie will ultimately gain in the short term.

Lastly, Bernie may be hoping to sway public opinion into thinking he's an innocent "victim of the system" and/or a target of the government thus setting him on the liberal path to a possible Presidential Pardon! 

Bernie currently pays only $250.00 per month restitution to the US Government, on probation for his crimes. He had to convince someone at probation he was in a difficult financial situation - at least on paper. I personally think Bernie doesn't work so as to tee up a possible disability claim for a big 9/11 payout through Instead of getting a job, Bernie spends his time partying with his "famous" friends. 

Bernard Kerik Beau Dietl Rep Peter King 
Hey, Beau, no fries? I guess Arby's was closed? Hey, Rep. King, can you hook up your BFF, Bernie Kerik, with a j-o-b? If  Pete King, Roseanna Scotto, Geraldo Rivera, Beau Dietl, NewsMax, Modell, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Jeanine Pirro can't hook up Bernie Kerik with a job, someone is just not trying hard enough!

I suppose Bernie's job, these days, is to smile for the camera, do swanky NYC lunch, tweet, check out those very young sympathetic, liberal, big-boobed, chicklet-teeth sweeties at the gym or attending his volunteer "speaking" engagements, keep his secrets from Hala and the Feds, attend court appearances and keep to the "poor me" script. Heck of a job, Bernie!

Judd Burstein and Joe Tacopina have been unusually quiet. That should be making Bernard Kerik very nervous. Justice would result in Bernie owing Joe Tacopina millions in judgments with Bernie returning to prison for all the lies to which he's sworn over the last six months. That won't exactly square things with me but it would be a great start. Thy will be done...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bernard Kerik Exclusive "Dying With Your Eyes Open" written with Bernard Kerik

Felon Bernard Kerik and I wrote "Dying With your Eyes Open" while he was in prison. This is the original document on which his speaking is based. Unfortunately Bernie has been using my work, talking points and concepts for his own profit and/or media opportunities without proper credit as co-writer and editor. Bernard Kerik is using my work product in the media. Bernie Kerik also used my talking points and work product today in a speaking appearance to the @NACDL (Yes, he did that in front of a room full of lawyers! Ironic, isn't it?)

Julie Stewart twitter Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik twitter
It's not the first thing this felon has taken from me. It's our work. It's my, as proof, I offer the original completed document as it exists. The final edited copy was completed April, 2013 while Bernie was incarcerated at Cumberland Federal Prison FPC. This is the original version in its original format. I have all our writing....Don't allow anyone to assert otherwise...

Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik