My Photo   This is my ex-pal, Bernard Kerik. He is a recognizable public figure. I am a private person. I never intended these precious memories to be shared. However, I was threatened my name would be "released" to the press with the malicious intent to "destroy my life".Yes, that happened. I don't need fame, a big house or reality show. A productive, balanced, healthy life are my treasures. This docu-blog rips open the shame blanket of secrets, untruths, distractions, diversions & manipulation. Our relationship, in retrospect, is clearer to me now: Bernard Kerik is a taker and I am a giver. He made me a secret in his life "on the side" and I allowed it until now. My true intent is benevolent healing. The shame of lies, deceit and manipulation are not mine. I take full responsibility for my personal failings in this relationship and the serious consequences resulting. I pray my life will be redeemed and enhanced by the lessons born of the pain. Truth overpowers threats. Secrets keep us "sick". Everything I share is truth based upon personal knowledge, experience, and most often, documents. This is my truth. I hope it sets us all free .....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check; Newt Gingrich, Koch, Van Jones Abet this Liar Felon on Probation

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check; Newt Gingrich and Van Jones Abet this Liar Felon on Probation

Newt Gingrich, Koch Industries and Van Jones, specifically, have chosen to abet and exalt a liar felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, who owes the USA more than $187,000 in criminal fines and over a year supervised probation demands before he totally pays his debt to society. Van Jones and Newt Gingrich, have "booked" liar felon on probation Bernard Kerik to speak at their "Bipartisan Summit on Criminal Justice Reform" event inside the beltway on Thursday, March 26, 2015. What could a liar felon on probation who has yet to pay his debt to society have to say that other felons who have sacrificed and fulfilled their punishment orders can say? Maybe we should ask Van Jones, Newt Gingrich and the that important question.

Felon on probation Bernard Kerik currently owes over $187,000 in criminal fines from USA v. Bernard Kerik. Bernie Kerik bills himself as "former NYPD Commissioner" however he seems to not want to give equal billing to his PRESENT "felon on probation" status which is the very reason he's relevant to this event at all!

USA v Bernard Kerik probation criminal fine order
 Felon on Probation, Bernard Kerik, pays only $250.00 per month toward this fine. Yet, Van Jones, Newt Gingrich and others inside the beltway, apparently feel that's the model that wish to offer other felons. All this in the week before felon liar on probation Bernard Kerik allegedly is allowed to profit off his crimes by publishing a book relating to his crimes and prison sentence. 
USA v Bernard Kerik probation criminal fine order
Felon liar on probation has NEVER made a public statement he was sorry or shamed of his crimes to which he swore to and plead in open court of his own free will. Nor has felon liar on probation Bernard Kerik received release from his probation and fully paid his debt to society. Perhaps Van Joens, Newt Gingrich and Koch Industries will implore this thug felon to do so before his "speech" on Thursday. 

So I ask Van Jones, Koch Industries and Newt Gingrich, "Is felon on probation Bernard Kerik or any other related institution getting paid for this event?"; "Is felon on probation Bernard Kerik or any other related institution getting reimbursed for his travel, hotel, wardrobe, per diem expenses?" 

The was formed to promote criminal justice reform. I say if the public, taxpayers, voters, politicians, law abiding citizens and inside-the-beltway agree to compromise on criminal justice reform, the criminals should show good faith in repentance and RESULTS toward paying their full debt to society and be crime-free before we exalt, abet and make them criminal justice reform role models. Otherwise it's more of the same inside the beltway in Washington DC; "everybody plays, everybody wins". 
Credit: New York Post Bernard Kerik
NYPD Commissioner hat Bernard Kerik

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check: Bernie Kerik forgets he’s a felon

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check: Bernie Kerik forgets he’s a felon

Bernie Kerik is like an evil Cinderella. In his own little corner, in his own little chair, he can be whatever he wants to be. Libel-Proof Felon on Probation has changed his @Twitter Profile….again…

Credit Twitter Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact check
In the latest “version” of Bernard Kerik fantasy life he is indeed a “New York Times best-selling author” thanks to his mistress and publisher, Judith Regan. He is also a “Former NYC correction and Police Commissioner” thanks to his friend Mayor Rudy Giuliani. And, to his demise, the truth-telling road block in Bernie’s life came when he became that “one time presidential cabinet nominee”. That’s sounds purty however, Bernard Kerik is also a liar FELON ON PROBATION.

It is interesting the one fact that allows him to write a book about "justice reform" at this time and his alleged “primary cause” of advocacy is the one fact he omits from his introductions and profiles. Think about that. Embrace your felon, Bernard Kerik.  This inability to face your genuine self has always been your downfall. “Self-Minded Arrogance” stands. 

Yes, Bernie Kerik wants you to forget he's a felon. Unless it's bringing him a book deal, money, adulation, media or more sex.... I wrote with Bernard Kerik for almost each day of his three-year incarceration. He asked for my final edited writing and talking points and left. Now he's publishing a book on those topics without credit, permission or compensation. Bernard Kerik, a true felon at heart. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bernard Kerik "The Horror of the Box" Bernie Kerik's exclusive personalMCC SHU Solitary Confinement Experience

In late September, 2012 through November, 2012, Bernie was sent from Federal Prison in Cumberland, MD to the Federal Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) SHU (special housing unit or solitary confinement) in federal custody to testify in the DiTommaso trial. It was, by far, the most difficult time of Bernie's incarceration for me in that we had no contact for over one month. It would be the longest period of his incarceration we were not in some form of daily communication by letter, email, visits or phone. Selfishly, I missed Bernie with every breath I took during this lonely time. The limited precious communication we enjoyed from prison went from a sweet daily ritual to a dead cold silence during this time of separation. Daily, I scoured the New York media for any news of his condition or movement. I wasn't sure what was worse: not knowing anything or the intentional humiliating "Mighty has Fallen" perp walk the media splashed on the front cover of each New York rag....Back then, I cared...a lot...

Although the Bureau of Prisons advised Bernie they were assigning him to solitary confinement for his safety and security, I knew it was also Bernie's most difficult time, as you will read. From my short law enforcement experience, I knew how difficult solitary confinement was on prisoners. For Bernie, with the added humiliation and embarrassment of the press, it would even that much more horrible an experience for him. However, I knew he was a survivor from birth and remained a warrior throughout all the difficult times of his life. It was the emotional component, the degradation of his soul and spirit, for which I had the most concern. To add to my worry, New York also suffered Hurricane Sandy during this time. The news of the conditions of the NYC jails and prisons during the storm was scarce. Of all the times for Bernie to be away, this had to be the worst time. I was constantly praying and concerned for his safety and well being. I worried constantly to think he may be unprotected, abused, hurt, sick, cold, lonely, lacking water, light or food, especially during the storm....

The "Cannibal Cop" and others were housed with Bernie on this wing of the prison as you will read in the following article. It is surreal and heartbreaking for me to reflect upon this time. I could never wrap my brain around the total irony of a federal prisoner, also the former NYC Corrections Commissioner and NYPD Police Commissioner, was now languishing in prison in the city he commanded just a decade ago during 9/11. I thought there were no words, night after night, in prayer as I waited for Bernie to return to Cumberland Federal Prison Camp. But there were words and feelings that must be written before they were nullified by time and events. For me, it was the declaration of Bernie's survival, his strength and the recognition of our bonding as only a separation will declare. I'll never forget that phone call he made to me from the car upon his release on the journey from New York back to Cumberland MD. (It was from a private cell of one of the guards who knew Bernie and allowed him a few calls from the car against the normal protocol. There was no typical recording warning the call was from a federal prison. I didn't believe it was Bernie on the phone. That incident became a running joke between us)...Looking back, it is a bittersweet memory for me now in light of our's difficult to label our relationship. As in 24: Live Another Day, our relationship was most like "Jack Bauer", anti-hero warrior and "Chloe", GeekGirl facilitator/partner back then....

Bernie clearly had some difficulty discussing the SHU experience. I couldn't hurt Bernie by forcing him to recount his experience. I patiently waited until he cautiously admitted he was ready to talk but needed help. I was there. Several months later, on March, 2013, he finally felt safe enough to open up about the experience. To make it easier on both of us, I wrote him some questions in an easy email format he could answer at this own pace. It was touching but painful experience for both of us. I sobbed during the entire process. However, as all painful experiences, it did bring us as close as we had ever been during his incarceration. Today I think of that bond and wonder how he could so quickly dismiss it today. But, Hell, Bernie and Rudy survived 9/11 together but not even this near-death experience repaired their conscious upcoupling! Here are his responses to my questions on which I began to write for him:

Bernard Kerik 033113 SHU Corrlinks Prison Email Page 1 of 2

Bernard Kerik 033113 SHU Corrlinks Prison Email Page 2 of 2
From this foundation and several tearful conversations through numerous emails, visits and edits, the unfinished work known as "The Horror of the Box" was created. This work was left incomplete with the original edits untouched. Bernie and I were going to finish it after his release on 05/28/13. That never happened. That's too bad. I believe we this could have been our signature chapter of his new book. It was the most honest and open I've ever witnessed Bernie to be.....This piece reflects the best of Bernie and me. It is rigorously honest, torrid, deep, raw and stark in its irony and lessons.

Our lives back then were guided by fate and destiny. We just "let it be what it be." About everything and anything, we always remarked to each other, "Who would have thunk it?"...I leave it unfinished, as are we....

Against my clear objection, Bernie has felt it necessary to use my concepts, writing, editing and talking points without amends, permission, credit or compensation in media and, recently, in his Huffington Post blog. I give this work as a gift in memory of our time together....I was always there for him. There were great times. There were awful times. But it was our time....It will live on in our words.... The words remember when...

The Horror of the Box Page 1 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 2 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 3 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 4 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 5 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 6 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 7 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 8 of 9

The Horror of the Box Page 9 of 9

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why America is rejecting Felon Bernard Kerik

Why America is rejecting Felon Bernard Kerik

The general public has a great BS meter.  In the last two years since felon phony fraudster liar on probation Bernard Kerik has been released from Federal Prison, Bernie Kerik has intentionally and carefully crafted his “new and reformed” public image for the same old reasons Bernie Kerik is motivated to do anything; Money, Sex, feeding his “self-minded arrogance”… He’s playing with an old deck of cards and Bernard Kerik hasn't changed so it’s not going to work. The public is calling BS on Kerik. 

What has deflated Bernie Kerik’s “Comeback Bigger than Martha Stewart”?

No Post Prison Apology:  Bernard Kerik has never ever ever said he was sorry and ashamed for the crimes to which he plead and swore to in open court of  his own free will. Bad. Real bad. No one likes a smug thug, BB.

Friends in Low Places: It appears Bernie has taken public relations advice from all the wrong people: has-been selfie king media hacks, old white guy retired racist public relations NYPD guys, old white guys inside the beltway who pretend not to know Bernie, old white guy local New Jersey police chiefs, crooked lawyers who work for headlines, the NYC gay contingent of the “non-profit” shakedown sect, perhaps very phony New Jersey housewives and their scheming husbands as well as perhaps the usual many dumb old hood goomahs  whose specialty are licking holsters and anything remaining below Bernie Kerik’s  belt. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Names were omitted to protect the innocent from the thugs. The Southern District of New York Judge Preska recently denied Bernard Kerik early release from his probation. That says a great deal about Bernard Kerik's redemption and willingness to pay his debt to society. 

Joe Tacopina Defamation Cases: Bernie Kerik came out of jail angry at many of us who helped along the way and he has screwed over. Bernie reportedly colludes with the New York Daily News and some of its sports reporters to print lies and deceptions about his former attorney/friend, Joe Tacopina.  Attorney, Judd Burstein has been making great strides in bringing these two major defamation cases in front of a jury later this year. BB, when are you going to learn that threats, lies and intimidation don’t always bring people around to your side? Those jury trials and the monetary damages attachment may be overwhelming and well-deserved for felon liar Bernard Kerik. 

New book Whiplash and constant Loyalty Flip Flop: Felon on probation, Bernie Kerik, is allegedly permitted to profit off his crime by selling a book on criminal justice reform and his experiencein Federal prison. Bernard Kerik is suffering whiplash between his old allegiance and loyalty to the Right, Conservative, God, Country, the Police demographic VERSUS  his new, more lucrative felon, thug, poor Bernie, “Criminal Justice  Avenger”, non-profit  status.  The real problems with Bernie Kerik are ones that has existed for years :  Bernard Kerik is “libel proof”  (as defined by Judd Burstein, attorney to Joe Tacopina) and suffers from  “self-minded arrogance” (defined by his Federal Court Judge Stephen Robinson during USA v Bernard Kerik)

Social Media Backlash: Public lies and deceptions so obvious even Bernie’s former peer cops and Twitter can’t contain themselves:  Bernie Kerik went on his “volunteer” televised criminal justice reform appearances and social media erupted in the most dismissive fashion! Take a peek from @Twitter and NYPD peers from the popularcop message board, Thee Rant 

Credit: Bernard Kerik opinion
Credit: Bernard Kerik opinion
Credit: Bernard Kerik opinion www.DoingTimeWithBernie.comAdd caption
Credit: Bernard Kerik opinion
Karma: I spent three years devoted to working with and supporting inmate 84888-054 Bernard Kerik as he served his sentence in Federal BOP Cumberland, MD. Bernard Kerik took my completed archived documents, work product, talking points for his new book and then picked a fight, abruptly terminating our intimate personal and working relationship. Bernie Kerik manipulated $93000 from me during that time. He broke my heart, unsettled my soul and leaving me in financial distress. Now this felon on probation is allowed to profit off his crime selling a book reportedly using all my work without permission, credit, permission or compensation. It’s a win-win for me though. If the book is a success, my lawyers have some assets to seize in a possible civil suit. If the book doesn’t sell, I can be assured evil doesn’t win….

Yup. Stay Tuned. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check Crooks, Kings and Kickbacks ...allegedly

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check Crooks, Kings and Kickbacks ...allegedly

Felon liar on probation Bernard Kerik, who has yet to pay his full debt to society, literally, is seemingly profiting off his crimes with the publication of a new book. Yes, brass ones! Recently Bernie Kerik requested of but was ultimately denied by the Southern District of New York early release of his probation claiming he could not find full time employment and was needed overseas to help Middle Eastern countries like Jordan fight ISIS. 

Most thought this was another of Kerik attorney Timmy Parlatore's extravagant baseless court motions but there appears to be a stronger motivation based upon the alleged personal connection felon Bernard Kerik enjoys with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan

Credit: Twitter His Majesty King Abdullah II Bernard Kerik
It was back in mid 2013 just days after Bernie's release from prison. Felon Bernard Kerik was serving and alleged grueling "house arrest" and arranged some "out time" to meet me in Montvale New Jersey of all places! Why Montvale New Jersey? Could it be Bernie just enjoyed the fresh yummy lunches at DePiero's Farm? Bernie was just out of jail and this meeting was all hush hush mush mush because he was still wearing that pesky ankle bracelet with every move allegedly being monitored by US Federal Probation. Bernie explained he had some "personal business" then would meet me for lunch. Bernard Kerik was accompanied by his lap dog co-dependent double agent friend, a former FBI guy, who acted as Bernie's witness, chauffeur but, unbeknownst to me at the time,  his main purpose was to keep close tabs on me to protect Bernie and his deceptions to family, probation and the world! 

At that meeting, Bernie explained to me he was visiting the Mercedes Benz USA corporate office in Montvale New Jersey. Bernie was a felon on probation, out of jail, and I wondered how he could afford a Mercedes-Benz? 
Credit: Twitter Mercedes-Benz USA Bernard Kerik
Bernie went on to further explain he had friends like His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan who had need of armored vehicles like those Mercedes Benz USA produces and sells in Montvale New Jersey. 

Credit: Google search Mercedes-Benz USA Bernard Kerik
Bernie explained he arranges for the huge sale of these very expensive armored vehicles to his royal friends oversees and hopefully make a healthy commission off the sale. I think back to all these small casual sources of income when Bernard Kerik whines about being a poor felon on probation, albeit, one who lives in the very white Franklin Lakes, New Jersey in a $2 million estate. 

So what, you say? You see,  to the world, Bernard Kerik likes to portray himself as a suffering poor felon on probation, a target of the government,  scraping to support his family who "volunteers" his time for criminal justice reform unable to find gainful employment. 

In reality Bernard Kerik is a true felon hustler with a shaky moral compass who may not be trusted. There is always an angle leading to Bernie's Kryptonite, money and sex. Would "part time employment" include a huge commission from a sale of an armored Mercedes-Benz?

Bernie Kerik has a right to make a living in any legal way possible. But should he portray to the world an image of being "put upon" by the United States government resulting in being underemployed and suffering? I think not. He makes a mockery of every felon on probation legitimately attempting to find a routine 9-5 in the real world.  

Bernard Kerik presently owes a reported $187,000 in criminal restitution to this country in USA v Bernard Kerik needed to satisfy his full debt to society. He pays a nominal payment of $250.00 month based upon his financial statement. Bernie Kerik plans to funnel some of these book proceeds into a "non-profit" organization. I wonder who will run that "non-profit" and the salary details of that assignment? Everyone plays. Everyone wins! There's always an angle and hustle with Bernie Kerik. 

Bernard Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed
Don't you think it's time to re-examine all sources of felon Bernie Kerik's income? Should he be able to profit off his crime with the sale of a book? We have to wonder what other "benefits" would royal, foreign, wealthy friends like His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan extend to a felon on probation before Bernie pays his full his debt to society? Just asking...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Felon Liar Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed FACT CHECK: Dahlia Mary and May : Liberation Dreamer OR Creepy Custodial Interference? SPOILER ALERT

During Bernie Kerik's entire  incarcerated, among other duties, I archived and stored documents, research and writing by inmate 84888-054 Bernard Kerik. Bernie's memoir "The Lost Son" had received some criticism for alleged enhancement or contorting of facts. Bernie told me these were haters who were jealous of his success.

However, if I was to be completely honest, after reviewing several documents I've posted here compared to the reality of the situation, there may be some credence in their theory of contorting facts to create a story that suits Bernie rather than the truth. One such story I assume will be in Bernie's upcoming book, "From Jailer to Jailed" to be published by Threshold Editions through imprint Simon & Schuster. This is the "story" of Dahlia Mary and May. One version is a sweet Syrian liberation story of a "young girl" from a desperate Mother where, of course, Bernard Kerik saves the day. The other version, which may be closer to the truth, reveals Bernie Kerik using his connections, outside the bounds of authority, pulling strings for an alleged jump off and subordinate in what may have been an international custodial interference case. I'll let you decide.

Bernie first told this story during a visit to Cumberland in early 2013. He made it sound as if he heroically rescued a little girl from "captors" in Syria and returned her reuniting with her desperate Mother in Jordan. At the time, I was awe-struck and so proud of my Pal doing great things in his life and never took credit! I thought everything that could be written and more had already been exposed and written about Bernard Kerik. However, Bernie is the gift that keeps on giving.

Well, then I get this personal email from Bernie in prison, still telling this sweet story, but which gives a bit more detail which does dampen the "verbal rendition" drama a bit. It is years after 2006 when all this occurred and all the "characters" are fine having settled and thrived in the USA with Bernie Kerik promising them a story in his next book.(Bernie also promised me editing credits in "that" book that was never published but here comes the new "memoir",,,,)

Bernie gushes in the email he loves Dahlia Mary like his own children, "Love Always and Forever". I immediately thought of the unborn girl Bernie deserted in Korea during his military service without looking for her until he was writing a book in 2001. I wondered how she would react to this email that Bernie would "rescue" this stranger's daughter and love her so deeply yet not go those lengths for his own daughter so many years ago. Dramatic rescue and good deed considered, I still couldn't help wonder why he would cherish an alleged total stranger's child as much as his own. It seemed too much affection for the disclosed facts and circumstances...But wait there's more...

Bernard Kerik email From Jailer to Jailed FACT CHECK Dhalia Mary and May
Bernard Kerik email From Jailer to Jailed FACT CHECK Dhalia Mary and May
So the next day, I get another email from inmate Bernie Kerik about the story of Dahlia Mary and May. After some deep research, the story Bernie writes is quite different than the reality. The "little girl' was 20 at the time of  "rescue". She had been in Syria with her brother and father living and educated quite well with her father and grandparents for 16 years! Dahlia Mary's father was in a custody battle with her estranged Mother who, for some unknown reason, was separated from her children, living in Jordan working for...wait for it..wait for it...Bernie Kerik! It was also rumored at that time, Bernie and Mother May were "very intimate". Let's face it, Bernie does have a "record" in that department of bedding his subordinates and work partners....'Nuf said on that topic..So the story went from a "little girl" being rescued by Bernie Kerik from "captors" in Syria to what seemed like a favor for a subordinate and possible jump off trying to divorce, come to America aiming to win an alleged international custodial interference case! The real truth will probably never be told. I'm glad everyone is safe and no better place to live than America. However, can we just call a thang a thang, please!!!
Bernard Kerik email From Jailer to Jailed FACT CHECK Dhalia Mary and May
So the real creepy part came when I visited Bernie a few days later in Cumberland MD Federal Prison Camp. He was "more than excited" to "reunite" with Dahlia Mary upon his release. Then he remarked, 'It's going to be hard to consider her a little girl anymore....she's all grown up. She reminds me of  Hala before she had the kids...She's gorgeous and works for Victoria's Secret...Wow, have you seen her picture?'...Actually that's not so creepy if you know the real Bernie but all the pieces of the story came together at that moment. I thought Bernie was joking however, her Linked-In profile (since altered and then gone private...Yes, I have the screen shots) did confirm she had worked at Victoria's Secret!! Come to think of it, Bernie has been spending a great deal of time down in Washington DC lately...Naw...That couldn't happen, could it? Get all your minds out of that gutter!! Not Bernie Kerik!! Not a smidgen of a chance!! Ha! (Again, I just can't make this shit up!)

So I am curious what "version" Bernie will reveal in his upcoming  book, "From Jailer to Jailed" to be published by Threshold Editions through imprint Simon & Schuster. I'm sure Dahlia Mary and Mother May will be getting proper credit in the book. My work for Bernie over the three years of his incarceration, among other work product, concepts, talking points, writing and editing may very well be used today without permission, credit or compensation. I hope they all make lots of money off my work, archiving prison emails capturing his thoughts and emotions, as depicted here, so Bernie can write a great book. You're welcome, you lying, libel-proof, manipulating fraudster felon! Remember, you heard it here first, folks. I'll be there to set the record straight.....Trust and believe. You're welcome, America!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check: Who wrote it better? Spoiler Alert

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check: Who wrote it better? Possible Spoiler Alert

Felon liar Bernard Kerik is slated to published another "memoir" at the end of the month entitled "From Jailer to Jailed".You've read in earlier posts on this blog about my significant contribution to the daily writing, editing, talking points composition, typing, mailing, archiving as well as general work collaboration with Federal Inmate 84888-054 aka Bernard Kerik on almost daily basis for his entire three years incarceration in BOP Cumberland MD. I devoted most of my spare time in service to Bernard Kerik over those days in the creation of this new book and other prospective works as well. 

At his request, I archived our daily writings. Soon after his release on May 27, 2013, he had me send all these final edited documents to him. Shortly after he received the documents, he terminated our intimate relationship He was eventually barred by Federal probation officials from any contact with me due to his and his associates' threats and harassment. 

Now, apparently with the blessing of Simon and Schuster/Threshold Editions, Bernard Kerik will profiting off his crime reportedly using my work product without credit, permission or compensation. Yes, America is a generous country where an eight-time convicted felon, still on probation, owing over $187,000 in criminal penalties to the country he cheated is allowed to publish a book reportedly plagiarizing the work product of a decent person who helped him when others turned their back! It says a great deal about our country,  Federal Probation,  Simon & Schuster, Threshold Editions but, most of all, about the lack of moral compass of felon liar Bernard Kerik. 

Although I remain emotionally broken and financially strapped from Bernie Kerik's manipulation (to the tune of about $93,000) I still have my anonymity, my character and my dignity in tact. There is redemption in our great country and its mighty U. S. Constitution. I have a pen and a blog, so I'll use it!

In the next few weeks up until the publication of "From Jailer to Jailed", I'll be publishing the work I wrote for Bernard Kerik. I'll let the public see if there is a "similarity" in his "new" writing points and mine. Then, perhaps, my legal team will go to work for me. I can be found on twitter @BKerikBlog for your comments. I wish to thank my legal team, family and friends who have supported me in this bold move. It is certainly not what I envisioned when Bernie and I exchanged correspondence while he was incarcerated. Perhaps it will be as healing as my team promises.... So when you see Bernard Kerik, ask him, "Did you have any help writing this?". 

Contrary to popular belief, if the book contains my work or concepts in any fashion, I hope the book sells well. That means there will be some funds to attach from Bernard Kerik in the civil suit surely to follow... 

Following is the Preface to the book in its final edited form as of May, 2013... 
"Preface" written with Bernard Kerik for new memoir Final Edit May 2013

Monday, March 2, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik disappointed with AG Eric Holder's US Justice Department, ya think?

Felon Bernard Kerik is "disappointed" with AG Eric Holder's US Justice Department. Ya think? Most felons serving probation may agree!

Today, on TV, felon on probation Bernard Kerik was asked his comments about exiting Attorney General Eric Holder and whether Kerik considered Holder a "political grievance monger"! 

To this, Bernard Kerik confessed he was "disappointed" with the entire US Justice Department! Yup. This year felon on probation Bernard Kerik was denied early release from his criminal probation. Bernard Kerik reportedly owes the USA over $187,000 in criminal restitution on which he pays a mere $250.00 per month. Yes, I would think "disappointment" may be a relevant as it is reciprocal in a conversation about felon Bernard Kerik v USA. God Bless America. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Felon Forgetful Witness Bernard Kerik may have to remember the truth on witness stand

It was announced today the perjury conviction for Bernie Kerik's "associate", Peter DiTommaso, was reversed by the Appellate Division, First Department. This means Bernard Kerik may have another chance to try to remember his truth on the witness stand should prosecutors decide to retry this case. Read about the decision in the New York Law Journal here

Bernie Kerik and his reps may try to spin this as a victory but it just means DiTommaso may get a new trial. It also means felon on probation, libel-proof Bernie Kerik may, once again, have to prove to a jury his isn't the liar I know him to be. I live for these days. Bernie Kerik admitted early on he took the renovations and did not pay a fair price. As usual, it was the lies and cover up that made him the felon, fraudster and liar he is today!

 To endure and dance around the truth, for a thug like Bernie Kerik, when some of us are convinced he is lying,  is punishment enough. Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why is Bernard Kerik trying to silence me?

Felon liar on probation, Bernard Kerik, is attempting to silence my truth about him on social media! Why? Perhaps my truth will collide with the lies, fantasy and "re-imaging" he has planned for the launch of his book in late March? Or perhaps it is the rigorous financial audit the government has requested to determine why Bernard Kerik can travel, appear on TV, party at Monkey Bar but claims his $187,000 restitution to the United States and probation punishment is hampering his ability get a full-time job, to support his $2million estate and fancy lifestyle? Perhaps the truth hurts, Bernie? By the way, I own the rights to this picture I use on I took the picture in July, 2013 and own the rights to it and my blog, exclusively! The blog is the truth about a public figure! If you and your attorney got something Bernie, bring it! I relish the opportunity to reclaim the $93000 you manipulated from me every day during your 3-year incarceration! Bring it, pal! "Non-violent threats", my ass!

Friday, February 13, 2015

USA v BERNARD KERiK Feds request audited financial statement from felon Bernard Kerik

USA v  BERNARD KERIK Feds request audited financial statement from felon Bernard Kerik

When we last left felon on probation Bernard Kerik, he was partying at Monkey Bar in NYC surprisingly with his ever faithful Mrs drowning his sorrows while trying to convince a federal court he was underemployed, unable to support his family, required by a king to fight ISIS supporting early release of his probation. 

After the usual trifling reply by Bernie Kerik's flamboyant but useless attorney Timothy Parlatore Payne, the Feds fired back in a motion requesting a "current, audited financial statement that sets forth what his (Bernard Kerik) assets and liabilities are such that the Court can determine both his needs and his ability to pay the balance of the restitution he owes." For those of us who suspect Bernie Kerik supports his lazy lavish lifestyle by maintaining a rainy day fund tucked away with thugs, friends and the usual suspects, this may be quite a development! 

With a new Bernard Kerik book "From Jailer to Jailed" reportedly to be published March 31, 2015, will Bernard Kerik be forced to share his book advance and proceeds to pay his literal $187,000 DEBT TO SOCIETY!

Stay Tuned!
USA v Bernard Kerik
USA v Bernard Kerik
USA v Bernard Kerik

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik parties at Monkey Bar while whining for early release

Felon Bernard Kerik parties at Monkey Bar while whining for early release.

Felon Bernard Kerik whined and begs a federal judge for early release from his supervised probation supposedly so he can find work. ("Felon Liar on Probation Bernard Kerik requests Early Termination of Supervised Release"

While waiting, Bernie Kerik does what all struggling under-employed felons do, parties at Monkey Bar with CEO's, reality faux celebrities and selfie king idiot has-beens (I miss those anonymous letters Ha - inside joke)! Maybe Bernie Kerik should have brought his resume?!

Bernard Kerik is unashamedly showing the world, the courts, Federal probation and the public what a fake, phony, fraud he is!

Although many mainstream news organizations left out Bernard Kerik's presence, cheesy gossip site,, shouts felon liar first-class-thumb-sucker Bernard Kerik partied like a boss! Yeah, that "supervised release" is a tough deal,  right, Bern? 

Credit: timessquare gossip Bernard Kerik parties
Credit: timessquare gossip Bernard Kerik parties
Credit: timessquare gossip Bernard Kerik parties

Monday, February 2, 2015

Felon Liar on Probation Bernard Kerik requests Early Termination of Supervised Release

Felon Liar on Probation Bernard Kerik requests Early Termination of Supervised Release

In a quiet submission to the Southern District of New York USA v Bernard Kerik, Bernie Kerik attorney Timothy Parlatore (Payne) has requested early termination of Bernard Kerik's supervised release. On what grounds does felon liar on Probation, Bernard Kerik, deserve early release? I'm scratching my head, studiously rubbing my chin and scouring my recent memory of Bernie Kerik et al harassment/threats to determine what the hell he has done or achieved to deserve what other felons normally do not!

In the eight page motion filed today, February 2, 2015, Parlatore attempts to make the case for his libel-proof client, Bernard Kerik.

He claims felon liar Bernard Kerik has been on supervised probation for fifteen months. Bernie Kerik has apparently been unable to find anything but "part time" employment because of his probation status. I know several "consultants" who work "part-time" and enjoy a lucrative income! Let's see the financials on that, Timmy!

Poor Bernie. Well, to that I tell Bernie Kerik what a liberal paper-pushing social worker once told a good friend of mine, "McDonald's is hiring"! They are even raising minimum wage, Bern! It's amazing Bernard Kerik can appear on as many as three nationally televised media news outlets in one day but never be compensated? Could that be the case? Kidding me, Right? It amazes me Bernie Kerik can be all over NYC and Washington DC in tailored suits, live in a $2 million dollar estate, only work part-time and have an attorney who wants sympathy and a favor from the country Bernard Kerik cheated? Really, Timmy?

Bernard Kerik, during our almost daily communication over the three years he was incarcerated, sent me a list of supporters he wanted to thank when he was released from Cumberland MD FBOP. Look at Bernard Kerik's list of "connection" in his network! They include but not limited to: Geraldo Rivera, Al Manzo husband of Caroline Manzo of Bravo TV's Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sylvester Stallone, Rep. Peter King, Chris Ruddy owner of  NewsMax, Mitchell Modell of Modell Sports Franchise, Cindy Adams of the New York Post, Bo Dietl and many NYPD buds, on and on...Bernard Kerik has over 2000 contacts on Twitter and Facebook as well as 500 "connnections" on his LinkedIn! If he can't find a great full-time position doing something, the rest of us are lost in America! I hope Judge Preska of the Southern District NY takes a good look at the jobs Bernard Kerik claims he was "refused". In my opinion, Bernard Kerik should have thought of that when he was making secret deals, cheating on his wife and country, violating Judge Robinson's order to shut the f up!

Bernard Kerik supporters
Parlatore goes on, in the motion, saying Bernard Kerik has been diligently paying his $250.00 monthly toward his imposed $187,000.00 restitution to the United States. That would mean Bernard Kerik truly hasn't paid his debt to society, On this point, alone, Bernard Kerik should NOT be granted early release!
Bernard Kerik restitution USA v Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik restitution USA v Bernard Kerik
Of course, there is no mention of Bernard Kerik's defamation of Joe Tacopina and that case currently pending for jury trial where it is alleged Bernard Kerik violated a protective order of the courts file leading to his obvious intentional defamation of  his former friend and lawyer, Joe Tacopina!

There is also no mention of Bernard Kerik's "trouble free" supervised probation because I'm one reason he violated his "home confinement" early on in July, 2013! I suppose threatening someone to "destroy your life" is not such a big deal to US Federal Probation Authorities? Bernard Kerik manipulated $93000.00 from me during his three year incarceration. He managed all that from prison without any apology, restitution or closure of any kind! Also unmentioned is Bernard Kerik new book "From Jailer to Jailed" slated to be published 03/31/15. It features a picture of his NYPD Commissioners badge and a very fine reproduction of his prison ID! I wonder how that is going over in the NYPD or the bureau of prisons? Violate security and law enforcement much, Bernie? Totally irresponsible and dumb exploitation!

Credit: Simon & Schuster From Jailer to Jailed Bernard Kerik
The motion goes on to state Bernard Kerik's probation officer, PO Nancy Hildner, US Probation in Newark, New Jersey "does not oppose" this request. I'd respectfully request she read this blog and think again! Are we sure Bernard Kerik wasn't using the last 15 months to write this book "full-time"? Is Simon & Schuster advancing him nothing on this book?

Besides, let's not forget Bernard Kerik's reported $100,000.00 pension from the City of New York NYPD and Department of Corrections! Yes, he got paid for all those alleged trysts with his female subordinates and former publisher! 

Parlatore's bleeding heart pleading accentuates Bernard Kerik's good will and volunteerism toward criminal justice reform. Now let me see how calling Eric Garner or Mike Brown's black protesters "animals", "savages" and "goblins in the night" fits into that premise?

Finally, reading between the lines of the motion and based upon past personal conversations, with Bernie Kerik apparently has been offered lucrative employment in a "partnership" with a "substantial company" outside the country in the Middle East. Could Bernie Kerik formulate a security detail including murdering cops like Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaleo and go fight ISIS? Bernie Kerik could escape the United States, his six figure restitution, the liens on his $2 million estate and all his lies, mistresses and bad publicity for the luxury of "royal life" in the Middle East?

I, for one, certainly hope this early release of felon liar Bernard Kerik is NOT granted. In my opinion and personal experience he is flight risk, emotionally unstable, angry, unrepentant, revengeful, scheming, hiding more secrets about his money and requires more supervision, not less!

Timothy Parlatore who has been said to hide his own criminal past by changing his last name, is manipulating the facts to make Bernard Kerik look like an American Hero. Bernard Kerik is an American Zero!
American Zero Bernard Kerik
What has Bernard Kerik done to deserve early termination of his supervised probation that other felons have not done? NOTHING except feed off the influence of his infamous friends, has-been media types, holster lickers, flag-wavers and others who choose to look the other way on this coward who manipulated this blogger and many more for his own selfish self-serving desires! Hey Bernie, make your full apology and restitution to me and we'll consider you a "changed man". Hey Bernie, get a J-O-B like the rest of us in the real world!

Here is the motion in it's entirety for your own review:
Bernard Kerik Early Termination of Supervised Release Motion filed 020215

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rand Paul, felon Bernard Kerik and Asset Forfeiture FAIR ACT

Do Senator Rand Paul,  felon on probation Bernard Kerik and Asset forfeiture FAIR ACT have a secret six-degrees-of-separation connection? 

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul (R - KY) introduced a bill to reform civil asset forfeiture (Washington Post "Rand Paul introduces bill to Reform Civil Asset Forfeiture" ). It's all very interesting Rand Paul's possible connection to a famous felon on probation Bernard Kerik who reportedly, despite his great lingering criminal debt to the USA,  has had NONE of his assets seized. 

I wrote about this connection on this blog in my July post " Bernard Kerik Cashes in off the backs of felons he left behind " Senator Rand Paul's RandPAC sponsored the event where Bernard Kerik may have been paid to appear on a panel for restoration of voting rights. Where there not felons who have paid their complete debt to society available to "testify" on this panel? Where felon on probation Bernard Kerik or his alleged shell company "The Kerik Group" compensated for travel, attire, meals, hotel or appearance? We don't know. If felon on probation Bernard Kerik was compensated, was the entirety of his proceeds put toward his existing six-figure restitution to the USA?
Credit RandPAC Rand Paul Bernard Kerik
Bernie Kerik reportedly still lives in and maintains the deed in that $2million estate next door to Real Housewives of New Jersey reality cast member Caroline Manzo in the swanky Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, who boasts of a racial makeup of only 1.41% black population!

After all, how does an eight-time-convicted felon on probation like Bernard Kerik who enjoys a $100,000 NYPD pension convinces the federal prison probation officials he can only afford to pay $250.00 per month toward his low six figure criminal fine to the USA?

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik
Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik sentencing probation federal restitution
In addition, how is it felon on probation Bernard Kerik gets to profit off his crime WHILE ON PROBATION in publishing a book about his prison time? Why does "white collar" criminals get a pass on this? We wouldn't tolerate this profit from a violent murderer!

Credit: Simon and Schuster Threshold Editions "From Jailer to Jailed" Bernard Kerik
Certainly Bernard Kerik is not your ordinary felon on probation....but he should be treated as one! Where does Bernard Kerik get his income? From Whom? How? Since Bernard Kerik has not paid his literal debt to society and society is the "victim" of his "white collar crime", we all have a right to know. Apparently felon on probation Bernard Kerik is not compelled to pay his literal debt to society or is he getting the "pass" because of his dubious connection with inside the beltway PACs and connections in DC like Senator Rand Paul? 

So let me get this straight. A United States Senator's PAC Rand Paul "supports" an eight-time-convicted-felon ON PROBATION, Bernard Kerik, who reportedly owes thousands to the USA on a federal criminal offense who then is allegedly allowed to elude forfeiture of his own millions of dollars of assets to pay his own literal debt to society? What say you, Simon and Schuster publisher Threshold Editions? What say you, Senator Rand Paul? What say you, Southern District of New York Probation Department? What say you, Preet Bharara? What say you, Loretta Lynch? What say you, United States Justice Department

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Should felon on probation Bernard Kerik profit off his crime of corruption?

Should felon on probation Bernard Kerik profit off his crime of corruption? Society, at large, and the diminishing trust in the justice system are victims of Bernie Kerik's crime of corruption. The news media and liar felon Bernard Kerik would have you believe "white collar" crime has no victims. Let explore this theory. 

At this time of year all of us are concerned with filing taxes and paying our fair share to the government. Bernard Kerik admitted to cheating his own country and government. Bernard Kerik made millions profiting off of his book and 9/11 "infamy".  He then squandered it all by allegedly cheating on his wife and admittedly cheating his country, lying, stealing, defaming, taking "shortcuts" on home renovations and failure to pay taxes along the way. One would think the leader of the best and largest police department the world would have better integrity. 
NYPD Commissioner September 11th hat Bernard Kerik gave to me
Little published is Bernard Kerik is an eight-time convicted felon who is still serving probation. Bernie's supporters fall all over themselves pleading "he's done his time and paid his debt". Nothing could be further from the truth. Bernard Kerik has probation until May, 2016 and thousand more to pay on this low six figure fine/penalty to the government which is a large part of his punishment. I should add he pays a mere $250.00 per month while living in a $2 million estate collecting a $100,000 pension that can't be seized. I guess the government thinks this is punishment and a deterrent to corruption? 

Bernard Kerik felon criminal punishment
Bernard Kerik felon criminal monthly restitution on probation
Bernard Kerik murdered my soul by manipulating me out of $93,000 in personal financial support and service over three years of his incarceration! Yes, it's true. While Bernard Kerik suffered the shame, public humiliation and disgrace of incarceration, let alone, that of his family, friends, NYPD, City of New York and every 9/11 victim, he continued to deceive, lie and take from me during his incarceration! 
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik

Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
No one has ever heard Bernard Kerik apologize to anyone. He's only sorry he got caught. He defamed his former great friend and lawyer, Joe Tacopina, in a failed act of "self-impalement" to prove the world he was a target of the government and a victim of selective prosecution by Preet Bharara and the entire Southern District of New York! 
Credit: Threshold editions From Jailer to Jailed Bernard B. Kerik
Bernard Kerik has written a book "From Jailer to Jailed: My Journey from Correction and Police commissioner to Inmate #84888-054) ( to be published March 31, 2015. He boldly places the great shield of NYPD Commissioner and his Bureau Of Prison ID on the cover. I wonder how both those organizations will seize Bernard Kerik's profit off this book to pay his lingering fines to the USA Bernie claims to love so much? It's bad enough this selfish exploitation may be security risks, especially the printing of a seemingly true and exact copy of a federal inmate ID card!  In my opinion and based upon personal experience liar felon cheater deceiver fraudster Bernard Kerik should NOT be allowed to utilize and exploit the good shield of NYPD Commissioner or risk the security of BOP guards in use of replica of secured prison ID! 

Since it is only the truth that serves us, I must ask: Should felon on probation Bernard Kerik profit off his crime of corruption?