My Photo   This is my ex-pal, Bernard Kerik. He is a recognizable public figure. I am a private person. I never intended these precious memories to be shared. However, I was threatened my name would be "released" to the press with the malicious intent to "destroy my life".Yes, that happened. I don't need fame, a big house or reality show. A productive, balanced, healthy life are my treasures. This docu-blog rips open the shame blanket of secrets, untruths, distractions, diversions & manipulation. Our relationship, in retrospect, is clearer to me now: Bernard Kerik is a taker and I am a giver. He made me a secret in his life "on the side" and I allowed it until now. My true intent is benevolent healing. The shame of lies, deceit and manipulation are not mine. I take full responsibility for my personal failings in this relationship and the serious consequences resulting. I pray my life will be redeemed and enhanced by the lessons born of the pain. Truth overpowers threats. Secrets keep us "sick". Everything I share is truth based upon personal knowledge, experience, and most often, documents. This is my truth. I hope it sets us all free .....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Felon Forgetful Witness Bernard Kerik may have to remember the truth on witness stand

It was announced today the perjury conviction for Bernie Kerik's "associate", Peter DiTommaso, was reversed by the Appellate Division, First Department. This means Bernard Kerik may have another chance to try to remember his truth on the witness stand should prosecutors decide to retry this case. Read about the decision in the New York Law Journal here

Bernie Kerik and his reps may try to spin this as a victory but it just means DiTommaso may get a new trial. It also means felon on probation, libel-proof Bernie Kerik may, once again, have to prove to a jury his isn't the liar I know him to be. I live for these days. Bernie Kerik admitted early on he took the renovations and did not pay a fair price. As usual, it was the lies and cover up that made him the felon, fraudster and liar he is today!

 To endure and dance around the truth, for a thug like Bernie Kerik, when some of us are convinced he is lying,  is punishment enough. Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why is Bernard Kerik trying to silence me?

Felon liar on probation, Bernard Kerik, is attempting to silence my truth about him on social media! Why? Perhaps my truth will collide with the lies, fantasy and "re-imaging" he has planned for the launch of his book in late March? Or perhaps it is the rigorous financial audit the government has requested to determine why Bernard Kerik can travel, appear on TV, party at Monkey Bar but claims his $187,000 restitution to the United States and probation punishment is hampering his ability get a full-time job, to support his $2million estate and fancy lifestyle? Perhaps the truth hurts, Bernie? By the way, I own the rights to this picture I use on I took the picture in July, 2013 and own the rights to it and my blog, exclusively! The blog is the truth about a public figure! If you and your attorney got something Bernie, bring it! I relish the opportunity to reclaim the $93000 you manipulated from me every day during your 3-year incarceration! Bring it, pal! "Non-violent threats", my ass!

Friday, February 13, 2015

USA v BERNARD KERiK Feds request audited financial statement from felon Bernard Kerik

USA v  BERNARD KERIK Feds request audited financial statement from felon Bernard Kerik

When we last left felon on probation Bernard Kerik, he was partying at Monkey Bar in NYC surprisingly with his ever faithful Mrs drowning his sorrows while trying to convince a federal court he was underemployed, unable to support his family, required by a king to fight ISIS supporting early release of his probation. 

After the usual trifling reply by Bernie Kerik's flamboyant but useless attorney Timothy Parlatore Payne, the Feds fired back in a motion requesting a "current, audited financial statement that sets forth what his (Bernard Kerik) assets and liabilities are such that the Court can determine both his needs and his ability to pay the balance of the restitution he owes." For those of us who suspect Bernie Kerik supports his lazy lavish lifestyle by maintaining a rainy day fund tucked away with thugs, friends and the usual suspects, this may be quite a development! 

With a new Bernard Kerik book "From Jailer to Jailed" reportedly to be published March 31, 2015, will Bernard Kerik be forced to share his book advance and proceeds to pay his literal $187,000 DEBT TO SOCIETY!

Stay Tuned!
USA v Bernard Kerik
USA v Bernard Kerik
USA v Bernard Kerik

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik parties at Monkey Bar while whining for early release

Felon Bernard Kerik parties at Monkey Bar while whining for early release.

Felon Bernard Kerik whined and begs a federal judge for early release from his supervised probation supposedly so he can find work. ("Felon Liar on Probation Bernard Kerik requests Early Termination of Supervised Release"

While waiting, Bernie Kerik does what all struggling under-employed felons do, parties at Monkey Bar with CEO's, reality faux celebrities and selfie king idiot has-beens (I miss those anonymous letters Ha - inside joke)! Maybe Bernie Kerik should have brought his resume?!

Bernard Kerik is unashamedly showing the world, the courts, Federal probation and the public what a fake, phony, fraud he is!

Although many mainstream news organizations left out Bernard Kerik's presence, cheesy gossip site,, shouts felon liar first-class-thumb-sucker Bernard Kerik partied like a boss! Yeah, that "supervised release" is a tough deal,  right, Bern? 

Credit: timessquare gossip Bernard Kerik parties
Credit: timessquare gossip Bernard Kerik parties
Credit: timessquare gossip Bernard Kerik parties

Monday, February 2, 2015

Felon Liar on Probation Bernard Kerik requests Early Termination of Supervised Release

Felon Liar on Probation Bernard Kerik requests Early Termination of Supervised Release

In a quiet submission to the Southern District of New York USA v Bernard Kerik, Bernie Kerik attorney Timothy Parlatore (Payne) has requested early termination of Bernard Kerik's supervised release. On what grounds does felon liar on Probation, Bernard Kerik, deserve early release? I'm scratching my head, studiously rubbing my chin and scouring my recent memory of Bernie Kerik et al harassment/threats to determine what the hell he has done or achieved to deserve what other felons normally do not!

In the eight page motion filed today, February 2, 2015, Parlatore attempts to make the case for his libel-proof client, Bernard Kerik.

He claims felon liar Bernard Kerik has been on supervised probation for fifteen months. Bernie Kerik has apparently been unable to find anything but "part time" employment because of his probation status. I know several "consultants" who work "part-time" and enjoy a lucrative income! Let's see the financials on that, Timmy!

Poor Bernie. Well, to that I tell Bernie Kerik what a liberal paper-pushing social worker once told a good friend of mine, "McDonald's is hiring"! They are even raising minimum wage, Bern! It's amazing Bernard Kerik can appear on as many as three nationally televised media news outlets in one day but never be compensated? Could that be the case? Kidding me, Right? It amazes me Bernie Kerik can be all over NYC and Washington DC in tailored suits, live in a $2 million dollar estate, only work part-time and have an attorney who wants sympathy and a favor from the country Bernard Kerik cheated? Really, Timmy?

Bernard Kerik, during our almost daily communication over the three years he was incarcerated, sent me a list of supporters he wanted to thank when he was released from Cumberland MD FBOP. Look at Bernard Kerik's list of "connection" in his network! They include but not limited to: Geraldo Rivera, Al Manzo husband of Caroline Manzo of Bravo TV's Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sylvester Stallone, Rep. Peter King, Chris Ruddy owner of  NewsMax, Mitchell Modell of Modell Sports Franchise, Cindy Adams of the New York Post, Bo Dietl and many NYPD buds, on and on...Bernard Kerik has over 2000 contacts on Twitter and Facebook as well as 500 "connnections" on his LinkedIn! If he can't find a great full-time position doing something, the rest of us are lost in America! I hope Judge Preska of the Southern District NY takes a good look at the jobs Bernard Kerik claims he was "refused". In my opinion, Bernard Kerik should have thought of that when he was making secret deals, cheating on his wife and country, violating Judge Robinson's order to shut the f up!

Bernard Kerik supporters
Parlatore goes on, in the motion, saying Bernard Kerik has been diligently paying his $250.00 monthly toward his imposed $187,000.00 restitution to the United States. That would mean Bernard Kerik truly hasn't paid his debt to society, On this point, alone, Bernard Kerik should NOT be granted early release!
Bernard Kerik restitution USA v Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik restitution USA v Bernard Kerik
Of course, there is no mention of Bernard Kerik's defamation of Joe Tacopina and that case currently pending for jury trial where it is alleged Bernard Kerik violated a protective order of the courts file leading to his obvious intentional defamation of  his former friend and lawyer, Joe Tacopina!

There is also no mention of Bernard Kerik's "trouble free" supervised probation because I'm one reason he violated his "home confinement" early on in July, 2013! I suppose threatening someone to "destroy your life" is not such a big deal to US Federal Probation Authorities? Bernard Kerik manipulated $93000.00 from me during his three year incarceration. He managed all that from prison without any apology, restitution or closure of any kind! Also unmentioned is Bernard Kerik new book "From Jailer to Jailed" slated to be published 03/31/15. It features a picture of his NYPD Commissioners badge and a very fine reproduction of his prison ID! I wonder how that is going over in the NYPD or the bureau of prisons? Violate security and law enforcement much, Bernie? Totally irresponsible and dumb exploitation!

Credit: Simon & Schuster From Jailer to Jailed Bernard Kerik
The motion goes on to state Bernard Kerik's probation officer, PO Nancy Hildner, US Probation in Newark, New Jersey "does not oppose" this request. I'd respectfully request she read this blog and think again! Are we sure Bernard Kerik wasn't using the last 15 months to write this book "full-time"? Is Simon & Schuster advancing him nothing on this book?

Besides, let's not forget Bernard Kerik's reported $100,000.00 pension from the City of New York NYPD and Department of Corrections! Yes, he got paid for all those alleged trysts with his female subordinates and former publisher! 

Parlatore's bleeding heart pleading accentuates Bernard Kerik's good will and volunteerism toward criminal justice reform. Now let me see how calling Eric Garner or Mike Brown's black protesters "animals", "savages" and "goblins in the night" fits into that premise?

Finally, reading between the lines of the motion and based upon past personal conversations, with Bernie Kerik apparently has been offered lucrative employment in a "partnership" with a "substantial company" outside the country in the Middle East. Could Bernie Kerik formulate a security detail including murdering cops like Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaleo and go fight ISIS? Bernie Kerik could escape the United States, his six figure restitution, the liens on his $2 million estate and all his lies, mistresses and bad publicity for the luxury of "royal life" in the Middle East?

I, for one, certainly hope this early release of felon liar Bernard Kerik is NOT granted. In my opinion and personal experience he is flight risk, emotionally unstable, angry, unrepentant, revengeful, scheming, hiding more secrets about his money and requires more supervision, not less!

Timothy Parlatore who has been said to hide his own criminal past by changing his last name, is manipulating the facts to make Bernard Kerik look like an American Hero. Bernard Kerik is an American Zero!
American Zero Bernard Kerik
What has Bernard Kerik done to deserve early termination of his supervised probation that other felons have not done? NOTHING except feed off the influence of his infamous friends, has-been media types, holster lickers, flag-wavers and others who choose to look the other way on this coward who manipulated this blogger and many more for his own selfish self-serving desires! Hey Bernie, make your full apology and restitution to me and we'll consider you a "changed man". Hey Bernie, get a J-O-B like the rest of us in the real world!

Here is the motion in it's entirety for your own review:
Bernard Kerik Early Termination of Supervised Release Motion filed 020215

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rand Paul, felon Bernard Kerik and Asset Forfeiture FAIR ACT

Do Senator Rand Paul,  felon on probation Bernard Kerik and Asset forfeiture FAIR ACT have a secret six-degrees-of-separation connection? 

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul (R - KY) introduced a bill to reform civil asset forfeiture (Washington Post "Rand Paul introduces bill to Reform Civil Asset Forfeiture" ). It's all very interesting Rand Paul's possible connection to a famous felon on probation Bernard Kerik who reportedly, despite his great lingering criminal debt to the USA,  has had NONE of his assets seized. 

I wrote about this connection on this blog in my July post " Bernard Kerik Cashes in off the backs of felons he left behind " Senator Rand Paul's RandPAC sponsored the event where Bernard Kerik may have been paid to appear on a panel for restoration of voting rights. Where there not felons who have paid their complete debt to society available to "testify" on this panel? Where felon on probation Bernard Kerik or his alleged shell company "The Kerik Group" compensated for travel, attire, meals, hotel or appearance? We don't know. If felon on probation Bernard Kerik was compensated, was the entirety of his proceeds put toward his existing six-figure restitution to the USA?
Credit RandPAC Rand Paul Bernard Kerik
Bernie Kerik reportedly still lives in and maintains the deed in that $2million estate next door to Real Housewives of New Jersey reality cast member Caroline Manzo in the swanky Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, who boasts of a racial makeup of only 1.41% black population!

After all, how does an eight-time-convicted felon on probation like Bernard Kerik who enjoys a $100,000 NYPD pension convinces the federal prison probation officials he can only afford to pay $250.00 per month toward his low six figure criminal fine to the USA?

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik
Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik sentencing probation federal restitution
In addition, how is it felon on probation Bernard Kerik gets to profit off his crime WHILE ON PROBATION in publishing a book about his prison time? Why does "white collar" criminals get a pass on this? We wouldn't tolerate this profit from a violent murderer!

Credit: Simon and Schuster Threshold Editions "From Jailer to Jailed" Bernard Kerik
Certainly Bernard Kerik is not your ordinary felon on probation....but he should be treated as one! Where does Bernard Kerik get his income? From Whom? How? Since Bernard Kerik has not paid his literal debt to society and society is the "victim" of his "white collar crime", we all have a right to know. Apparently felon on probation Bernard Kerik is not compelled to pay his literal debt to society or is he getting the "pass" because of his dubious connection with inside the beltway PACs and connections in DC like Senator Rand Paul? 

So let me get this straight. A United States Senator's PAC Rand Paul "supports" an eight-time-convicted-felon ON PROBATION, Bernard Kerik, who reportedly owes thousands to the USA on a federal criminal offense who then is allegedly allowed to elude forfeiture of his own millions of dollars of assets to pay his own literal debt to society? What say you, Simon and Schuster publisher Threshold Editions? What say you, Senator Rand Paul? What say you, Southern District of New York Probation Department? What say you, Preet Bharara? What say you, Loretta Lynch? What say you, United States Justice Department

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Should felon on probation Bernard Kerik profit off his crime of corruption?

Should felon on probation Bernard Kerik profit off his crime of corruption? Society, at large, and the diminishing trust in the justice system are victims of Bernie Kerik's crime of corruption. The news media and liar felon Bernard Kerik would have you believe "white collar" crime has no victims. Let explore this theory. 

At this time of year all of us are concerned with filing taxes and paying our fair share to the government. Bernard Kerik admitted to cheating his own country and government. Bernard Kerik made millions profiting off of his book and 9/11 "infamy".  He then squandered it all by allegedly cheating on his wife and admittedly cheating his country, lying, stealing, defaming, taking "shortcuts" on home renovations and failure to pay taxes along the way. One would think the leader of the best and largest police department the world would have better integrity. 
NYPD Commissioner September 11th hat Bernard Kerik gave to me
Little published is Bernard Kerik is an eight-time convicted felon who is still serving probation. Bernie's supporters fall all over themselves pleading "he's done his time and paid his debt". Nothing could be further from the truth. Bernard Kerik has probation until May, 2016 and thousand more to pay on this low six figure fine/penalty to the government which is a large part of his punishment. I should add he pays a mere $250.00 per month while living in a $2 million estate collecting a $100,000 pension that can't be seized. I guess the government thinks this is punishment and a deterrent to corruption? 

Bernard Kerik felon criminal punishment
Bernard Kerik felon criminal monthly restitution on probation
Bernard Kerik murdered my soul by manipulating me out of $93,000 in personal financial support and service over three years of his incarceration! Yes, it's true. While Bernard Kerik suffered the shame, public humiliation and disgrace of incarceration, let alone, that of his family, friends, NYPD, City of New York and every 9/11 victim, he continued to deceive, lie and take from me during his incarceration! 
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik

Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik
No one has ever heard Bernard Kerik apologize to anyone. He's only sorry he got caught. He defamed his former great friend and lawyer, Joe Tacopina, in a failed act of "self-impalement" to prove the world he was a target of the government and a victim of selective prosecution by Preet Bharara and the entire Southern District of New York! 
Credit: Threshold editions From Jailer to Jailed Bernard B. Kerik
Bernard Kerik has written a book "From Jailer to Jailed: My Journey from Correction and Police commissioner to Inmate #84888-054) ( to be published March 31, 2015. He boldly places the great shield of NYPD Commissioner and his Bureau Of Prison ID on the cover. I wonder how both those organizations will seize Bernard Kerik's profit off this book to pay his lingering fines to the USA Bernie claims to love so much? It's bad enough this selfish exploitation may be security risks, especially the printing of a seemingly true and exact copy of a federal inmate ID card!  In my opinion and based upon personal experience liar felon cheater deceiver fraudster Bernard Kerik should NOT be allowed to utilize and exploit the good shield of NYPD Commissioner or risk the security of BOP guards in use of replica of secured prison ID! 

Since it is only the truth that serves us, I must ask: Should felon on probation Bernard Kerik profit off his crime of corruption? 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik media racist rants disappear from YouTube to protect book sales?

Felon Bernard Kerik media racist rants disappear from YouTube to protect book sales?

Felon Bernard Kerik, disgraced corrupt former NYPD Commissioner and inmate, fancies himself as a Democrat champion of justice reform and prison rights. Bernie made a lot of coin and infamy in speeches, travel, writing and media appearances this past year re-crafting his tainted cop 9/11 image. He boasts (using a talking point I crafted for him), “no one in the history of this country with my background or success in police enforcement has been on the other side…No one has the perspective that I have right now in getting to see the system from the inside out..” ( That is true. However to make his point and sell his new book, Bernard Kerik must straddle an honest, politically bi-polar line between Conservative “tough cop” and “justice reform champion”. Since Bernie, himself, claims most felons suffering the “collateral consequences” are “poor black boys” from the urban streets, Bernie must convince black Americans he is authentic in his writing and deeds. Well, based upon my personal experience,  authenticity and honesty are not his strong points, Bernie gave us all whiplash when this liar, felon, fraudster recently came out masquerading as Police Commissioner Bratton on National Cable News Shows. .

In fact, in my personal experience and opinion, Bernard Kerik, despite his disclaimer and assertion his son is "half-Cuban American" Newark cop, like many cops, Bernie Kerik may be a closet racist. During most of my visits with him in Federal prison, he complained about “them” dominating the television with BET videos and basketball. Bernie complained his job in the prison library allowed him to watch more “sophisticated” programming away from “them”. Ok, so not everyone likes BET rap videos or basketball, you say?

Today is Martin Luther King Day and a federal holiday in the United States. Did anyone see our justice reform champion at any service events, on television or even post on the @BernardKerik twitter to honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King? Nope. I didn’t either. Certainly Dr. King would have worked for justice reform for those most adversely affected, namely, the young black men serving time in disproportionate numbers in America’s prison. I remind America, Bernard Kerik was like shit on our shoe with media appearances when it came to his recent support of cops like Eric Garner choke hold NYPD monster cop, Daniel Pantaleo and Ferguson Police Mike Brown killer, Darren Wilson.

I was shocked Bernie would not be more sympathetic to the plight of a disabled black felon Eric Garner, choked for selling loosies on the street. I posted on this blog here: “Bernard Kerik Deception Denial and his Racist Rants”

Further evidence occurred recently from a simple post I made on Twitter. It included a link to a YouTube video of Bernard Kerik’s racist rant describing predominately black Ferguson protesters referring to them as “animals” and “savages”.

Bernard Kerik twitter @BKerikBlog 
Mediaite picked up the stark, seemingly racist comments and ran with it here : Fmr. NYPD Commish: Can’t Let People Act Like ‘Savages’ and ‘Animals’ by Matt Wilstein | 12:01 pm, November 25th, 2014

Credit Mediaite Twitter Bernard Kerik CNN animal savages
Credit Mediaite Bernard Kerik CNN animal savages
A few days after my original twitter post, this happened on YouTube. Yes, the video from the link was deleted.

Credit: YouTubeBernard Kerik
Luckily, truth is forever. The link still exists in the land of zero’s and one’s! See what Bernie Kerik didn't want you to see!

Here is the repost of my twitter @BKerikBlog with a working YouTube...
Credit Twitter @BKerikBlog
It is well-known by now, with mounting legal bills, a Federal Tax Lien and a lingering 6-figure fine for his eight-time felony conviction, Bernard Kerik is desperate for money. It appears he’ll play both sides of any fence for any dollar. Bernard Kerik has a book slated to be published on March 31, 2015.  This book has been written to cater to the notion of urban youth, collateral consequences and prison reform. See my post here: "From Jailer to Jailed: How Bernard Kerik manipulated my heart soul and assets from behind Prison Walls" 

No doubt Bernie has just two months to make the appearance of his racial biases disappear. Bernie Kerik could NEVER pass the Paula Deen test! There is no media outlet or polygrapher honest enough to give Bernard Kerik the Paula Deen test. It’s going to take more than deleting a single YouTube Video or harassing/silencing my truth, Bernie. We both know that, don’t we? Bernie, Black America and I are in pain. We are NOT stupid. We all have very good memories and a YouTube account, a picket sign, a blog and, at minimum, the common sense that God gave a Billy goat to recognize a liar, fake, phony, fraudster like you!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bernard Kerik, Unarmed Truth, Reality and Justice

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality." - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Honors and is Inspired to justice by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Via NAACP 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bernard Kerik Man On a Mission: Fact Check

A Bernard Kerik "From Jailer to Jailed" book press release was apparently reprinted in a recent publication, "BC The Magazine". (

Credit: "Man on a Mission" BC the Mag Bernard Kerik
Now, that's NOT BC as in Boston College but as in Bergen County (NJ)! Felon liar on probation, Bernie Kerik, is big in Jersey, folks. The article, written by sweet Jessica Humphrey-Cintineo reads like a Bernard Kerik Simon and Schuster press release. It is unashamedly unchallenged by basic follow-up and begs fact checking. 

It is interesting to note, Rory McCarthy for "the Guardian" in December 2004, wrote a piece on Bernard Kerik in Iraq with the exact same title "Man On A Mission". 

Credit: "Man on A Mission" Bernard Kerik The "Guardian"
Let's hope the alleged plagiarism isn't intentional! 

Here's some journalistic truth from yours truly as a direct source....

Bernie is quoted in his usual narcissistic, psychopathic banter about his one, only and favorite subject; himself! “I’ve served this country in ways that are unparalleled, and it didn’t make any difference.”...“I worked for this country for 35 years,” said Kerik, 59. “I’ve done heroics on top of heroics."

- Really, Bernie? Doesn't anyone else want to extol your virtues? I guess not.

Credit: "Man on a Mission" BC the Mag Bernard Kerik
“No one in the history of this country with my background or success in police enforcement has been on the other side,” said Kerik. “No one has the perspective that I have right now in getting to see the system from the inside out.” - Do you all like that line because I wrote it! Bernie is using my work product, by evidence of this talking point quote, without my knowledge or compensation! 

Credit: "Man on a Mission" BC the Mag Bernard Kerik
Sweet Jessica goes on to write, "Kerik went from being an American hero to an inmate. Last year, inmate #84888-054 walked out of a Cumberland, Md. federal prison after serving three years and 11 days."..."His third book, “From Jailer to Jailed: My Journey from Correction and Police Commissioner to Inmate #84888-054” will be released in March 2015." - Among emails, phone calls, hand-written letters and regular visits, I had almost daily contact with inmate 8488-054 Bernard Kerik. Any "memoir" of his prison time is incomplete and lies by omission without reference to me and my contact/writing/editing/archiving. Again, Bernie Kerik has been advised not to use my writing from this time without permission or compensation. 

"He’s (Bernie Kerik) currently in the process of creating a national coalition to address criminal justice reform."- Sorry Bernie: J.C. Watts, Jr. was chosen to head the new bipartisan Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections. Bernard Kerik was quickly passed over for this recognized opportunity. Has felon liar on probation Bernard Kerik turned Washington DC Insider Lobbyist? Most crooks begin and resurface in DC or Fox News anyway! Ha!

The article is splattered with Kerik's self-serving old-school unauthorized flikr pics of Bernie with President Bush and Rudy Giuliani. 
Credit: "Man on a Mission" BC the Mag Bernard Kerik
Was this to give the IMPRESSION Bush and Giuliani in any way endorse Kerik these days? Anyone see a comment from President Bush on Bernard Kerik since Bernie's incarceration in 2010? Have you seen Rudy and Bernie share a stage or photo-op since 2009? NOPE! Did sweet Jessica follow up for this absolute puff piece? Of course not! 

"He travels to speak with both local and national groups, and students at college campuses. Recently, he spoke at the University of Vermont, the University of Massachusetts, and Penn State University—in one week.." - From prison, Bernie Kerik vowed to 'make up for everything he missed in prison'... - I suppose a college campus of young pretty things is a good place to start!

"He is also working on a TV series"... - That old line again? Bernie has been "working" on this alleged tv series since before his indictment as referenced by thus New York Daily News article. 

Credit: New York Daily News Bernard Kerik
Bernie has been spewing this crazy crap since at least March, 2009!!

Credit: "Man on a Mission" BC the Mag Bernard Kerik
"...and spends a great deal of time with his wife Hala and two daughters Celine, 14, and Angelina, 12." - What time is left after all Bernie's "fantasies"? Remember during sentencing when Bernie pleaded to Judge Robinson all he lived for was to drive his young daughters to school? What happened to that? 

Yup, liar felon on probation Bernie Kerik is a man on a mission. The question: Is this a mission of Bernie Kerik's self-destruction as his truth is slowly exposed? Stay Tuned.

Credits & Reference Links: 
"Man On A Mission" Guardian by Rory McCarthy

"Man On A Mission" BC the Mag Written by Jessica Humphrey-Cintineo 

@Newsmax_Media: Bernie Kerik: Here's Proof the Bad Old Days are Back

Bernard Kerik Fact Check Here's Proof the Bad Old Days Are Back… @FoxNews @CNN @ @PoliceOne @NJSP @NJSPBA @PoliceOne (

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bernard Kerik Mourning slain NYPD Officers Ramos and Liu is all about Bernie Kerik

Bernard Kerik's mourning slain NYPD Officers Ramos and Liu is still all about Bernie Kerik! We were all victims of Bernie Kerik's divisive rage-filled rants on Fox News, CNN, New Day and Fox Business Cavuto. Kerik slandered NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and said some dumb irrational statements this felon on probation may regret. This NYPD PBA Union Pat Lynch marionette, seemingly charged with hate during these televised rants (where he was mislabeled "Commissioner" and promoted his reverie shell business Bernie Kerik never once paused to actually sent his sympathies to the grieving Ramos or Liu families (during those early appearances). Bernie Kerik topped even his own selfishness by posting a self-serving early Christmas morning Instagram of the memorial for slain Officers Ramos and Liu with, of course, Bernie photobombing the beautiful memorial! (you see a man, right, which appears to be Bernard Kerik)
Credit: Twitter via Instagram @BernardKerik
On Oct 20, 2009, Judge Stephen C. Robinson of Federal District Court in White Plains, according to the New York Times, described defendant Bernard Kerik as a “toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance, ..." Bernard Kerik hasn't changed despite prison, public shame and his hackneyed description of his "fall from grace". I submit Bernie Kerik knows nothing of grace.
Credit: Twitter Rest In Peace NYPD Ramos and Liu

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bernard Kerik Thank You for the Christmas Gifts

Bernard Kerik, thank you for the Christmas Gifts. Christmas 2010, 2011 and 2012 were spent remembering my then Pal, inmate Bernard Kerik 84888-054. I spent a good deal of my Christmas writing, editing, creating Christmas cards, driving through snow storms to mail them, commissary refills, waiting for phone calls, writing letters, buying magazines to send and happily disappointing family and friends' Christmas celebrations to rearrange my schedule for that all important Christmas visit.

It was my pleasure and choice to serve inmate Bernie Kerik back then. Anyone who has read this blog knows he was simply manipulating me for my work, money and affection. However, in my recovery from Bernie's evil motivations, I have discovered Bernie Kerik did leave me with some gifts.

This is the small blue Christmas tree I lit for Bernie each Christmas. Yes, it's blue. He was depressed over losing his career. At Christmas I sent him a hard copy of it lit each night so he would have hope to remember the good things he's done in his life.

Hope NYPD Blue Christmas tree
It's no coincidence this years little blue tree is upended with all the disunity Bernard Kerik has created with his forceful and raging media rants. It's sad, really. Inmate Bernard Kerik was humble, thoughtful and more self-aware. I do not know the monster we've seen on FoxNews and CNN recently.

Instead I choose to remember the families of Officers Ramos and Liu whose tragic assassination and passing  hopefully will return the legacy of our Christmas hearts. All first responders sacrifice for their profession. It is accepted every day they leave roll call. In spite of those who lack it, I remain: Respect. Honor. Trust. Loyalty. 

Rest in Peace Liu and Ramos
I also waited in that Christmas-time visit line with so many others, especially children waiting to see their inmate. I heard the frustration of their voices about money, lack of phone minutes, cranky kids who have been in the car for hours riding to see their Daddy in prison; All which really screamed, "I miss you, I love you. Why are you in prison away from those you love at Christmas?", Here's to all those inmates' families who miss their loved ones with the unconditional love that just sees their Christmas hearts and not their crimes.

Bernard Kerik hand-written letter Miss you
Bernie also gave me the gift of remembering those who have passed. This year, many families are missing someone forever at their table. I remember Eric Garner, Mike Brown and all family and friends who missing their loved ones. 

Merry Christmas...Pray. Peace. Humanity. Love. Unity....All Lives Matter..... It's my "Grown Up Christmas Wish"  this year

Grown-Up Christmas List  - Amy Grant

Do you remember me?
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you with childhood fantasies
Well, I'm all grown-up now
Can you still help somehow?
I'm not a child, but my start still can dream

So here's my lifelong wish
My grown-up Christmas list
Not for myself, but for a world in need

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
Every man would have a friend
That right would always win
And love would never end
This is my grown-up Christmas list

What is this illusion called the innocence of youth?
Maybe only in that blind belief can we ever find the truth

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal our hearts
Every man would have a friend
That right would always win
And love would never end

This is my grown-up Christmas list
This is my only lifelong wish
This is my grown-up Christmas list